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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

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America's Army 2.0 Released
12:09 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

The U.S. Army has released the Mac version of America's Army 2.0. This latest release in the America's Army game series focuses on the critical, specialized role of the Army's Special Forces within the U.S. Army as they fight the Global War on Terrorism. A 656 MB full version and a patch for 1.9, weighing in at 189 MB, are now available for download.

Here's more from the official press release:

In America's Army: Special Forces, players virtually explore the development and employment of Special Forces Soldiers. To be released in a series, the first portion is titled America's Army: Special Forces (Special Forces Assessment and Selection) and available now with six new single-player and multiplayer missions. The second installment, America's Army: Special Forces (Qualification Course), will be released in Spring 2004. America's Army: Special Forces builds upon the incredibly popular America's Army: Operations game released in 2002 continuing player progression and expanding gameplay from the original game allowing players to explore the highly professional world of Special Forces Soldiers.

By allowing players to virtually assume the role of Special Forces Soldiers, the America's Army game provides a unique inside perspective on the world of these elite Green Berets. In future releases of America's Army: Special Forces players will expand their exploration of the dynamic roles and opportunities afforded to Special Forces Soldiers. New game experiences will include High Altitude, Low-Opening (HALO) parachute insertion techniques and overmatch capabilities that enable Special Forces detachments to defeat hostile forces of much larger size.

Both America's Army 2.0 files are now available for download for IMG Pro users using their Hot Downloads link. We are currently in the process of mirroring the files on Macgamefiles and should be available later this afternoon. The files are also available for download at Happy Puppy and the America's Army web site.

U.S Army
Epic Games
America's Army: Special Forces 2.4
IMG Pro: Hot Downloads

IMG's Thanksgiving Schedule
3:56 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

The IMG Crew will be taking the next few days off to celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. We'll be back to our regular schedule on Monday, December 1st.

Our store will continue to be open and we will be processing and shipping orders on Friday and through the weekend.

We'll see you back on Monday. Until then, have a safe weekend!

Inside Mac Games

IMG Store: Indy In Stock, Free Enigmo Offer
3:47 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

The IMG Store has begun shipping Indiana Jones and the Emporer's Tomb. The game is available for $39.95. It is $36.96 if you are an IMG Pro/MacGames CD subscriber.

In celebration of Thanksgiving, IMG is giving out a free copy of Pangea's Enigmo with every order shipped through the IMG store. Just mention "Enigmo" in the Comments field, and we'll send you a free copy of Enigmo.

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb
Buy Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb

OWC Offers Free Macworld Expo Passes
3:42 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

IMG Sponsor Other World Computing is offering a free exhibit pass to this year's Macworld Expo in San Francisco which is being held from January 6-9, 2004. To take advantage of this offer, simply head over to the OWC web site, linked below, and download the pdf file.

Be sure to also stop by the OWC booth located at #2233.


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Freeverse Offers 'Free Turkey' With Purchase Of Game
3:04 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Those wild and whacky guys at Freeverse Software announced that it would be giving away a free turkey with each copy of their scrolling shooter, Active Lancer for Macintosh, sold through the Freeverse Store through December 4.

So, are they serious? Well, of course not. The turkey, in this case, refers to a game called Payback, which Freeverse describes as, "the ultraviolent and lackluster-selling game of car thievery". This offer is only available in North America to gamers 18 years of age or older.

Active Lancer
Buy Active Lancer

Freeverse Details Game List for ToySight
2:55 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Freeverse Software today detailed some of the dozen games and toys that will make up ToySight, the company's camera-controlled entertainment software for the Mac. Instead of using a joystick, mouse, or keyboard, players maneuver themselves in front of an iSight or other firewire camera to control the action.

Here are some of the game types Freeverse will be introducing with ToySight:

Single Player

The Plank
Don't lose your marbles! Carefully balance your motorized plank to catch the falling marbles. Arrange like-colored marbles into rows of three to clear them away. Be careful, as your plank can only support so much weight.

The Owl And The Pussycat
Take your feline friend on a magical flight, as you collect gold coins and avoid the baddies in this epic platformer! Flap your wings to navigate through the maze and solve the puzzles.

Marble Factory
The aliens are invading your factory and trying to steal your marbles! Luckily, you've got the trusty Freeverse Model 9000 Laser, perfect for blasting the space scum - so long as you can match their color. Quick thinking and reflexes are necessary in this reaction-based puzzler.

Geronimo! Blaze through the sky towards your landing point on a tropical island. Grab bonus balloons and form rings with other skydivers to boost your score - just don't forget the ripcord!

The deep, dense jungle envelopes you. You hear the cries of strange birds, the rustle of thick foliage, the smell of...custard? Throw pies at monkeys, and avoid getting hit by their dangerous bananas!

Volcano God
Now you can be deity for a day! Protect your villagers, help them cultivate the land, demand pilgrimage - all with the power of your hands!

Two Player Games

Two subs, lots of missiles, crazy powerups - what could be more fun? Blasting your friend to smithereens, of course!

Toy Wars
Have your favorite toy say "cheese" for the camera, then use your hands to duke it out against your friend's toy as you strategically attack and defend in this battle of the century.

Tennis Xtreme
Watch the grenade carefully, and use your tank to keep it in the playfield. One wrong move, and it's KABOOM! Destroy your opponent's tank to win!

Toysight will require a computer running Mac OS X, as well as a camera that uses the FireWire serial bus, such as Apple's iSight. The software is expected to be released in late 2003 or early 2004, and will be available for $34.95.


Aladdin Systems Releases 'Game On!' Action Pack
11:51 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

By the number of game compilations that have been released in the last few weeks, you can tell that we must be approaching the holiday shopping season. Mac utilities developer/publisher Aladdin Systems has just thrown their hat in the mix with their recent release of their Game On! Action Pack, a collection of six action titles for the Mac.

The collection of game, which runs the gamut of operating systems and system requirements, contains first person shooters Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force and No One Lives Forever, third person shooter Tomb Raider Chronicles, action driving title Spy Hunter, space-themed arcade shooter Incoming, and the action hero-based, turn-based RPG Freedom Force. From the Aladdin website:

Six award-winning games wrapped up in this awesome, action filled package. Go on top-secret missions. Fight aliens. Join in high-speed chases on morphing motorcycles, and enjoy the ongoing action of never-ending adventures! Power up your Mac, load in the Action Pack and say "Game On!"
Cheesy taglines aside, the game combo is a great value, retailing from the Aladdin website for $49.99 USD.

While the Action Pack satisfies more mature audiences, Aladdin has also catered to the younger gaming crowd with their new Game On! Family Pack: Volume 1.

This new compilation packages six family-friendly games in a wide variety of genres. From the all-3D puzzle game realMyst, X-Games inspired Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, god game Zoo Tycoon, arcade game Snowball Run, and Freeverse Software's board games Burning Monkey Mahjong and Burning Monkey Solitaire.

The wide variety of games in this new combo, all compatible with OS X, are sure to please gamers of all ages. And also retailing at $49.99 USD, they'r sure to please parent's wallets, too.

Aladdin Systems

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IMG Reviews Logitech Z-640
11:03 AM | Johan HansÚn | Comment on this story

For people that are looking for new speakers to boost their gaming experience, Inside Mac Games' Andy Largent has taken a closer look at the Z-640, an agressively priced 5.1 surround set of speakers from Logitech. For a set of speakers with a price tag below $100, the Z-640 can give quite a boost to the sound output of your Mac.

From the review:

When put through a gamut of games, the units hold up well with the loud explosions in titles like Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament 2003. It's hard to judge definitively, since no Mac games yet take specific advantage of 5.1 sound, but all of the titles I tested them with sounded good. When compared with other budget sets, the Z-640s can pack an impressive amount of rumble and sound from all angles, helping immerse you in the game.
You can find the full review by following the link provided below.

IMG Reveiw: Logitech Z-640

uDevGames 2003 Officially Back and Running
6:00 AM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

With the recent server failure taken care of, iDevGames is officially back online, and the currently running uDevGame 2003 competition will continue to run until December 5th, when voting will come to a close. iDevGames' editor-in-chief Carlos Camacho has issued an official press release detailing the current changes.

From the Press Release:

iDevGames is officially once again back online, and we now continue our annual Macintosh game development contest, uDevGame with 43 game entries.

"Due to issues with our server, the voting period will be continued until December 5th, with winners announced on December 8th on The Gamesome Mac (", said Carlos Camacho, Editor-in Chief of iDevGames.

In addition to deadline changes, iDevGames is proud to announce that Propellerhead Software has joined the contest as an official contest sponsor, and the contest is currently offering a total prize value of over $27,000.

For more, check out the full press release, and if you haven't already, be sure to check out the uDevGame 2003 webpage for information on downloading and voting.

PR: uDevGame 2003 Relaunches With 43 Mac Games!
uDevGame 2003

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M-Audio Updates Revolution 7.1 Drivers, Crashes Addressed
6:00 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

Yesterday, M-Audio released a driver update for their Revolution 7.1 consumer audio card. The update fixes a major issue with Mac OS X 10.3 that caused kernel panics and system freezes when SRS Circle Surround was enabled. The documentation also notes that VLC Player will no longer be officially because the Apple DVD Player in Panther now supports Dolby Digital and DTS passthrough.

Users still experiencing problems should delete the M-Audio preference files found in the User/Library/Preferences/M-Audio/ and User/Library/Application Support/M-Audio/ directories and restart immediately. Success or failure, you are encouraged to post your reports in the IMG forum thread linked below.

Revolution 7.1 1.2.8 Drivers (4.6 MB)
IMG Forum: Revolution 7.1 and OS 10.3
Revolution 7.1

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Developer's Blog: Making Max Payne a Hit
6:00 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

3D Realms' owner and partner Scott Miller has written a lengthy entry in his game development blog about his company's successful marketing campaign for the Max Payne gaming franchise.

Entitled Max Payne: The Making of a Franchise, the entry looks at the myriad of elements required to make a particular game a hit. Topics covered include naming the game, creating simple game design, the appropriate way to handle PR, and even how to get people's attention by properly handling controversy:

Max Payne had a little, though it didn't get as much press as we thought it might. Still, controversy that fits the context of the game is good for stirring up news. Duke Nukem, for example, had only one or two levels with strippers (and no nudity), and yet it generated endless controversy when the game was released in 1996. The bottom-line is that if you can build a little controversy into your game, do it.
The article sheds light on the fascinating world of video game creation, and is a must read for anyone interested in the gaming world's behind-the-scenes.

Max Payne, the stylish third-person shooter, was originally developed by Remedy Entertainment, and was produced and distributed by 3D Realms. The game's sequel, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne was released for PC in the middle of October, with Xbox and PS2 versions on the way. As of yet, there has been no official word from game publishers Macsoft, who brought us the original Max Payne, on whether or not the sequel might be making it to our platform. Anyone wanting to get their hands on the original should head over to the IMG Store, where the game is available for $19.95 USD. Follow the links below for more.

Scott Miller Blog: The Making of Max Payne
Max Payne
Max Payne 2
Remedy Entertainment
Buy Max Payne

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Deus Ex 2 PC Goes Gold
6:00 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

Right on schedule, legendary game developers Ion Storm have announced that Deus Ex: Invisible War, the sequel to one of the most popular computer games in recent history, has gone gold.

Like in the original game, Invisible War follows the exploits of a cybernetically-enhanced undercover operative as he tries to uncover the deeds of several evil forces fighting for world domination. Built upon a heavily-modified version of the Unreal engine, the game is much more streamlined than the original, according to series producer Warren Spector. Second time around, the developers focused their efforts on ehancing the really enjoyable aspects of the first game, such as the game's open-endedness, its RPG-style gameplay, and its rich, dark mood,

While the PC and XBox versions are expected to hit store shelves by December 2nd, there has been no official word on a Mac version of the highly-anticipated game. However, in a recent Ask Aspyr instalment, Aspyr's Director of PC & Mac Development Glenda Adams has indicated that they might have a good chance of getting to port the game to our favorite platform. Stay tuned to IMG as more news on this exciting new title unfolds.

IMG Feature: Ask Aspyr - Volume 3
Ion Storm
Deus Ex 2: Invisible War

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MacMohaa Releases MOHAA Server Tool1:24 PM
OpenKnights Releases Mac NWN Auto-Updater Beta1:23 PM
America's Army 2.0 Coming Wednesday12:44 PM
IMG Posts Cosmic Encounter Online Review12:44 PM
HangMan Pro v1.0 Released12:17 PM
Descent 2 for OS X Update12:09 PM
GameRanger v3.5.2 Now Available11:56 AM
Napoleonic Strategy Game 'Friedland' Updated For OS X11:22 AM
State of Shadowbane Posted10:02 AM
Apple Posts Tomb Raider Trailer9:53 AM
Aspyr Game Combo Ships; New Virtual Programming Bundles9:53 AM
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