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Thursday, November 13, 2003

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Apple Previews Indiana Jones
6:23 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Apple's latest game preview focuses on the upcoming action/adventure title Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb. Being brought to the Mac courtesy of Aspyr, The Emperor's Tomb features an original story that has the whip-wielding archaeologist searching for the Heart of the Dragon, a pearl that allows the wielder to control the minds of others.

Interviewed for the preview is Jim Tso, producer for The Emperor's Tomb with Lucasarts. One of the things he touches on is how his team made sure to stick close to the well-established Indy mythos:

You’ll see moves that Indy didn’t do in the movies but feel like things he would do.” For example, in one sequence Indy rides in a gondola on the way to the Black Dragon Fortress. When Nazi fighter pilots attack, he can get behind a gun turret and shoot them out of the sky. It sure feels like a scene that wound up on the cutting room floor during the making of the films.
Aspyr currently has The Emperor's Tomb listed at Gold Master status, with the expected release date listed as November of this year, so, hopefully, we'll see this title arrive in time for the holidays, if not sooner.

Aspyr Media
Apple - Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb Preview
Buy Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb

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IMG Reviews Tony Pro Skater 3 and 4
12:15 PM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

For all you Tony Hawk fans out there, your friendly neighborhood IMGers have posted a dual review of both Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4, all in one nice little package. The review looks at all the usual gameplay elements and performance of both of Aspyr's skating games, along with comparing the gameplay between the two games so players can get an idea of which game they'd prefer. Here's a snippet from the article:

Unassisted flight. There are probably few activities on earth that can give a person the feeling of flight, the exhilaration of freeing yourself from gravity’s tether. Hang-gliding, perhaps. Bungie jumping, maybe. Skateboarding, certainly. And now you too can experience what it’s like to soar like an eagle. Or, in this case, a Hawk. Tony Hawk, professional skateboarder.

The Tony Hawk Pro Skater series has established itself as a leading game franchise. First appearing on the Sony Play Station, the original game was touted as revolutionary. It set the stage for a number of extreme sport titles.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 was the first of the series to be ported to the Macintosh. Like most good sequels, it built upon the foundation of the first game and added key features to make it a must-have title. Now, Aspyr Media brings Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 (THPS 3) and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 (THPS 4) to the Macintosh platform. If you’re familiar with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, then THPS 3 and THPS 4 should be like riding a bike. A graphically beautiful bike with fluid game play and hour upon hour of challenging, fast, fun game play.

To check out the full review, or for more info on either game, follow the links provided below.

IMG Review: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 and 4
Aspyr Media
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
Buy Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

uDevGame 2003 Progress Update
10:46 AM | Matt Diamond | Comment on this story

After their server was compromised by a hacker earlier this month, the uDevGame 2003 contest has been on hold while Carlos Camacho, the contest organizer, scrambles to bring a new, secure server online. IMG managed to get a moment of Carlos's time for a progress update.

Carlos had the following message for Mac gamers: "iDG is committed to gaming on the Mac, and to getting the contest back up (we will extend [the voting period] as much as needed to make up for lost time.)"

Carlos adds, "We could use the support of the gaming community in terms of patience and donations to help offset upgrade and server management fees."

uDevGame has a temporary website up where gamers can download most of the contest entries and read about the progress being made to restart the contest. Anyone feeling kindly to the man who spends untold hours and his own hard-earned cash to run this contest can make a donation using links that are also on the temporary web-page.

While we wait for voting to resume, IMG encourages everyone to use the extra time to try out more of the games and be prepared to rate them once the server comes back. uDevGame is a contest for Mac game developers to develop a free game in a short amount of time. Source code for all games will be made available in order to encourage future Mac game development.


CapMac to Host Aspyr Speakers
10:46 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

Capitol Macintosh (CapMac), the Austin, Texas-based Macintosh User Group, will be hosting an evening with Aspyr Media's Nestor Hernandez, Amity Lesko, and Amy Torres tonight at 7:30 pm.

The trio from Aspyr will be talking about the ins and outs of the Macintosh gaming industry, as well as giving demos of Aspyr's current and upcoming games. According to the CapMac website, the speakers "...may even provide some sneak preview of what's coming in the near future." Also in tonight's event, CapMac will be presenting a special award to Glenda Adams, Aspyr's Director of Mac & PC Development, for her significant contributions to the Macintosh community over the years.

Attendees will be able to pick up titles from a special selection of Aspyr's current games at a greatly reduced prices, so the evening promises to be a fruitful one.

The event will take place in room 3.106 of the University of Texas' Pharmacy Building. Click on the link below for maps, parking instructions, and additional information regarding tonight's event, as well as more information regarding the Austin-based MUG.

Capitol Macintosh User Group
Aspyr Media Redesign
6:23 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Catering to the fact that Mac gamers just can't seem to get enough burning monkeys throught their days, Freeverse has thoughtfully updated their spin-off site, Complete with sound effects and rollovers, the site now has convenient links to all aspects of all things Burning Monkey, including game information, easter eggs, demo links, purchase info, and support pages.

Games listed at the site include Burning Monkey Solitaire, Puzzle Lab, and Mah Jong. Freeverse has even seen fit to thrown in info and easter eggs on Burning Monkey Casino, which hasn't been released yet but should be soon.

Freeverse News - Updated

URU For Mac On The Horizon?
6:23 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

In a chat session hosted on Wednesday by UbiSoft's official URU: Ages Beyond Myst website, creator Rand Miller has announced that game developer Cyan is working on putting together a Mac version of the upcoming multiplayer online puzzle game.

With the official PC release of the game this Friday, the questions posed in the lengthy chat session focus principally around gameplay. However, about two thirds of the way down the page can be found the words that will make Mac fans of the game franchise tingle -

Kha'tie: What the status on a possible Mac version? (many people)

Rand Miller: Looking good. Let me start by saying that I use a Mac so I really want one. Beyond that we are working hard to make the Mac version happen. Uru was much more difficult than we had anticipated. The Mac version fell out as a necessity just so we could get Uru done at all. Now we are trying to make it happen again.

While his statement may not be taken as an out-and-out confirmation that a Mac version is coming, we here at IMG feel pretty darn good about the chances of playing our favorite puzzle game on our platform of choice soon. As always, check back with IMG as further news about this exciting new title develops. In the meantime, navigate to the chat session log through the links below.

Thanks to IMG Forum contributor griel for the heads up on this story.

Rand Miller Answers Uru Questions in Online Chat
Myst Online: Uru Live

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GameSpy Hosts Black & White II Developer Diary
6:23 AM | Johan Hansén | Comment on this story

The well known gaming site GameSpy has started to host a developer diary for Lionhead Studios' upcoming strategic god simulator Black & White II. In part one of the diary, John McLean-Foreman, storywriter at Lionhead Studios, describes the art of brainstorming that lies behind the creation of a game such as Black & White II.

A small excerpt:

Lionhead prefers to do relaxed brainstorming sessions away from the distractions of the office, phones, and e-mails. This method has historically worked very well for Peter on games like Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper, and Black & White. Apart from being good fun, it really gives everyone an opportunity to relax and voice opinions that they might not otherwise get a chance to share.

As is the case with all such sessions, a bad idea, or often a joke, will spark another idea that sparks another, and another. The idea begins to clarify, and become more focused.

If you want to read the full, two-page entry in the diary, just click the link below to reach it.

It is still unclear if we will get a Macintosh version of Black & White II, but we pray to the gods that we will see it brought to our favorite platform in the future.

Lionhead Studios
Black & White II
GameSpy: Black & White II Developer Diary

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