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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Ryan Gordon Releases Own OS X OpenAL
6:00 AM | Alvaro Radigales | Comment on this story

Epic Games' Ryan Gordon, responsible for the port of many of the most popular PC titles to the Mac platform, recently unleashed his very own implementation of OpenAL, a popular cross-platform 3D audio API appropriate for use with gaming applications and many other types of audio applications.

Gordon's build features a number of improvements from's implementation, among which we highlight:

  • Speed. This is currently the fastest AL implementation for OSX, even counting the new CoreAudio support in's CVS.
  • Contains optimizations for Altivec-enabled systems, but has scalar fallbacks for G3 and older systems.
  • Is designed with multithreading in mind...should be 100% thread safe, and can take advantage of multiple CPU systems internally.
  • Can handle multiple contexts on multiple devices, all running in parallel.
  • Supports the AL_ENUMERATION_EXT extension for device enumeration.
  • Supports AL_EXT_vorbis for direct playback of Ogg Vorbis audio; the Vorbis decoder is a highly optimized and Altivec-enabled fork of's libvorbis-1.0...using this extension can be significantly faster and easier for the application than using a stock libvorbis and buffer queueing.
According to Ryan Gordon himself, while this release is indeed quite robust it is still in development and is not to be considered complete. While it is enough to play Unreal Tournament 2003 well, it is still missing some features found in complete OpenAL libraries.

For more information on this implementation, be sure to check Ryan's web site through the link provided below.

Inside Mac Games
Ryan Gordon's OpenAL

Aspyr Releases Kelly Slater Pro Surfer Demo
3:31 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Dude! Aspyr has just released a demo of Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer. The demo is being hosted at our sister site,

Here's a bit more info on the game:

In Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer, players experience an all-out adrenaline rush as they drop down huge wave faces, pull into barreling tube rides and pull off hundreds of massive trick combinations and signature pro moves. Players choose their own path as they interact with famous surfers, sponsors, magazines and photographers. Exotic real world locations and events including full beach environments with real landmarks and hazards lend authenticity to the game. Multiple modes of play let gamers choose from Career Mode, Free Surf and multiplayer games and each mode unlocks new riders, boards, events, videos and secret breaks. Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer features ultra-realistic ocean conditions including barrels and tubes, and is the only surfing game to have populated waves, where gamers can ride alongside other surfers. Players can also use the Record Book feature to track individual rider stats and world records set throughout the game.
The system requirements are as follows:

• Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later
• Power Mac G4, iMac G4/eMac, PowerBook G4 (DVI or better), iBook (32 VRAM model or better)
• 700MHz G4 processor or faster
• 256MB of RAM
• 520MB hard drive space
• 3D Graphics Acceleration required
• 32 MB VRAM

To download the 88 MB demo, head over to The demo is also available for download for IMG Pro users via their exclusive Hot Downloads ftp server.

MGF: Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer Demo 1.0

IMG Posts State of the Game Feature
3:19 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

IMG's Tuncer Deniz is back with another installment of State of the Game, a look at the Mac games market from the point of view of IMG's Publisher and Editor-in-Chief. In this edition of State of the Game, Tuncer talks about the current changes that have been happening in the Mac games market.

Be sure to check out the entire article by following the link below.

IMG Feature: State of the Game

The Journey to Wild Divine Heading to Mac
3:06 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

The Journey to Wild Devine, described as an "inner-active" computer journey is heading its way to the Mac. Scheduled to be released in November, the adventure game features a unique mode of navigation using biofeedback technology. Three sensors, attached to your fingertips, monitor skin response and pulse rate, enabling you to use your breathing, mood, and state of mind to navigate the realm of The Wild Divine.

Here's a bit more info on this unique product:

The Journey to Wild Divine is an "inner-active" computer journey that integrates the power of the spiritual quest with an innovative biofeedback interface and high-end multimedia production. The result is an unparalleled and fulfilling interactive experience. On your Journey to Wild Divine, you’ll take an adventure of both mind and body, made possible by technology, both ancient and digital, that carries out your quest for transformation.

All you’ll need to be able enjoy the secrets of Wild Divine is your PC or Mac and most importantly, your full presence. You’ll enjoy a mythical and magical adventure amidst palaces, temples, breath taking landscape s and flowing gardens. And with the help of wise mentors throughout the game who gently guide you along the way, you will learn to cultivate an enhanced sense of self and soul-awareness.

A trailer as well as screenshots of The Journey to Wild Devine are available on the official web site. The software will be available for pre-order through the web site for $129.95 (which includes the biofeedback gadget).

The Wild Divine

Click to enlarge
Aspyr Releases Ghost Recon, Galactic Battlegrounds Updates
2:53 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Aspyr has released several updates today for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and its expansion pack.

The Ghost Recon update, which brings the game up to version 1.0.3, is mainly fixes and additions for GameRanger. Users of GameRanger's premium service can now use the online gathering service for voice communication with the game.

The Galactic Battlegrounds updates include the following fixes:

• Fixed issue where you could not play a game if you had a hard drive named "Data".
• Fixed issue with Jaguar on some systems where it would fail to pick a valid DrawSprocket context and not launch, or would default to the wrong monitor leaving you with a black screen. It is recommended that you delete the file "SWGB Preferences" or "SWGBCC Preferences in System Folder->Preferences (or ~/Library/Preferences on OSX).
• Monitor picking dialog now has proper theme background.
• Game now launches URLs properly under 10.2.
• Optimized the blitters; they're now roughly 10-25% faster in some cases.
• 3rd party .rms (random map) files should load and run fine now.
• Screenshots (via F13) are now saved in the game's Screenshots folder.
• Command-Q now prompts you to quit when in the middle of a game.
• Updated build to use CodeWarrior Pro 8.
• Updated to use release version of OpenPlay 2.1
To download all three updates, head over to

Aspyr Media
Red Storm
Westlake Interactive
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 1.0.3
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds 1.1.1
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Clone 1.1.1
Buy Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds

Blizzard Strikes at StarCraft Ladder Abuse
6:00 AM | Johan Hansén | Comment on this story

Blizzard Entertainment has posted an update on the rules of ladder abuse on their classic real-time strategy game StarCraft. Several accounts have already been reset due to ladder abuse and Blizzard will keep their eyes open to oppose such infractions as well as any other form of cheating.

Blizzard will consider it ladder abuse if you:

  • Play more than 2 illegitimate games against any person within 4 days. Examples would be playing for 5 minutes and then surrendering, one player not building anything, repeatedly surrendering when there is no need, and so on.
  • Winning/losing more than 3 legitimate games to the same person within 2 weeks. This way, you can still have a "best two out of three" match against someone, but any more than 3 games against the same person within 2 weeks will be considered abuse.
  • Intentionally disconnecting from a game for the purpose of avoiding a loss.
  • Playing ladder games in a way that undermines the spirit of competitive play.
  • To read the full update, follow the link provided below to's news page.

    Blizzard Entertainment
    StarCraft StarCraft Ladder Abuse Update

    GarageGames Talks Indie Games Con
    6:00 AM | Trevor Buchanan | Comment on this story

    Jay Moore of GarageGames recently took time out to talk with HomeLan Fed about the 2003 Indie Games Convention, held over the weekend in Eugene, Oregon. Moore talked about what GarageGames learned from last year's event and the effect it has had on the independent game development scene, among other things:

    HomeLAN - First, what lessons did GarageGames learn from holding the Indie Games Con in 2002?
    Jay Moore - We learned to make it real. Keeping it about the in the trenches, close to the metal development and business issues facing independents is essential. Not having it produced, co-opted by commercial agendas and all about doing more together is what will keep the conference on course.
    HomeLAN - Do you believe that this years event will further expand the reach of the independent games movement?
    Jay Moore - The attendance and emails prove it already has - independent game development isn't just a stepping stone it is a way of life for those committed to building the independent game development segment of gaming.
    To read the full interview or for more information on the Indie Games Con 2003 or GarageGames, follow the links provided below.

    Homelanfed - Indie Games Con Q&A
    Indie Games Conference 2003

    Click to enlarge
    Diablo II 1.10 Status, Q&A Pics
    6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

    In a testament to continuing game support, Blizzard has posted a small blurb at, noting that Q&A testing is currently underway on the Diablo II 1.10 patch. They also talk a bit concerning their Q&A process:

    After we create a new patch or "build" of the game, we pass it over to our quality assurance department. QA then thoroughly tests the patch, running it through a series of detailed checks. If they find any problems, a new patch (addressing the problems) is created. This process continues until we have a build that meets Blizzard’s quality standards (patches often go through many versions before release).
    Also included are a few pictures showing Blizzard's Q&A team (including Mac testers) hard at work testing the upcoming patch.
    Blizzard Entertainment
    Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

    Click to enlarge
    Free Modified UT2003 Engine Release Soon, Mac Possibility
    6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

    The Fragging for Fun Clan website has posted some news from Mark Rein of Epic regarding a development which may be of interest to aspiring developers. According to the writeup, a version of the Unreal Tournament 2003 game engine, meant to be licensed for non-gaming use, will be released sometime in the future. Included in the package will be an Unreal Engine runtime and Epic's Unreal toolset, which includes UnrealEd, Karma Authoring Tool, UnrealScript IDE, UnrealScript Debugger and exporters for Max and Maya.

    The package will be available as a free download for non-commercial and educational users. Those looking to use it for commercial purposes will be obligated to pay Epic a fee, though the fee should be consierably less than the $350,000+ they usually charge, though Rein notes that support from Epic will not be available.

    Rein also notes that the package will not be UT2003 compatible, and that any maps made with it will not work in UT2003. Another catch for Mac users is that the tools are currently only Windows based. However, Rein does add that, should the demand arise, both Linux and Mac versions might be made available.

    FfFC - Epic to Bring Modified Engine
    Digital Extremes
    Unreal Tournament 2003
    Buy Unreal Tournament 2003

    Click to enlarge
    Unreal University Coming Soon
    6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

    Gamers living in the Southeastern United States with an interest in modding may want to look into an upcoming event by the folks at Epic Games. According to a press release posted at Planet Unreal, a workshop dubbed Unreal University is soon in coming. The focus of the workshop will be the creation of mods using the Unreal Game Engine.

    The Unreal University class presenters will include Epic Games developers and artists, as well as Jason Busby, creator of the site and the site. To help modders before, during and after the course, the 3d Buzz Mastering Unreal site contains more than 100 hours of free downloadable Video Training Modules (VTMs) geared toward educating users on how to program and build content using the Unreal Game Engine.
    Besides providing insider secrets and encouraging entry into the $1,000,000 NVIDIA Make Something Unreal contest, Epic also plans on showing off Unreal Tournament 2004 at the event.

    The workshop is currently slated to be held at North Carolina State University on November 8-9, 2003. The cost, which includes a T-shirt and meals, is $25 a person.

    Planet Unreal - Unreal University Announced!
    Digital Extremes
    Unreal Tournament 2003
    Epic Games
    Buy Unreal Tournament 2004
    Buy Unreal Tournament 2003

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    WWII Online 1.10 Info, New Screenshots7:56 AM
    DX: Invisible War Site Launched6:00 AM
    GameRanger Premium Adds Voice Chat6:00 AM
    Giga Designs Refreshes Product Line6:00 AM
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