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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

No One Lives Forever 2 Goes Gold
12:31 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

MacPlay today announced that No One lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'S Way has gone gold and will be released on September 15, 2003. NOLF 2 sports 40 levels of secret agent fun. Set in the 1960's, the game places the player in the role of Cate Archer, an agent for the anti-terrorist organization UNITY. Her job description involves stopping the evil group H.A.R.M. as they try to unleash their nefarious plans on an unsuspecting world. This time the scheme involves a top-secret Soviet project that could launch World War III.

Here's more from the official press release:

Cate has access to over 30 weapons, gadgets, and traps during her missions, ranging from the McAlister .32 automatic handgun to banana peels that trip up pursuers to exploding robotic kitties that disable them permanently. As in the first game, stealth is key to successfully navigating certain levels; players who master the art of sneaking past security cameras, listening to guards for clues, and effectively using their gadgets will have a much easier time.

"The team at Monolith Productions created a sequel that's even more action-packed, funny, and exciting than the first one," says MacPlay president Mark Cottam. "And the bad guys are much tougher this time: they work together to thwart you. Don't be surprised if one of them keeps you occupied while another sneaks behind you."

In addition to enhanced AI, developer Monolith Productions introduced more life-like graphics to the game with its Jupiter engine. Players visit such exotic locales as Japan, Antarctica, an underwater H.A.R.M. base, and Akron, Ohio (remember, humor is part of the game), all rendered in rich detail. Movie-like cut scenes propel the story along, action-packed missions get players' hearts racing, and 60's-style music sets the light-hearted tone.

To promote the release of No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way, MacPlay is allowing customers to preorder the product under its customer appreciation program at the introductory price of $39.99. Orders can be submitted directly at the company's online store, located at This offer is for preorders only and expires on September 15, 2003.

For more information on NOLF 2, be sure to check out IMG's preview. The IMG Store is currently taking pre-orders for the game for $39.99. IMG Pro/MacGames CD subscribers can pre-order it for $34.99.

IMG Preview: No One Lives Forever 2
No One Lives Forever 2
Buy No One Lives Forever 2

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IMG Posts SpyHunter Review
12:56 PM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

SpyHunter, the classic Midway arcade game reimagined, is finally out for Mac and PC, thanks to Aspyr Media, and IMG writer Nat Panek has the final verdict in our full review, which has been posted for your reading pleasure. The article covers everything about the game from graphics to gameplay. Here's an excerpt:

Turning to the opposition, the vehicles you’ll be up against include some old faves from the original arcade version, most notably Switch Blade, that car with the spikes that pop out to tear into the side of your vehicle. Other cars and trucks belonging to Nostra are equipped with everything from machine guns to mortars, and in a group they can make your life tough. In small numbers, however, most are a breeze to destroy. One must also be alert for death from above, which usually comes in the form of small or large helicopters (usually armed with bombs), and, in later levels, Harrier jets (these favor guided missile attacks). On the water, your enemies will run the gamut from guys in gondolas with machine guns to mine-dumping motorboats and amphibious vehicles.
For more, be sure to read the full review. You can also now purchase SpyHunter from our own IMG Store.

IMG Review: SpyHunter
Aspyr Media

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IMG Store: Enigmo Down to $14.95
12:47 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Pangea's Enigmo is now available for $14.95 through the IMG Store. That's $10 off the previous price of $24.95.

Enigmo is the most unique game that Pangea Software has ever created, and it is a departure from our action-adventure games which we are known for. Enigmo is a 3D puzzle game where you move various streams of flowing liquid so that the droplets get to their destination. Liquids (water, oil, and lava) fall from "droppers" and will bounce around the walls of a mechanism. You move and rotate into position various types of bumpers, sliders, accelerators, and sponges in order to divert the flow of the falling droplets. The faster you complete each level, the more bonus you will receive.

To place your order, please follow the link below.

Pangea Software

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OWC: ATI Radeon 9800 Pro In Stock
10:21 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Our friends at OWC let us know that they now have the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Mac Edition in stock. The card is available for $386.95.

Here's a complete list of the features of the card:

• 128MB DDR memory
• Dual Integrated 10-bit per channel 400MHz DACs
• Integrated 165MHz TMDS transmitter (DVI compliant and HDCP ready)
• Integrated TV-Out support up to 1024x768 resolution
• Multiple display connections
• DVI-I port
• VGA port
• S-Video port
• DVI-I to VGA & S-Video to Composite adapters included
OWC offers Free Ground shipping for orders over $300. For more information on the Radeon 9800 Pro card, head over to OWC.

Radeon 9800 Pro

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Halo PC Weekly Update
10:11 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

The web site has an update on Halo for the PC with some interesting tidbits regarding the progress of the game. According to the post, Beta 2 discs have gone out to beta testers and marks the first time testers are playing the game with large numbers of players from across the Internet.

A Bungie producer filed this report from the Gearbox offices on this week's progress:

Another very intense week has gone by. By now, most of you are aware that this past weekend, a sweet FanStock event took place over at Gearbox. It was a blast! There are a bunch of write-ups available around the net. (like this one at For us, the developers, it’s very cool to see some of our most loyal and hardcore Halo players having fun with the game on the PC , doing cool things such as flying a Banshee in Blood Gulch and discovering the new multiplayer maps for the first time. I’m so looking forward to the game being widely available and eing able to pick up a multiplayer game anytime of the day. Lack of sleep is expected.
Bungie for the PC is currently slated to be released for the PC sometime in September. To check out the enitre progress log, please follow the link below to

Halo for the Mac is currently in development and is being ported by Westlake Interactive. It will be published by MacSoft. The game is currently available for pre-order through the IMG Store. No release date has been set yet for the Mac version.

Bungie Studios
Westlake Interactive
Halo: Combat Evolved Halo PC Update

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Neverwinter Nights Expansion Website Launched
8:36 AM | Johan Hansιn | Comment on this story

Game publisher BioWare has launched the official website for Hordes of the Underdark, the second expansion for their highly praised Role-Playin Game Neverwinter Nights. The second expansion will add a multitude of new features to the original game as well as a new single-player campaign.

New features:

  • New 20+ hour single-player adventure
  • Epic levels allowing for characters up to level 40
  • 6 new Prestige classes
  • 4 new tilesets
  • 16 new creatures
  • Over 50 new feats
  • Over 40 new spells
  • New music by Jeremy Soule
  • New Voice sets
  • New toolset functionality
  • There is at the moment a set release date for the expansion, only a statement that it will be released when it's done. The possibility of a Mac version is still unclear. Since the PC version first expansion Shadows of Undrentide works, albeit unsupported, with the Macintosh version of Neverwinter Nights, published by MacSoft, we can always hope that the second expansion will do the same if we do not get an official Mac release.

    Neverwinter Nights
    Hordes of the Underdark
    Buy Neverwinter Nights

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    More World of Warcraft Info
    8:36 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

    The recent release of an exclusive interview with Blizzard by Computer Gaming World has revealed a wealth of information on the upcoming title World of Warcraft. Among the revelations gleaned from the interview are new races, classes, and examples of skill progression.

    The game's main division is currently slated for two sides: the Horde and the Alliance. Joining the Horde will be the revealed Troll race, while the Alliance will gain help in the form of Gnomes. A third faction, made up of the Burning Legion, will remain as a constant threat to both sides.

    New to the classes are the Rogue, Paladin, and Priest classes, each with their own unique abilities:

    The priest class is less like a conventional cleric class and more like a spell caster with influence over an opponent's thinking. They are described in the article as the best healer and buffer in the game. Some of their skills include being able to dominate or charm an opponent, confusion and fumble. Interesting, priests can walk the world of holy magic or shadow magic.
    Also discussed are Hero classes, which are race/class specific and are available only to characters at level 40 or higher.

    Other topics discussed include race-specific mounts, quests and dungeons, and stat progression. Those interested in all the details can find a summary at Worldof - CGW WoW Summary
    Blizzard Entertainment
    World of Warcraft
    Buy World of Warcraft

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    America's Army 1.9 Now Available
    8:36 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    The Army has released America's Army 1.9, a significant updated release to the freeware first-person shooter. The new version introduces the Combat Medic MOS and 4 new training maps; a new multi-player map; new higher-resolution character models; a brand-spanking-new interface (and theme song); new high-detailed textures; character shadows; lip syncing; new team selection pages; new scoreboard; PunkBuster anti-cheating software, and much more.

    Here's are the system requirements:

    Minimum Requirements:
    • 700MHz G4 Processor
    • 256 Megs of RAM
    • 1 gigabyte of hard drive space
    • GeForce2 or Radeon 7500

    Recommended Requirements:
    • 1.25GHz G4 Processor
    • 512 megs of RAM
    • 1 gigabyte of hard drive space
    • GeForce4 or Radeon 8500

    America's Army 1.9 weighs in at a whopping 504 MB and is currently available for download for our IMG Pro subscribers using their Hot Downloads page. The game is also available for download from Be sure to follow the link below to grab it.

    U.S Army
    Epic Games
    America's Army: Special Forces 2.4
    MGF: America's Army 1.9

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