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Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Westlake Updates, 'Russell' Added
8:07 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Porting house Westlake Interactive recently updated their project status page. Besides updates to several currently in development titles, a new project with the codename "Russell" has been added. Speculation on the title's true name has already begun in IMG's forums, though of course nothing is concrete.

As far as existing titles go, Halo has been bumped up to Pre-Alpha status, project Renee is in Alpha, and Star Trek: Elite Force II is now at the Pre-final Candidate stage. As reported earlier, Zoo Tycoon is now available for purchase in stores.

It was also announced yesterday by MacSoft that Westlake has been working on Age of Mythology and should have the game ready for release in October.

Stay tuned to IMG for the latest on all of Westlake's projects, both revealed and secret.

Westlake Interactive - Status Project Page
Any ideas to what "Russell" is?
Halo: Combat Evolved
Star Trek Elite Force II
Zoo Tycoon
Buy Star Trek Elite Force II
Buy Zoo Tycoon

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Warrior Kings Demo Coming Friday
2:25 PM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

Camille Thouvenin of Feral Interactive unofficially announced today in our own IMG Forums that the Mac demo for the company's upcoming real-time strategy game Warrior Kings will be released this Friday. Thouvenin states that the demo will weigh in at a hefty 250MB, and will give users a good feeling of what the game is like.

Here's an excerpt from his post:

since I won't be doing an official statement for this, I just wanted to let you know that the Warrior Kings demo will be up on friday.

The file will be 250 megs and will hopefully give you a good idea of how the game is.
Warrior Kings is set for release sometime this month. Those interested can pre-order a copy of the game at the IMG Store. Subscribers to our IMG Pro or MacGames CD service can pick up a copy for just $43.99, while regular users can purchase one for $48.99. Stay tuned to Inside Mac Games as we keep you up to date on the game's progress, and be sure to look out for the Warrior Kings demo this Friday.

Warrior Kings demo on Friday
Warrior Kings
Feral Interactive
Buy Warrior Kings

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Billy Frontier 1.0.2 Update Released
2:05 PM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

Billy Frontier the recently released space cowboy action-arcade game from Pangea Software has been updated to version 1.0.2. The update, available as a stand-alone patch or a full install, fixes a minor problem in Nvidia video cards experienced in earlier builds. Here's the list of changes:

Fixed problem with Nivida video cards "hiccupping" due to their slow texture uploads.
You can download the latest version Billy Frontier at Macgamefiles. A link has been attached to the bottom of this article.

Download Billy Frontier 1.0.2
Billy Frontier
Pangea Software

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RC Helicopter Simulator Updated to 1.0b7
11:27 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Shareware developer AlphaOmega Software has released a new beta of RC Helicopter Simulator. Here's a list of changes to beta 7:

  • The support of game input devices has been improved.
  • A sound bug has been corrected.
  • The gyroscope can be set in normal lock mode or in heading lock mode.
  • The pilot height and sight are configurable.
  • Weather configuration is in progress.
  • This is still a beta version with known bug resolution and improvements in progress.
  • To give the latest version of RC Helicopter Simulator a try, head over to the AlphaOmega web site.

    AlphaOmega Software
    RC Helicopter Simulator 1.0b7

    Factions - Free MMORPG Now Available
    11:19 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    Factions, a free Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game is now available for the Macintosh and PC. Using the First Star Online engine, Factions is a 2D RPG allowing real-time player interaction and combat. Players may pursue many career paths, own their own homes and shops, and participate in fantastic server-wide events.

    Here's a description of the game from the official web site:

    Each of the three factions on our world is vying for world dominance from their home islands.  If you join a faction, you will be able to improve certain skills - changing loyalties will allow you to hone all of your skills.  Once you think you are good enough, you may use the portal to transport yourself to the Upper Realm where tougher quests, more deadly monsters and other players will challenge all of the skills you learned in the Lower Realm.
    To download the client, head over to the Factions web site.


    uDevGame 2003 Mac Game Development Contest Kicks Off
    11:11 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    iDevGames, the leading website for Macintosh game development, today announced the launch of uDevGame 2003, the 3rd annual Macintosh game development contest. The uDevGame Contest gives programmers, designers, artists, and musicians the chance to both improve the state of gaming on the Macintosh platform, and to contribute to the independent development community. More than $16,000 of prizes are offered as incentives this year!

    Here's more from the official PR:

    "iDevGames has received an immense amount of support in our efforts to make a difference at the grassroots level through the uDevGame Contest, and we are dedicated to highlighting the tremendous talent of independent game developers," said Carlos Camacho, Editor-in-Chief of iDevGames. "The uDevGame Contest provides developers with a unique opportunity to utilize their skills as well as improve Mac gaming."

    iDevGames established the uDevGame Contest in 2001 to energize game development on the Apple Macintosh platform, encourage innovation in Mac games, and to garner recognition for the best Mac independent game developers. The uDevGame 2003 Contest is based on three fundemental principles: Creation of original Macintosh games, Education of the Macintosh development community, and Success of talented Macintosh programmers, artists, musicians, and designers.

    The contest challenges entrants to create an original Mac OS X game in only three months. The games are then subjected to a period of public voting and rated in five categories: Game Play, Originality, Polish, Graphics, and Sound & Music. Prizes are awarded to the developers of the top three ranking games in each category, as well as the top three Best Overall Games. A complete list of prizes with descriptions can be found at:

    "uDevGame is the best thing to happen to Mac game development in a very long time," said Colin Lynch Smith, Vice President of Freeverse Software, "The encouragement and resources it provides to independent developers make titles like Rocco Bowling's 'Solace' possible. Freeverse is proud to be publishing such a terrific Mac-developed game."

    Entries are limited to one per person or team, and must run natively in Mac OS X. Entries may be created with any Mac OS tool, but must be less than 10MB when compressed. The source code, or source files, for all entries must be submitted to iDevGames. The uDevGame Contest is open to all developers in any country.

    More information about the competition and how to enter can be found at uDevGame 2003's official home page.

    uDevGame 2003

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    Third Mac Diablo II 1.10 Beta Available
    8:21 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

    Blizzard Entertainment's Rob Barris recently posted to the IMG forums to announce the third Mac release of a beta for Diablo II 1.10 patch. This latest test version will affect only LAN or singleplayer characters, though when finalized it will take effect on

    Here's more of a description from the web site:

    This patch contains item-deletion code that should delete many of the items often referred to as "hacked" or "bugged." Due to one of the bugs in the previous 1.10 beta patch, some legitimate 1.10 items will also end up being deleted. Please note that the patch will only affect single-player, LAN, and Open characters. The deleted items will be restored if the RevertTo109.bat file is used to return your installation of Lord of Destruction back to version 1.09.

    When the final release of patch 1.10 goes live, the item-deletion code will then ONLY affect characters within the Realms, not the characters used in single-player, LAN, or Open games. The current patch does not delete duplicated items, but in the final-release version of the patch, those items will be subject to deletion as well.

    To download this third version of the 1.10 patch, which runs just over 12MB, head over to the site now. Diablo II Beta Page
    IMG Forum: Diablo II beta - new release
    Blizzard Entertainment
    Diablo II
    Download Diablo II 1.10 Patch Beta 3
    Buy Diablo II

    Duke3D Icons Needed, AA Update
    8:12 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

    The extremely hardworking Ryan Gordon has updated his online progress log yet again. This time around, he's asking for some artistic help regarding the porting of Duke Nukem 3D to OS X. Simply put, he needs some artwork that's legal for him to use and distribute, meaning it has to be an original work:

    If you can make me an OSX icon for the game, a separate one for the installer,
    and a "splash" graphic (393x83 pixels worked well with the ut2003 installer), please drop me a line.
    As far as progress on the port goes, Ryan adds that the only issues now are the music, save game capability, and Mac/PC multiplayer synching.

    Also mentioned is progress on America's Army and the incompatibility problem with the Revolution 7.1 sound card. Besides the noted buffer overflow in the CoreAudio-based code crash, Ryan notes that there's also a problem with the Rev and the addressing of two channel sound. He adds that he's also working on making the title run faster.

    Ryan Gordon - Finger info for
    U.S Army
    Epic Games
    America's Army: Special Forces 2.4

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    Myth II v1.4.1 Change Log Posted
    8:07 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

    PlayMyth has posted a rather lengthy list of the changes being implemented in the latest upcoming version of Myth II. Set at version 1.4.1, the list names a number of bug fixes and improvements, including performance enhancements and widescreen display fixes:

    • MacOS input method reworked, keyboard freeze bug eliminated.
    • Widescreen displays can zoom out the proper amount now (was too close in previously).
    • Mouse wheel will no longer deselect units if there's no presets defined.
    • Bottle resistance to explosive damaged increased (carefully) allowing chain reactions and duff hero bottle bouncing to occur.
    • Improved and enhanced OpenGL support.
    • General performance enhancements
    • Archer walking bug fixed (again :) )
    • FPS improvements for both OpenGL and Direct3D
    As reported earlier, the team at Myth Developers plan on upgrading the latest update to gold status on August 5th. A beta of the update is available at PlayMyth, as well as a complete list of of the upcoming changes.

    PlayMyth - Myth II v1.4.1 Change Log
    Bungie Studios
    Myth II: Soulblighter

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    Strange Adventures In Infinite Space Released9:29 AM
    Virtual Programming Announces Horse Racing Manager9:16 AM
    Targetware Open Beta Begins9:02 AM
    The Gamesome Mac Kicks off uDevGame 20039:02 AM
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