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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

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IGN PC Posts Hands-On with Halo
7:34 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The folks at IGN PC recently got a chance to experience some hands-on action with the latest Halo build. The main thing they note is that it appears very close to being finished to them, with Randy Pitchford of Gearbox, and Michel Bastien of Bungie noting that both the single and multiplayer portions of the game are "pretty much done", with only the fine tuning being left.

IGN PC also notes the improvement in graphic quality, citing the use of pixel shaders and surface reflections in the computer version. As for performance, they add that they developers are interested in tuning Halo so that it will run even on a GeForce 2.

A little multiplayer action was also experienced:

One of the levels was based off the island from the Silent Cartographer mission. This bit of land holds two camps, each with its own flag, and the two teams can use a number of vehicles and weapons to capture the enemy flag. This map has tons of vehicles including the Banshee (the flying purple craft used by the Covenant) and a new version of the Warthog that's equipped with a rocket launcher in place of the machine gun. The Banshee's plenty cool. Though it's available at one point in the single player game (if you're quick enough), the fact that it wasn't included in any of the multiplayer modes of the Xbox version makes its inclusion here something really special.
Those interested in the full read can find it at IGN PC. While there isn't any info regarding the Mac release, readers are reminded that Westlake Interactive has been following Gearbox's work closely. The PC version is currently scheduled to ship in September.

The Mac version of Halo is already available for preorder at the IMG store. At the price of $48.99 (with a five-dollar discount for subscribers of either IMG Pro or the Mac Games CD) you won't want to miss the chance of reserving your copy today.

IGN PC - Halo Hands-on
Bungie Studios
Westlake Interactive
Halo: Combat Evolved

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IMG Posts Billy Frontier Interview
1:23 PM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games' Tuncer Deniz recently sat down with Brian Greenstone of Pangea Software in an interview about Pangea's latest and greatest game, Billy Frontier. The interview has been posted for your reading pleasure, and contains a plethora of information about the zany western action game, including gameplay, availability and pricing, and more. Here's an excerpt from the article:

IMG: What kind of system requirements does Billy Frontier have and what will the pricing be?

Greenstone: The price will be $14.95, and we only have it available as a download. We wanted to make Billy a low-priced game, and as such, it isn't economically possible to put it on a CD in a box. As for system requirements, that's a fairly subjective thing for this game. We've tested it on an iMac/500 running OS 9.2.2 and it was playable. However, we *recommend* OS 10.2 with 800mhz and a Radeon.

Want more? Check out the full interview for the entire inside scoop. Billy Frontier is expected to ship soon, exclusively for Mac. Stay tuned to IMG as we keep you posted on the game's progress.

IMG Feature: Brian Greenstone Talks Billy Frontier
Billy Frontier
Pangea Software

Special Sale at Freeverse Online Store
12:49 PM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

Mac gamers worrying about missing out on all the hot deals on Mac games at this year's MacWorld CreativePro convention in New York need not worry. Freeverse has announced that even those unable to attend the conference can still take advantage of "Show Specials." The gist of it all? Order any game from their online store, input coupon code 360, and instantly recieve $5 off your purchase.

Here's the official announcement.

For all those Mac gamers that can't make it to the Freeverse Booth (#360), at MacWorld CreativePro to pick-up show specials on great games like Legion, Solace, WingNuts, Hearts and Spades... We're offering a "Show Special" via our online store.

Order any game this week, and get $5 off the regular price. When you consider that many of our titles are already priced under $20 that's a great deal!

Just use coupon code "360" to get the savings.

Be sure to head on over to the Freeverse store this week to take advantage of this hot deal.


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DOOM 3 Q&A Transcription
12:45 PM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

NewDoom, a Doom fansite, recently posted a transcript of a 7 minute interview with some of the folks from id Software about their upcoming game Doom 3. In the interview, the various members of id give a little history of themselves, along with talk about the development of Doom 3. Here's a snippet:

John Carmack: The original DOOM was a really significant jump in gaming technology for the time. We were making really big strides almost every single game every year and DOOM was a really significant inflection point for things because all of a sudden the world was vivid enough that normal people could look at a game and understand what computer gamers were always excited about.

With the new DOOM game we have been able to do what I think is one of the most important things for our game engines here is the way we have unified the way in which all of our surfaces and lights interact. We have been able to the bump matching technologies on modern 3d cards, to bring about detail into things that we can still run at a very rapid rate and the step in quality is just breath taking. We're able to see veins and pores and crevices and we are able to go and see whether a scientist is having a bad hair day. Most of the time you don't get to see this much detail when your just gunning down enemies, but occasionally you just turn around and there's a monster right there in your face and you'll see the slime dripping out of it's mouth, blood coming off of it and it's really taking it to a new level.
To check out the full article, follow the below link.

id Software
Doom III Q&A Transcription
Buy DOOM 3

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Lineage II Interview at GameSpot
7:34 AM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

NCSoft's Raoul Kim recently sat down with the folks GameSpot in an exclusive Q&A concerning Lineage II, the upcoming sequel to the popular MMORPG currently out for Mac and PC. The interview offers readers a first look at some of the many features Lineage II will offer. Topics include the new, 3D engine, new gameplay elements, and more. Below is an excerpt from the full interview:

GameSpot: One of the most significant and obvious differences between Lineage II and the original game is the graphics engine. Could you explain why you chose to use Unreal technology for the sequel, rather than a different graphics engine?

Raoul Kim: When we started our development work, we looked primarily at three engines to use for Lineage II: the Unreal engine, the Quake engine, and the Lithtech engine. Among them, the Unreal engine was the most attractive to us because of its powerful editing features and its outdoor-rendering ability. They were all good products, but in the end we decided to use the Unreal engine because of its overall outstanding performance.

For more information, be sure to check out the interview. Lineage II is not currently planned for the Mac, but because it will be using the already released Unreal engine (found in Mac games such as Unreal Tournament 2003 and America's Army), chances are looking good. Check out the links below for more information.

Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle Interview
Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle

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Myth II, III Beta Updates
7:34 AM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

Over the weekend,, creators of the popular PlayMyth online gaming plugin for games in the Myth series, released updates for Myth II: Soulblighter and Myth III: The Wolf Age. Both updates fix various bugs associated with earlier versions, as well as add some minor features. Here's a complete list of changes from both updates:

Myth II: Soulblighter v1.4.1 Beta 2
Thanks to everyone who showed up to play PMA GAMES last night with the new Myth II v1.4.1 beta. We had games of up to I think 12 or 13 people and we had a lot of fun playing all kinds of different gametypes and maps and it --> GET THIS <-- no major gripes!

It looks like the improvements to OpenGL are the big winner as are the restored frame-rates to Windows PC users. Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

We're looking into the few reported bugs and we'll have them squashed as quick as we can.

Myth III: The Wolf Age v1.2a5b - Build 192/193
1. Turned up the compiler optimzations for the G4 Altivec Build
2. Updated Intel compiler and added options to generate optimzied P3 & P4 code
3. Added Revert To Last Save - NEW_TAGS (not yet required)
4. Added Options to hide control/formations/presets bars - NEW_TAGS (not yet required)
5. Fixed the "Waiting For Players - This could take as long as 2 or 3 minutes" screen - NEW TAGS (not yet required)
6. Fixed new FPS display to erase it self when it is turned off - This is active only for final release builds
7. Fixed Windows Crash on startup
8. Using the new Core Library for low level networking
9. Some misc networking fixes
10. Much friendlier system of announcing expired betas :)

To download the patches yourself, check out the links below. Note that you will need a full version of Myth II: Soublighter and/or Myth III: The Wolf Age in order to use the patches.

Download Myth II v1.4.1b2
Download Myth III v1.2a5b - Build 193
Myth II: Soulblighter

First Star Online for Mac OS X Released
7:34 AM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

In a recent press release, unFun Games announced that their subscription-free massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) First Star Online, has finally been ported to Mac OS X. The game, which was previously available for OS 9 users, features all the conventional elements of a good MMORPG at a standard, one-time shareware fee. Here's the official news post from FSO's website:

An OS X port of First Star Online is finally here. Mac users make up a large portion of our user-base, and I hope that this is a welcome update for them. There are dozens of MMORPG's on the PC yet Macs are always left out. unFun Games will continue to make online games for Mac and PC. My first computer was a Mac. My loyalty has always been with the Macs, even though I use a PC now (the old Mac stopped working one day, ya know). Actually, my first 5 computers were Macs. My next computer will definately be a Mac.

This is a big step not just for FSO, but the continuation of development for unFun Games games for the Macintosh platform. Key Nine Online, the side-scrolling massively multiplayer adventure game, which will be released in the fall, will also be ported immediately to OS X.

To download a free copy of First Star Online, follow the link below. Be sure to check out the official homepage for more information.

Download First Star Online v1.2 OS X
First Star Online

Help Name the Next Green Dragon Title
7:34 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Green Dragon Creations, creators of titles such as Battle Girl and Gridz, have apparently been experiencing violent internal strife as to the naming of their latest upcoming title. In order to avoid outright bloodshed, they've turned to the public, posting a poll in their forums so that readers can select what they feel is the appropriate name.

The game itself is described as one of conflict and evangelism:

The game features communist badgers, sheep worshipers, and overzealous inquisitors, among other characters that players can use in their quest for global domination. The game encourages the use of military might, religious fervor, and treacherous espionage to sieze territory and defeat the enemy.
Those who wish to vote need to register and login at the Green Dragon web board. Additionally, the poster deemed to have contributed the most thoughtful reasoning behind their vote could win a chance to beta test the game as well as receive a free copy when it ships.

Green Dragon Creations - Help Us Choose A Name
Green Dragon

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IGN Posts UT2003 Mod Roundup
7:34 AM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

Those hoping to bring something new into MacSoft's action shooter Unreal Tournament 2003 may want to check out a new feature at IGN PC titled UT2003 Downloads Extravaganza. The article features a list of various currently available modifications for the game, complete with brief descriptions and links to official websites. Here's a snippit from the full article:

Deathball Mod 1.8
Possibly a sleeper hit of a mod, those who play Deathball say it's one kick-ass competition. Somehow combining tennis, soccer, football, ice hockey, and basketball in a strange alchemy of sporty goodness, there's nothing else like Deathball. But that's probably enough.
To check out the mods for yourself, be sure to read the full article.

UT2003 Downloads Extravaganza
Unreal Tournament 2003
Buy Unreal Tournament 2003

Freeverse Hosting Burning Monkey Happy Hour
7:34 AM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

Mac game developer Freeverse recently announced on their forums an upcoming new event at this year's MacWorld CreativePro Conference in New York. The event, titled Burning Monkey Happy Hour offers Mac gamers a chance to meet each other in a friendly, open environment. Here's the official announcement:

All MacWorld CreativePro attendees and local Mac enthusiasts are invited to the...

Burning Monkey Happy Hour!

Wednesday July 16th from 7pm till whenever.
at Barramundi
147 Ludlow Street, (between Rivington & Stanton on the Lower East Side).

-RELAX after the Expo with other Mac-heads.
-HAVE an iDrink.
-SAY, "Oh my god, 1GHz frontside bus!" without getting strange looks.
-MEET the real Jared: Butcher of Song!
-SEE the actual Finger from SimStapler!
-MAYBE get some free stuff!

Sponsored by New York City's own Freeverse Software.

You can find more information about attending, check out the links below.

Burning Monkey Happy Hour this Wednesday!
MacWorld CreativePro
Barramundi in New York

Mac Games News for Monday, July 14, 2003

OWC Ships 800 MHz Mercury G4 Processor Upgrade1:22 PM
IMG Previews America's Army: Operations12:48 PM
Jeff Wescott Returns to IMG as Senior Reviews Editor9:29 AM
Abuse Released for OS X7:50 AM
America's Army Mac Nears Completion7:50 AM
Bill Roper Discusses Departure from Blizzard7:50 AM
Germs 1.0.0 Released7:50 AM
New Lead of Blizzard North Named7:50 AM
New Tenebrae Release for PC7:50 AM
Zodiac Part 2 Mod Released for Deus Ex7:50 AM
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