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Wednesday, July 2, 2003

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CodeBlender Releases Epsilon Tahari
11:41 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

CodeBlender has released Epsilon Tahari: Reign of the Machines, a simulator/action game. Your mission is to steal the anti-gravity technology developed by an alien race. You will engage in battles with attacking robot machines and other defense systems while trying to complete your mission. The future of Earth may well depend on your bringing back what you came for. If you fail, you are not returning home.

Here are the system requirements for Eplison Tahari:

  • Mac OS X 10.1.5 and up
  • 400 MHz G3 or better
  • 8 Mb VRAM, 128 Mb RAM
  • ATI Rage 128 (ATI Radeon or nVidia GeForce series recommended)

    Epsilon Tahari is available as shareware for $25. A 79 MB shareware version is available for download at

    Epsilon Tahari
    MGF: Download Epsilon Tahari 1.0

    IMG Posts Ask Feral - Volume 2
    2:32 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    IMG has posted Ask Feral - Volume 2. A few weeks ago we asked IMG readers to send in questions for Feral Interactive for a feature called Ask Feral. Our friends at Feral took the time to answer the numerous questions.

    Here's a clip from the feature:

    Question: When do we get Warrior Kings? I'm dying to play this game since warcraft and it's expansion have gotten rather stale (really stale). Some have said it's much better so I'm really anxious to know. - Andrew Landmark

    Answer: Warrior Kings is close to release. As we announced last week, it just went to Release Candidate and you would be safe to assume that you will be able to play the game during your summer holidays.

    Warrior Kings is an innovative take on the real time strategy e quite and should be a breath of fresh air for the Mac gaming scene. Apart from the real 3D terrain and the huge military formations, which have a huge impact on strategy, evolving into one of the three available paths during the game and not having to choose one race at the start is a great extension to the strategies available. It’s a real opportunity to surprise your enemies. That of course assumes that you know who they are.

    Be sure to check out the rest of the article by following the link below

    IMG Feature: Ask Feral - Volume 2

    No One Lives Forever 2 Expansion Details
    1:57 PM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

    Homelan recently posted some info on a stand-alone expansion for No One Lives Forever 2 currently in the works. Entitled Contract Jack, the game takes place between NOLF and NOLF2, and puts players in the roll of an agent for the evil organization H.A.R.M. Here's the info from the article:

    We just received the August 2003 dated issue of Computer Games magazine where they have the first details on Contract JACK, the stand alone expansion pack to Monolith's 1960's spy action game No One Lives Forever 2. The article, which also has the first screenshots from the game, talks about the game extensive, which is set in between the two NOLF games and has as its central character Jack, who works for NOLF's spy nemesis organization H.A.R.M. The gameplay will be more action oriented that the NOLF games, according to the article and while it is a stand alone title it will have the length and the price ($30) of an expansion pack.
    The Mac version of No One Lives Forever 2 is currently in development and will be published by MacPlay.

    For more info, head on over to homelan, linked below. Be sure to stay tuned to IMG for news on the possibility of a Mac port of Contract Jack.

    Nolf 2 Expansion "Contract Jack" details
    No One Lives Forever 2
    Buy No One Lives Forever 2

    Help Test A New Mac Game Engine
    1:36 PM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

    Macinkross, a user at our very own IMG Forums, has posted a thread concerning a new mac game engine he is working on, and is seeking testers to try it out on their machines:

    I'm writing a game for OS X. I've been developing it for the past few months on an 800 mhz Tibook. When I moved the game over to my Pismo, there are some major glitches (the textures are all black, some are inconstant).

    Because of this, I've thrown this small (3.9 megs) app together. Its a very simple tech demo of the engine used for the game. If you guys would be willing to test it for me, I'd be greatful.

    Please, if you find anything you think is a glitch (or even if the game runs great), let me know. Also, give me the spec of the machine your running on etc. Thanks a lot for your help.

    If you would like to help out, you can download the tech demo from the link below. Once you are finished testing, you can report any comments, as well as your system specifications, back to the thread.

    IMG Forum: Test new Mac game engine tech demo

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    GameSpy Reviews Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness
    1:23 PM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

    Those looking forward to the eventual Mac release of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness may want to read Paul Levesque of GameSpy's editorial review of the recently released PS2 edition before giving up the dough. In the somewhat mixed review, Levesque covers four essential areas of the game: "Character Evolution," "Character Interaction," "Cutting-Edge Graphics," and "Advanced Control," and adds in his own category, "Game Glitches" to the mix. Here's an excerpt:

    A similarly nonsensical upgrade comes while Lara is investigating the apartment of a murdered art dealer. There's a puzzle that requires her to pull a chain at the top of a series of scaffolds, but she's not strong enough to do it until she pulls a small chest of drawers six inches along the floor in any direction. That miraculously gives her the ability to pull the chain, but for some reason, the half-dozen chin-ups she has to perform while ascending the scaffolding to reach the chain doesn't give her the upgrade. Instead of a dynamic new addition to the otherwise standard TR gameplay, the upgrade system comes off as a half-assed attempt to give the game the illusion of innovation.
    Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness is currently announced for PS2 and PC only. For more information, including the final verdict, be sure to check out the full review. In closing, the article's subtitle: "Paying $50 for a bad game sucks. Paying $50 for an unfinished bad game sucks even more."

    Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness Review
    Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness
    Buy Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

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    Virtual Programming Releases EU II 1.02, Player Manager Demo
    11:02 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    Virtual Programming has released two new files today including a patch for Europa Universalis II and a demo of Player Manager 2003.

    Europa Universalis II 1.0.2 includes a number of bug fixes and now includes support for custom scenario folders. The 1 MB file is available for download from our sister site,

    Virtual Programming has also released a demo of Player Manager 2003. Experience the pressure cooker life of a football league manager. Watch from the dugout as the game ebbs and flows before your very eyes, demanding constant scrutiny and attention to detail. Endure the stress and strain as the fickle fans and ever demanding board have their say.

    Here's some of the features of the game:

  • Powerful Tactics Designer with 11 individual player instructions
  • Comprehensive Training with Practice Match option
  • Individual Player-Talk to deal with personal and professional crisis
  • 3D Match engine especially developed for the management game
  • Easy to use Player Search Engine to deal with over 44,000 players in the game
  • Player's agents to add extra spice to the Manager's life

    The 31.7 MB demo is being hosted at To download either file, be sure to head over to MGF.

    Virtual Programming
    Paradox Interactive
    Europa Universalis II
    MGF: Europa Universalis II 1.0.2
    MGF: Player Manager Demo 1.0
    Buy Europa Universalis II

    More from Roper on Blizzard Departure
    8:44 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

    The computer gaming community has been buzzing lately regarding the recent news of several key Blizzard employees leaving the company, including the highly visible VP Bill Roper. Both the company and the news are large enough to where major news sites have been covering the story.

    Looking to clear the rumor mill up a little, Roper dropped some comments to CNN Money, noting that the main reason for his leaving stemmed Blizzard's parent company Vivendi leaving Blizzard out of the loop concerning its gaming division's possible sale. He adds that he had to garner most of the information concerning sale possibilities from the net, just like anyone else.

    A popular rumor going around that Roper is quick to dismiss is that he and his coworkers left the company due to the possibility of constraints on creativity.

    Roper also spent some time answering questions for HomeLan Fed, discussing his plans for the future:

    Now that a new chapter is beginning for their professional lives, Roper said he is excited by the prospects of forming a new game development company. He told us that the foursome is very aware that a lot of attention is being paid to them right now from prospective publishers. “I would be lying if I would say my phone hasn’t already been ringing,’ he said. However, at the time of our conversation today they haven’t even decided on a name for the company. “That’s topic number on when we all get together (later today) he said.” While they are not taking any resumes just yet, Roper said they are also getting calls from people who might wish to join their proto-studio. “We know a lot of people that make games and I hope we get a lot of calls from people,” he said.
    HomeLan wasn't able to get any specifics regarding what kind of games the new group may produce in the future, but Roper does reveal that the group has already begun tossing ideas around.

    CNN - Vivendi's game gem gets tarnished
    HomeLan - A Follow Up Chat With Bill Roper

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    X-Plane On a G5 Report
    8:44 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

    IMG forumgoer loneAzdgari has put up a post detailing a report from a recent newsletter mailing by Austin Meyer, creator of X-Plane. Apparently, Meyer was able to test out X-Plane on a G5 and has reported a marked increase in performance:

    Some people say it is not the fastest, but they are grasping at straws based on whatever statistics they can find... but I have run X-Plane on it and I have seen that for X-Plane, it is the fastest. 120 fps on a NON-OPTIMIZED copy of X-Plane. Optimizing hops us up 25% from that.
    He also adds some general impressions of the G5, remarking on its overall construction as well as its speed capabilities. Those interested in reading about his observations can find the posting in IMG's forums.

    X-Plane gets 120fps on G5, says Austin
    Laminar Research
    X-Plane 7
    Buy X-Plane 7

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    Republic Nearly Done for PC?
    8:44 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

    A recent article on gaming site Gamespot noted that Elixir, developer of the upcoming strategy game Republic, expects the game to go gold in two weeks. For those who've yet to hear of the game, Republic is a unique strategy game, in which players try to start up a grass-roots movement to take down a fictional Soviet Republic. Here's a snippet from the article:

    Elixir's Republic: The Revolution has been in development for quite some time and was officially scheduled for release in June. Elixir has now confirmed that Republic is final beta testing, and it's expected that the game will go gold "in the next two weeks." Elixir's Demis Hassabis said that the studio has been using the last few weeks to ensure that the game is "as enjoyable and as bug-free as is possible." An exact release date will be announced soon, after Eidos and Elixir decide on a final date.
    In February, Feral Interactive announced that they would be publishing the Mac version of Republic: The Revolution (the port is being done by Zonic). To check out the full article, follow the link below. While this news only pertains to the PC version, it does mean that work on the Mac version should start moving along soon.

    Feral Interactive
    Republic: The Revolution
    Republic Nearly Done for PC?
    Buy Republic: The Revolution

    Dark Fall Headed to Mac
    8:44 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    According to a report at, Dreamcatcher Games will be marking its return to the Macintosh with an adventure game entitled Dark Fall. The adventure games features over 40 rooms and locations to explore, eerie environments, challenging puzzles, and over 25 hours of gameplay.

    Here's a description from the Dark Fall web site:

    Returning from work you listen to a frightened and cryptic voice message from your brother, a talented architect redeveloping the old Dowerton station in Dorset, England. Boarding a train to meet him, you travel to Dowerton alone, wondering what adventure you may be embarking on...

    When you arrive, the train is empty and the station is deserted. You begin to explore - the train tunnels, the station, the adjoining hotel, and the grounds - and discover that although no one is there, you are not alone. Finding artifacts, ancient documents and a valuable journal, you realize that the area holds a history of disappearances and hauntings dating back centuries.

    There's current no release date for the game but we'll be sure to keep you posted. For more information on this title, head over to the official Dark Fall web site.

    Dreamcatcher Interactive
    Dark Fall
    AppleLinks: Dark Fall creeping its way to the Macintosh

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