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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

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Aspyr Announces James Bond 007: Nightfire
11:18 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Aspyr Media today announced that they will be publishing the Macintosh version of James Bond 007: NightFire. NightFire features an original single player storyline borrowing from the 007 legacy that spans 40 years. As Bond, players operate in the snow capped Austrian Alps and outer space as well as underwater in the depths of the South Pacific to defeat the evil criminal mastermind Rafael Drake who is secretly bent on world domination.

Here are the preliminary system requirements:

  • Mac OS X, version 10.2 or later
  • Power Mac G3/G4, iMac G4/eMac, PowerBook G4 (DVI model or better), iBook (32MB VRAM model only)
  • Processor speed 500 MHz or faster
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 1 GB of free hard disk space available
  • Hardware 3D acceleration required: ATI Radeon or NVidia GeForce card (32 MB VRAM or better)

    To learn more about this title, head over to the Aspyr web site.

    Aspyr Media
    James Bond 007: NightFire
    Buy James Bond 007: NightFire

    IMG Store: Tiger Woods 2003, EverQuest Now Shipping
    2:03 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    The IMG Store has begun shipping Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 and EverQuest for the Macintosh.

    Aspyr's Tiger Woods PGA Tour is available for $49. If you're a MacGames CD/IMG Pro you can pick it up for $44. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2003 brings golf to life on the computer in a completely 3-D world with a brand new course and PGA TOUR golfer lineup. Put every skill to the test on eight pro courses, including the exclusive St Andrews Golf Links and Pebble Beach Golf Links.

    Sony's Everquest is available for $49.95. MacGames CD/IMG Pro subscribers can pick it up for $47.95. Welcome to the world of EverQuest, a real 3D massively multiplayer fantasy roleplaying game. Prepare to enter an enormous virtual environment-an entire world with its own diverse species, economic systems, alliances, and politics. Choose from a variety of races and classes, customize your character, and begin your quest in any number of cities or villages throughout multiple continents.

    To place your order, head over to the IMG Store.

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    X-Plane Gets Updated
    1:30 PM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

    X-Plane, the popular Mac flight sim from Laminar Research, has been updated once again to version 7.00rc2. The update fixes a few bugs and optimization issues, and also adds in some new features, such as a brand new interface. Here's a complete listing of changes from

  • Surprise feature: All-new interface! We now have a new interface by Sergio! It is better-looking and leaves more room for new controls in the same 1024x768 package! This new interface really takes the UI to the next level, speeding use as well with a number of quick TABS to quickly see what you like.
  • More BIG framerate optimiztions. Take any plane with a moving map (like an airliner) and set really low rendering options and low visiblity, so the framerate is heavily dependent on the cockpit instrumentation (with not a lot of other stuff in the way). Check the framerate in beta5 vs RC-1... RC-1 is almost ONE HUNDRED PERCENT FASTER! WOW! And it is not just faster, but also SMOOTHER! The workload is now more evenly distrubted for less "hiccups" in the framerate. This shows up in steep turns the most as your viewpoint sweeps across the terrain. So, this RC is better looking, quicker to use, faster-running, and smoother-running... with no change in the resolution or system requirements!
  • Also, we knock down some simple bugs and feature-fill-outs, like:
    - perfectly-accurate dip error in the compass (lead/lag in the turns)
    - more joystick buttons
    - taxi light now available by UDP
    - various map improvements
    - lo-hi airways handled correctly
    - airplane in QFL screen drawn in right place
    - guns always firing in right direction regardless of aircraft and gun orientation
    - FMS auto-advances to the next fix when you pass it ammeter-> voltage button works
    - world-maker does not keep asking you to save as you check out different env files
    - solid objects now solid!
    - better autopilot tracking
    - landing on water produces water sound as desired
    - custom airports working
    - no more cloud shadows in the lower left when you take a screenshot
  • You can download the latest version of X-Plane at, and for more information, check out the links below.

    Download X-Plane 7.00rc2 Full
    X-Plane 7
    Laminar Research
    Buy X-Plane 7

    AlienFlux Coming to Mac OS X
    1:28 PM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

    The makers of AlienFlux, a completely Java based space shooter, recently noted on their website that a Mac OS X version of their game is in the works. The game is a classic Arcade style shooter, reminiscent of the classic game Asteroid. Here's the full description:

    Defend the cutest, fluffiest little creatures in the Galaxy from a horde of evil aliens from the fifth dimension! With only fast reactions, animal cunning and a very big laser cannon to help you, you must rescue the Fluffies as malevolent Bubbles attempt to turn them into lime jelly. Fast, fun and furious original arcade action, incredible graphics, and atmospheric sound effects combine to make Alien Flux the best arcade shoot-em-up you've played for over a decade!
    For more information or to check out some screenshots, head on over to AlienFlux's website.

    AlienFlux Coming to Mac OS X

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    Warrior Kings at Release Candidate
    7:52 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

    Feral Interactive has released a statement announcing that Warrior Kings has reached Release Candidate status and should be finished soon. A medieval RTS title, Warrior Kings allows players to command hundreds of troops and choose their path of evolution during play.

    Feral has also provided what they expect the minimum specifications to be:

    Mac OS 9.1 / 10.1.3
    G3 500Mhz
    128 MB of Ram
    750 MB of free hard drive space
    8MB Graphics card
    They also note that the port includes heavy integration and optimization, using the latest unreleased code of the original game.

    Feral also sent IMG five new screenshots of the game. To check them out, click on the links below. Be sure to check out IMG's preview of Warrior Kings.

    IMG Preview: Warrior Kings
    Feral Interactive
    Warrior Kings
    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2
    Screenshot 3
    Screenshot 4
    Screenshot 5
    Buy Warrior Kings

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    UGO Previews Halo
    7:49 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

    UnderGroundOnline has added their own two cents to the ever-growing list of Halo previews. While the bulk of the preview contains information that virtually every fan should know by now, it also lists some interesting features and enhancements that the computer version of Halo will sport over its Xbox counterpart, including new weapons and multiplayer game types.

    As far as multiplayer goes, while players won't be able to play as Covenant, they will be able to man a variety of vehicles, including Banshees and Scorpion tanks. A new Warthog sporting a rocket launcher in the back will also be available.

    Some of the new multiplayer options, such as Crazy King, should prove interesting in practice:

    All of the Xbox original game types will be present, including Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Oddball, Races, King of the Hill and some new, as yet unveiled, game modes for the PC. Players can set up their game how they want to play, so they can add a "Crazy King" variant, in which the hill moves after a period of time, to the King of the Hill. Along with all of the Xbox maps are six new PC exclusives, and we're sure we'll see more post-release. Equally interesting is that Gearbox is looking to offer other character models, beyond the Master Chief player model, for multiplayer gaming.
    The Mac version of Halo was recently announced as reaching First Playable status. No solid release date is available yet, though you can be sure we're keeping our ears to the ground.

    UGO - Halo Preview
    Bungie Studios
    Westlake Interactive
    Halo: Combat Evolved

    GarageGames To Ship PomPom Titles
    7:49 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

    Low-cost game publishers GarageGames quietly announced last week that they had recently entered a distribution agreement with British game developers PomPom Games.

    Under the agreement, GarageGames will electronically distribute PomPom's highly-rated arcade games Space Tripper and Mutant Storm. Although the games were not created using the american company's Torque gaming engine, Michael P Michael, PomPom co-founder, shed a bit of light on the move:

    "PomPom Games is very happy to be working with GarageGames. There is some real excitement building within the independent gaming community, and we found GarageGames at the very hub of this movement.
    No word yet on when the games will appear on the GarageGames website, and whether or not the move will affect the game's prices. In the meantime, head on over to the PomPom website for more info, or check out demos for the two games at IMG sister site MacGameFiles.

    MGF: Download the Space Tripper Demo
    MGF: Download the Mutant Storm Demo
    Mutant Storm
    Space Tripper
    Buy Mutant Storm

    Apple Showcases UT2003 and Spearhead at WWDC
    7:49 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

    Developers who need a break from the bombardment of information can stop by the Apple Gaming Pavilion in the Golden Gate Hall. Apple has equipped each of the 20 dual 1.42 GHz Power Mac G4s with 1 GB of RAM, 23" Cinema Display, NVIDIA GeForce4 Titanium graphics accelerator, Logitech MX500 mouse, M-Audio Revolution 7.1 sound card, harman/kardon JBL INVADER speaker, and a pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones. An Xserve rack is hosting games of MacSoft's Unreal Tournament 2003 and Aspyr's Medal of Honor: Spearhead.

    The Gaming Pavilion is open during the entire conference and WWDC attendees are encouraged to spend a few rounds fragging their fellow developers. Now is the time to prove whose code is more efficient!

    WWDC 2003

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