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Monday, June 9, 2003

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Epic's Gordon Talks UT 2003 Mac
9:01 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Last Friday we brought you news that Unreal Tournament 2003 for the Mac had gone gold. It's expected to be released by publisher MacSoft on June 11th. IMG shot over a couple of questions to Epic programmer Ryan Gordon about a possible new demo of UT 2003 and optimizations made to the final code.

Here's our short Q&A with Gordon:

IMG: Will there be a final demo?

Gordon: There aren't specific plans for this at the moment. If we were to do this, I'd rather wait until we play around with some more optimizations. Putting out a new demo version right now would get the end users some bugfixes, but as there weren't many bug reports for the demo in the first place, it wouldn't really be worth doing the download for existing Mac gamers.

The only bug in the demo that really annoys me is actually specific to the dedicated server: basically it will refuse to let retail clients from any platform play on a Mac demo server, which is annoying. Demo clients can connect fine, though. There's a fixed version of this at for anyone that wants it.

IMG: Were you able to get any performance increases since the release of the tech demo to the final gold?

Gordon: I didn't benchmark it, honestly, but we (that is, MacSoft and I) weren't looking at performance so much as bugfixes and feature additions between the demo and the retail disc. Some time was spent optimizing OpenAL, but it didn't pan out in the timeframe, so we'll get that into a patch for a (hopefully!) noticable speed boost.

MacSoft hasn't formally announced that UT 2003 for the Mac has gone gold, but we expected one soon. The IMG Store is now taking pre-order for UT 2003. Be sure to place your order today.

Digital Extremes
MGF: Unreal Tournament 2003 Tech Demo

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IMG Reviews Uplink
1:37 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games has posted a review of Uplink, the hacker simulator published by Ambrosia Software. Here's a clip from the review:

First appearing on the PC over a year ago, Uplink finally makes its graceful appearance on the Mac platform. Quite unlike anything out right now, Uplink fills a much needed "cyber-cool" niche, formerly occupied by Deus Ex. Don't be fooled by its simple palette, however, as Uplink packs one mean addictive factor.

The year is a not too distant 2010, and you are a pathetic green hacker who has enlisted as an Uplink Agent. What is an Uplink Agent you ask? Well, it all depends on how you play. You can be honest and do simple jobs for major corporations, or be wickedly evil and frame individuals. The choice is yours, and that's the beauty of Uplink.

To check out the review, please follow the link below.

IMG Review: Uplink
Contraband Entertainment
Ambrosia Software

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Feral on Mac-specific Changes for Warrior Kings
11:18 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Feral Interactive's Camille Thouvenin emailed IMG this morning to let us know about some Mac specific changes and additions the company has made to its upcoming real-time strategy game, Warrior Kings. According to Thouvenin, the game is nearing the end of development and should be going gold soon.

Here's a list of some of the goodies included in the Mac version of Warrior Kings:

  • FSAA: For the good heal of your perfect mac gamers eyes, the game supports Full Screen Anti Aliasing. Smooth and nice graphics will make you want to plunge into action.

  • Game Ranger: What would a good multiplayer game be with no Game Ranger? On top of the regular TCPI/IP and local game Warrior Kings will integrate a Game Ranger option right in the game's interface.

  • WideScreen Suport: Play on any large screen full screen by choosing your resolution in the game interface.

  • Software Update: Just as you Mac OS X does, Warrior Kings can check for new updates of the game. Never-ever look for a patch again.

  • Brad's Destktops: As a little extra, we decided to include 4 exclusive desktops from the very well known Brad Custer so even when you have to work you can still have a slight immersion into Warrior King's world.

  • The astonishing development team at Zonic have ported the Mac version of Warrior Kings from version 1.4 of the code that was never released on the PC. Smooth, fast, and furious...that's how Warrior Kings is on YOUR Mac.
  • IMG recently received a beta of Warrior Kings, so be on the lookout for a preview of this game on IMG soon.

    Feral Interactive
    Warrior Kings
    Buy Warrior Kings

    ATI Releases Remote Wonder
    10:54 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    ATI today announced the release of its Remote Wonder for the Mac. Available through ATI's website for $49.00, the radio-frequency (RF) remote control works with any Apple computer equipped with a USB connector to access a host of multimedia application functions available to Apple consumers.

    Here's more from the official press release:

    Similar to the PC version, the wireless REMOTE WONDER for Mac users works through walls enabling users to maintain computer access while roaming through their house, stage, boardroom or classroom eliminating the need to point the remote directly at the receiver.

    With full built-in mouse control and programmable macro buttons, the versatile REMOTE WONDER creates a home entertainment environment by providing wireless access to Apple's core multimedia software technologies, including: DVD playback, movie file playback (QuickTime(r)), music playback (iTunes(r)), live presentation control (PowerPoint(r), Keynote(tm)) and Internet surf control (Internet Explorer, Safari(tm)).

    "Apple and Mac have been synonymous with multimedia for many years," said Godfrey Chen, Director of Multimedia Marketing, ATI Technologies Inc. "The REMOTE WONDER leverages Apple's expertise and ATI's award-winning multimedia technology. The result is a whole new world of multimedia convergence and interaction on the Mac."

    For more information on the Remote Wonder, be sure to head to ATI's web site.


    Moofie Awards Announced
    10:34 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

    Today announced the winners to this year's Moofie Awards, the site's yearly game awards. The awards are split into multiple movie-style categories such as Best Actor and Best Screenplay. Each category has one winner, along with three runner-ups. Not surprisingly, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos swept most of the awards this year. To check out all the winners, follow the link below.

    Moofie Awards Announced

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    Vendetta Update
    9:01 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

    Guild Software's spacefaring title Vendetta received an update that includes 3 new hidden sectors. They add that one of the sectors features an AI capital ship, and have updated their screenshots gallery with shots of the sectors.

    In related news, Guild notes that the next update, 3.2.6, is being pushed back a bit. They also note that Mac OpenGL shader support is proceeding apace:

    We're pushing 3.2.6 back until next week. The AI development is something of a research project on its own, and the new pathfinding isn't up to par yet. The OpenGL shader support is working well on the Mac, but is still uncertain on Linux, and also needs to be tested on older Mac hardware before we can even have any certainty of basic functionality.
    Currently in testing mode, Vendetta is an MMORPG that features realtime space flight and combat. More information can be found at Vendetta's site.

    Guild Software
    Vendetta Online

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    Voodoo Extreme Posts Elite Force II Interview
    9:01 AM | Scott Turner | Comment on this story

    Voodoo Extreme 3D has posted a recent in-house interview with creative director at Ritual Entertainment, Jon Galloway. Ritual is currently the company responsible for developing the sequel to Star Trek: Elite Force. Being a maker of other heavily modified Quake 3 engine games, Ritual promises to build upon the highly established and well explored engine with an exciting and engaging plot, never-before-seen Star Trek characters, and crisp, advanced graphics in Elite Force II.

    Voodoo Extreme asks all this about the inner workings of the game, along with such things as Ritual's relationship with fellow developers Raven Entertainment and Activision, development of the game for consoles, and more.

    Here's a clip from the interview:

    VE3D - Do you feel any pressure making a game based on the Star Trek franchise?
    Jon Galloway - There is always pressure when developing something, especially a game based on such a fanatically popular franchise. The fans nit pick even the most minor detail... All in all though, those details are important and help to make an immersive and quality title.
    It made it all the more difficult that our goal has also been to make the game universally appealing as a first person shooter so that FPS fans will enjoy the game even if they're not a Star Trek fan.
    Check out the rest of this interview at the link below.

    Elite Force II is currently being developed for the Mac by Aspyr. There is no solid release date yet, though the current estimate is sometime later in 2003.

    Voodoo Extreme Interview with Ritual Entertainment
    Star Trek Elite Force II
    Ritual Entertainment
    Aspyr Media
    Buy Star Trek Elite Force II

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