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Friday, June 6, 2003

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UT 2003 Goes Gold, America's Army Update
10:09 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

The programmer in charge of porting Unreal Tournament 2003 to the Mac, Epic's Ryan Gordon, has declared in his .plan update that the game has gone gold (the .plan update was posted on June 5th): "Mac version is gold, ships on June 11th." We expect an official announcement from the publisher, MacSoft, shortly.

In other news, Gordon also provides updates on various other projects he is currently working on.

On Duke Nukem 3D: "MacOS X port is coming along. One or two nasty rendering glitches, and some byteswapping issues (networking, savegames...that's all?) to go, still."

On the Mac OS X port of the original Unreal Tournament: "Managed to get the game to limp along on MacOS X before crashing. Some rendering glitches aside, I could watch the whole intro and tell what was happening. No sound yet. So much more to do on this yet. It'll be awhile."

And finally, Gordon provides an update on the Mac version of America's Army: "Sent beta2 for the Mac (with all the ut2003 Gold Master fixes) to some testers. Progress is being made."

A tech demo of Unreal Tournament 2003 is available for download at Haven't placed your pre-order for Unreal Tournament 2003 yet? Head over to the IMG Store to place your pre-order today.

Ryan Gordon's .plan
Digital Extremes
Unreal Tournament 2003
MGF: Unreal Tournament 2003 Tech Demo
Buy Unreal Tournament 2003

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Master of Orion III Beta Patch Released [Updated]
2:39 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Quicksilver has released a new beta patch dated June 6th for MacSoft's space-strategy game, Master of Orion III. According to Quicksilver, this patch is incompatible with the previous data patch that was released back in April. Furthermore, old saved games and all existing mods will be broken by this patch and will not work.

With that said, here are some items included in this patch:

  • New History screen
  • Rewritten/expanded help text
  • Improved alt-tab behavior
  • Improved enemy AI behavior
  • UI - improved navigation and increased economic information
  • Compressed transmission of save games in multi-player
  • The Mac patch weighs in at just 5 MB. That's the good news. The bad news is that Quicksilver's ftp site is swamped and so far we have been unable to download the patch. As soon as we get our hands on it, we'll be sure to mirror it on

    Update: due to some issues with the installer, the patch has been delayed and is expected to be released on monday next week.

    IMG Review: Master of Orion III
    Master of Orion III Beta Patch
    Quicksilver Software
    Master of Orion III
    Buy Master of Orion III

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    IMG Reviews Legion
    1:07 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    Inside Mac Games has posted a review of Virtual Programming's turn-based strategy game, Legion. Here's a clip from Dean Browell's review:

    To play Legion is to become an armchair strategist of the highest order. As the leader of a particular culture (and you do get an impromptu education on everything from battles to tribe names to military garb) you control and advance your culture through several tracts: economically, militarily, and even socially in terms of your interaction with other tribes, states, or institutions.
    To check out the entire review, please follow the link below.

    IMG Review: Legion
    Virtual Programming
    Buy Legion

    IMG Store: Fed Ex Shipping Now Available
    12:28 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

    The IMG Store is now offering Fed Ex shipping in addition to US Mail. Shippments within the continental United States start at just $7.99 for 2nd Day delivery. For those of you who have pre-order items placed through the IMG Store and would like to upgrade Fed Ex shipping, please contact us directly at

    Fed Ex shipping is also available for international orders. Shipments are sent via Fed Ex International Economy and usually arrive between 3-5 days.

    For more information, head over to the IMG Store.

    IMG Store

    Worms 3D Interview, Development Update
    11:11 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    An interview with Matthew Brown of Team17 has been posted on In the interview, Brown talks its latest game, Worms 3D, currently in development for all major platforms including the Macintosh.

    Here's what Brown had to say about the move from 2D to 3D:

    Worms3D is a big, big leap for the game. If truth be told, a lot of people really didn?t believe that the game could work so well in 3d for a lot of reasons, including having a fully destructible 3d environment. For technical reasons we hung on until the time was right in terms of being able to do the game as we felt it should be done. The result really is the feel and look of the 2d game but in 3d dimensions, with fantastic environments and all the features that players know and love. This time though, it?s a game that feels natural in it?s 3d progression rather than being done in 3d for the sake of it.
    The Worms 3D web site also has a development diary update and mentions that the game is now in the final stage of development:
    The team is now entering the final stage of development, whereby the front-end, network code, weapon code (including new stuff!) is being pulled together and improved where possible.
    There's no word yet on who will be publishing the Mac version of Worms 3D. Feral Interactive recently published Worms Blast for the Mac.

    Feral Interactive
    Worms 3D
    Team17 Interview
    Buy Worms 3D

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    F/A-18 Hornet: Operation Iraqi Freedom Update
    10:36 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    Inside Mac Games talked with GraphSim's Jeff Morgan to get an update on their latest air combat simulator, "F/A-18 Hornet: Operation Iraqi Freedom." According to Morgan the game is already being beta tested on the PC side and has, "scheduled a PC release date on July 8th."

    Morgan was quick to point out that the Mac version is also being worked on and should be entering beta soon. He went on to say that, "the Mac version is anticipated to take 4-6 weeks following the release of the PC version. Around mid-August."

    This new F/A-18 Hornet game, as the name implies, will be based on missions in Iraq. An updated version of the F/A-18 Hornet engine featuring actual satellite terrain data is being used to create the new game.

    For more information be sure to head over to the F/A-18 Hornet: Operation Iraqi Freedom web site.

    F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom
    Buy F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom

    Click to enlarge Releases New CMBB Patch
    8:25 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story has released a new new patch for its popular turn-based WW II game, Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin. In all, roughly fifty modifications, unit data fixes, and bug fixes have been made in version 1.03 of the game.

    In order to apply the latest patch, you must have Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin already patch to version 1.02. It will not work on v1.0 or v1.01. Also keep in mind that sames saved in 1.03 can not be loaded in by older versions. If you are playing others by email or TCP/IP, make sure they all upgrade to 1.03. Play By Email (PBEM) games in progress must be saved as save-game files and reloaded
    into v1.03 before PBEM can continue (read the Read Me file for how to do this).

    To download the latest patch, head over to You'll also find patches to 1.01 and 1.02 in case you haven't applied these patches yet.
    Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin
    MGF: CMBB 1.03

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    Apple Feature on Medal of Honor: Spearhead
    7:13 AM | Scott Turner | Comment on this story

    Medal of Honor: Spearhead, the expansion pack to the first person shooter Medal of Honor has been featured on Apple's website. The feature discusses the setting of late WWII and the focus on team combat as you fight with the Allies in the final push to Berlin. It also gives a complete run down of what to expect from the new single and multiplayer adventures; new weapons, features, the locales from D-Day to the Ardennes, and even a few gameplay tips.

    Here's a clip from the feature:

    When you're done with the 9 levels in the single-player campaign, switch to multi-player mode and stage your own world war in one of 12 new maps. Multi-player mode also allows you to play as a Soviet soldier and use the Soviet PPSh-41 submachine gun for the first time. (The other new weapons in the game include the British Sten submachine gun and smoke grenades, both of which you can find in the single-player game as well.) There's also a new multi-player game, tug of war, in which each team tries to achieve a series of objectives. A team's spawn point can also be destroyed, which means you can't rejoin the game after you get killed.
    Head on over to Apple's site at the link below to read the feature.

    Spearhead was brought to the Mac by Westlake Interactive and is published by Aspyr Media, both of them in charge of the Mac version of the original Medal of Honor. Note that the original game is required to run the Spearhead expansion. You can download a demo of Spearhead at MacGameFiles, or order the full expansion through the IMG Store for $29. Both links can be found below.

    Apple Spearhead Feature
    Medal of Honor: Spearhead
    Download Spearhead Demo, 135.7mb (Note: Mutiplayer Only)
    Aspyr Media
    Westlake Interactive
    Buy Medal of Honor: Spearhead

    PowerLogix Announces Single, Dual 1.4 GHz G4 Upgrades
    7:13 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

    PowerLogix has added two more products to its G4 upgrade lineup, a 1.4 Ghz G4 upgrade in single and dual processor configurations. The new PowerForce G4 is compatible with AGP-equipped Power Macs up to the Quicksilver 2002 model, and G4 Cube upgrades. Each upgrade is equipped with 2 MB of SDR L3 cache; the dual processor model has 2 MB per processor. The single 1.4 GHz retails for $599, while the dual processor upgrade costs $1099.

    Stay tuned to IMG for a review of these upgrades in the future.

    PR: PowerLogix Announces Fastest Power Mac CPU Upgrades

    Solace In Duplication, Other Freeverse Updates
    7:13 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

    Freeverse recently sent us an e-mail giving status updates to several of their titles. First up is Solace, which has been finished and is currently in duplication. Taking a cue from popular strategy board games such as Axis and Allies, Solace features six different countries, cross platform compatibility, and the ability to play either over the net or via play by e-mail. Freeverse adds that they take no responsibility for ruined lives as a result of Solace addiction.

    Next up is Active Lancer. A vertical shooter that features 15 levels and 3 different pilots, this title is currently in beta and should be wrapping up in the next couple of weeks.

    Last up is 3D Bridge Deluxe, which Freeverse notes is now available for purchase from Apple Stores and select retailers. Online purchase orders through Freeverse's website are still possible as well.

    More information on all of the above titles can be found at Freeverse's site.

    3D Hearts Deluxe
    Active Lancer

    Custer's Desktops: SpyHunter
    7:13 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

    In a tip of the hat to its recent release, this week's desktop, courtesy of Brad Custer, pays homage to SpyHunter. Featuring fast-paced racing and combat action on land and water, SpyHunter brings the arcade classic up to current standards and holds the distinction of being Aspyr's first Mac/PC simultaneous hybrid release.

    Titled "Hunted," this week's desktop features the Interceptor in all its glory:

    This week I had a nice surprise waiting in my mailbox from Aspyr Media. No, it wasn't something warm in a brown paper bag. ;) It was my own copy of SpyHunter! Well, this was all the inspiration I needed to do a desktop for the game this week. So with the help of the gang at Aspyr Media I was able to get just the art I needed. As I worked on it, I experienced some fond memories of many hours spent in the arcade on this classic game. I can't wait to play the modern version!
    As always, those interested in downloading the latest desktop can find it in a variety of resolutions at Custer's Desktops.

    Custer's Desktops
    Aspyr Media

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    First UT 2004 Screenshots Posted
    7:13 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

    PC gaming website The Adrenaline Vault has posted the first screenshots of Atari's and Digital Extreme's upcoming title Unreal Tournament 2004.

    This third edition of the popular first-person shooter, which is expected to be released for the PC sometime this fall, will be heavily reliant of the existing code for Epic Games' UT 2003. In addition to the features present in the current version of the game, UT 2K4 will include extensive use of ground and air vehicles, new playing modes, new maps and characters, user voting, enhanced 3D voice support between players, and UnrealTV, a proprietary feature that will allow servers to broadcast games, allowing "hundreds of people" to watch the game with minimal impact on the server.

    Meanwhile, closer to home (and the present), MacSoft's release of UT 2K3 for the Mac seems to be on track for its current June 11th date. As reported earlier this week at IMG, Epic's Ryan Gordon recently posted a .plan update which confirmed the current state of the port.

    The screenshots can be found at Adrenaline Vault through the link below. Also, if still images aren't enough to satisfy your Unreal Tournament cravings, be sure to pre-order the 2003 edition of the game at the IMG Store while you wait for the next installment.

    First UT 2004 Screenshots
    IMG: Latest UT 2K3 update
    Unreal Tournament 2003
    Digital Extremes
    Buy Unreal Tournament 2003

    Mac Games News for Thursday, June 5, 2003

    Apple Posts WWDC Special Events Schedule1:56 PM
    IMG's Dumb Letters Returns1:49 PM
    Halo PC/Mac FAQ Updated11:25 AM
    Green Dragon Announces Haiku Contest Winners11:08 AM
    OWC Specials: GeForce 4 MX for $65.9910:39 AM
    World of Warcraft: Night Elves Info & Screenshots Posted9:09 AM
    Allegro Ported to OS X7:13 AM
    Andrew Meggs on Mac Half-Life 27:13 AM
    Metallica Game Announced7:13 AM
    New Spyhunter Trailer Hosted by Apple7:13 AM
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