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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

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Pangea Releases Enigmo
8:36 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Pangea Software today announced the release of their latest Mac-only game entitled Enigmo. Enigmo is a 3D puzzle game where the player manipulates various streams of flowing liquid so that the droplets can reach their destination. Liquids (water, oil, and lava) fall from droppers, and will bounce off walls in a visually stunning cascade. By moving various types of bumpers, sliders, accelerators, and sponges, the player diverts the flow of the falling droplets.

"Enigmo is the most unique and original game that Pangea Software has ever done, and it is a departure from our action-adventure games which we are known for," said Brian Greenstone, President of Pangea Software. He goes on to explain that in addition to the 50 levels that come with Enigmo, there is a built-in level editor which allows the user to create their own entire games. These game files can be emailed to friends, or posted to web sites. "We think that there will eventually be thousands of levels to play once people start creating their own Enigmo game files," adds Greenstone.

The full game is available for download at our sister site, and weighs it at about 19 MB. IMG Pro users, please use your Hot Downloads server to download the demo.

The Enigmo demo is limited to the first 10 levels of the game and is also limited to 3 hours of total game play, after which the demo will lock itself and not be playable. Users can purchase a license for Enigmo via Pangea's web site for $19.95.

And finally, here are the system requirements:

  • 400mhz G3 or better
  • Mac OS 9.2 or better
  • Mac OS X 10.1 or better
  • 128MB RAM
  • 8MB VRAM
  • Rage 128 or GeForce 2

    For more info on Enigmo, be sure to check out our preview. Also head over to MGF to download the demo.

    Update: Our friends at have let us know that they've created a Miscellaneous file section on their web site so that gamers can upload user-created Enigmo levels and share them with others.

    IMG Preview: Enigmo
    Pangea Software
    MGF: Enigmo 1.0
    IMG Pro: Hot Downloads

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    IMG Reviews Pocket Tanks
    11:46 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

    Today IMG has posted a review of the hit shareware game, Pocket Tanks. Featuring a large variety of weapons, graphics with real-time terrain deformation, and very addictive gameplay, the popular title from Cornerstone TSP Games has been at the top of the "Most Popular" list for many weeks since its release earlier in the year.

    In the article, IMG's Zack Lipowski runs down what makes the game so great. Here's an example:

    Although PT does not have eye-blistering 3D graphics, with such rock solid gameplay you won't care. That's not to say this isn't a real looker for a Shareware title though. The landscapes themselves are neither ugly nor pretty, simply a strategic plane for your destructive arsenal. One thing I should mention I found interesting is the real-time deformation of the environments. After a large bomb, the land will crumble and fall down, filling up spaces. Coupled with the signature slur sound effect this is very cool indeed. The weapons on the other hand, provide great eye-candy, and some even have multiple stages of explosions and fragments, filling the screen with particles and lights. In fact, I found myself losing multiple games because I was so busy discovering new and exciting weapon explosions.
    For the full review, read through the rest of the article. Also be sure to download the Pocket Tanks demo if you haven't yet tried it out.

    IMG Review: Pocket Tanks
    CTSP Games
    Download Pocket Tanks Demo

    Get IMG Pro For Just $19.95
    10:39 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    A couple of months ago Inside Mac Games launched a new subscriber version of Inside Mac Games called IMG Pro. IMG Pro allows subscribers to turn off all advertisements, customize the homepage to show only the items you want, and set up a custom Watch List to notify you when new articles have been posted about items you're interested in. IMG Pro also features a choice of themes, and a new QuickSearch feature that lets you find what you're looking for, faster and easier. Best of all, an IMG Pro subscription gives you access to the same discounts as MacGames CD subscribers, and includes a free game with the purchase of a subscription.

    Since the launch, IMG Pro has been enjoyed by hundreds of people. But honestly, we want more and more people to enjoy it. So today we've permanently reduced the price of IMG Pro from $29 to $19.95 for one year. If you're a current MacGames CD subscriber, you can add IMG Pro for just $14.95. If you aren't a subscriber to either, you can subscribe to both for just $43.95.

    When you subscribe to IMG Pro and/or the MacGames CD, you can get a free game (or games). Here's a complete list:

  • 4x4 Evolution 2
  • Fallout
  • Unreal Tournament
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
  • Jinni Zeala Pinball
  • Heavy Metal: FAKK 2 and Rune
  • American McGee's Alice and Cliver Barker's Undying
  • Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force and Elite Force Expansion Pack
  • Giants: Citizen Kabuto
  • Escape from Monkey Island and iPuppet Cards
  • Tomb Raider: Chronicles and Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

    We're currently working on new features for IMG Pro including the long-awaited "Matrix Reloaded" theme that will debut in a few weeks. In the meantime, check out a screenshot of IMG Pro with the "Cold Pulse" theme, linked below.

    For more information on IMG Pro, head over to the IMG Pro page.

    IMG Pro Information
    IMG Pro Screenshot

    Click to enlarge Posts ThinkTanks Interview
    10:35 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story recently ran an interview with Clark Fagot of Bravetree Productions about their upcoming game, ThinkTanks. ThinkTanks is a 3D tank game, which will be released for Mac OS X first next week (followed by a PC version). The game uses Garage Games's Torque Engine, and thus features some impressive visuals. The interview goes into the various single and multi-player game modes that will be included in the game, along with a history of development and of BraveTree Productions themselves.

    Here's a snippet from the interview: First of all, tell me something about yourself and about Bravetree Productions.

    Clark Fagot: My journey into game development started in the 80's when I was in high school. I was writing computer games on the Apple II in 6502 assembler along with several other friends from school. Unfortunately, I wasn't much of a finisher at the time, so I never did get to publish anything I worked on. At some point during high school I turned my attention toward academics and stopped developing games. I proceeded through college studying math and computer science, and then went on to get my doctorate in research psychology. In the mid 90's, the game development bug bit me again, and I dropped out of psychology and joined Dynamix Software, where I met Mike Jahnke and Joe Maruschak, the eventual co-founders of BraveTree Productions along with myself and two other people (who no longer work with us). We started BraveTree because we wanted to work on games that appealed to us and we wanted to work in a way that didn't result in endless re-work and excessive crunch-time. ThinkTanks is just the beginning of that journey. We have several other games of comparable size planned for the next year or two, which we hope will generate the cash flow to allow us to work on any project and on our own terms. Eventually, we plan to approach publishers with a prototype of a console game of our design, but we are in no particular rush to get to that point because we are having a blast working on these smaller games right now.

    GNL: How did you come up with the idea of ThinkTanks? What was your main source of inspiration?

    CF: ThinkTanks was Joe's idea. The inspiration was the old Atari Combat game. Simple, proven, game mechanic. As we've developed the game, we've been very careful to maintain that simple but fun game-play. But that doesn't mean we don't also allow the design to develop into something new as we implement. Initially we had imagined that the game play would be very slow paced and tactical. Although it is very tactical, the driving model has added a very fast-paced arcade feeling to the game, and we have tried to cultivate that. The basic back-story ? that an alien civilization was stealing the brains of soldiers and placing them on tanks for their own diabolical amusement ? came about during a ?brain-storming? session, so to speak, after the main game concept had been decided on. The name ThinkTanks, of course, was just a natural fit after that.

    For more information on ThinkTanks, or to read the full interview, follow the provided links below.

    ThinkTanks Interview
    BraveTree Productions
    Buy ThinkTanks

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    Tony Hawk 3 Multiplayer, FF Patch Posted
    9:52 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

    Aspyr Media announced this morning the release of a new patch for Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, which enables the multiplayer features of this popular Mac skateboarding title. This 1.0.1 update, recently commented-on by the game's porting house Beenox, also adds support for Force Feedback devices for those users of Mac OS X 10.2.3 or above.

    Here are specifics on these two highly requested features:

    MULTIPLAYER: This version allows you to host and join multiplayer games through the popular Macintosh matchmaking service, GameRanger. You can download a free copy of this utiliy from If you don't have GameRanger installed, the "Start GameRanger" option will be disabled in the main menu. Also, to chat during a multiplayer game, press the "Enter" or "Return" key.

    FORCE FEEDBACK: If you own a Force Feedback-enabled device and 0S 10.2.3, you'll now be able to feel the street as your skater do! Make sure you check the "Enable ForceFeedback support" button in the "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Game Device Configuration" dialog. You can access this dialog by clicking on the "Gamepad" button at the bottom of the option dialog.

    To download the new 1.8MB patch, head over to Macgamefiles now. IMG Pro users can download it off of their Hot Downloads page, also linked below.

    IMG Preview: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3
    Aspyr Media
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
    Download Tony Hawk 3 1.0.1 Patch (1.8MB)
    IMG Pro: Hot Downloads

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    Championship Manager 4 Status Updates
    8:36 AM | Scott Turner | Comment on this story

    The acclaimed soccer season management game, Championship Manager 4, has just recieved a major update on the website of its Mac porting house, Feral Interactive.

    Most significantly, according to Feral, the Mac English version of CM4 is now shipping! Here's the direct clip from Feral's website-

    CM4 is now shipping. This launch of Championship Manager on the Mac, looks like being the most successful ever in the UK. The Windows launch ripped up the record book and became the fastest-selling PC game ver in the UK. Our distributors tell us the Mac version is not far off doing the same thing, so come on what are you waiting for - stocks to run out?
    Both to kick off the Mac edition and to bring back some good deals, Feral has also announced the following discount bundles on its products-
    CM4 is a special game for us and to celebrate its launch last year we offered some special bundle deals They seemed to go down pretty well, so we are repeating it this year with some great offers.

    * CM4 and Max Payne for £50 / $75 / €75
    * CM4 and Black&White for £45/ $65 / €65
    * CM4 and Tropico for £45/ $65 / €65

    To finish off the update, Feral also announces that the Mac Enhancement pack will be available for CM4 shortly, bringing the Mac version to pariety with the Windows version, and all the bug fixes for CM4 thus far. Also, Feral quickly stated the status of the European version of CM4, and the European language demos-
    CM4 European versions

    We are aiming to release the European language versions of CM4 on May 1st about one week after the Windows launch. The European version is identical to the UK version but also runs in numerous European languages.

    CM4 European language demos

    The European language Mac demos will be available from Thursday, April 17th from the Feral website.

    Go head on over to Feral's website to learn more about this game, or you can download a demo from Mac Game Files, or order it through the Feral Online Store. All the links are provided below.

    Download Championship Manager 4 Demo
    Feral Interactive

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    Myth III 1.1 Demo Now Available
    8:36 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

    Following up on the recent release of the version 1.1 patch for Myth III: The Wolf Age as well as their promise, MythDevelopers has made both Mac and PC demos of their latest work available. The demos feature both 2 single player levels as well as allow for multiplayer gaming via

    MythDevelopers are proud to release the updated Myth III: The Wolf Age Demo. The demo features multiplayer capability with other demo release players using (no account required), and solo play of two levels from the Myth III solo campaign. If you're on the fence whether or not to buy Myth III and get the updated patch to play, then we strongly recommend that you download the demo.
    The Mac demo is sized at around 113MB, and is currently being hosted at the MillArchives. Those interested in downloading it can find it at the link provided.

    Myth III - Mac Demo

    CoreComputers to Sell Custom Macs
    8:36 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

    Entrepreneur John Fraser has launched CoreComputers, a company that designs and sells custom Mac-compatible computers. CoreComputers' first product is the CoreCrib Kit, a bare bones package that includes a 400 watt power supply, silver case with viewing window and LEDs, and an Apple Gigabit Ethernet motherboard. You are free to add any off-the-shelf components of your choice, including RAM, hard drive, optical drive, processor and video card.

    Currently, you can order a CoreCrib Kit for $350 or configure it with G4 processors up to dual 1.2 GHz for $1500. there are plans to offer more configuration options in the future. For more information, visit the CoreComputers website. Wired News also published an interview with the founder recently. Stay tuned to IMG for a review of the CoreCrib Kit.

    CoreComputers CoreCrib Kit
    Wired News: Pizza Box or iMac? No, an iBox

    Sonnet Announces 1 GHz G4 ZIF for Beige G3 Power Macs
    8:36 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

    In a surprising announcement, Sonnet Technology unveiled a 1 GHz G4 ZIF upgrade for Beige G3 Power Macs. Previously, it was believed that such a solution would be prohibitively expensive to develop and market. The 1 GHz Encore/ZIF uses the same PowerPC 745x processor used in the Encore/ST upgrades and features 256 KB of L2 cache and 1 MB of L3 cache. An announcement regarding support for Blue and White G3s and G4s with PCI Graphics will be made in the near future. Here is an excerpt from the press release:

    The completion of this project required that significant issues in voltage, logic, temperature and other key parameters be resolved. "Sonnet has once again overcome obstacles that others thought to be insurmountable," states Robert Farnsworth, Sonnet?s President and CEO. "Sonnet adds this innovation to our broad support for the Macintosh." The new Encore/ZIF installs in minutes, integrates seamlessly with all software applications, and supports all operating systems from Mac® OS 8.6 through OS X.
    The 1 GHz Encore/ZIF is scheduled to ship in 3-4 weeks and wil retail for $699.95.

    PR: Sonnet Announces G4 1.0 GHz Upgrade for Beige G3 Power Macs

    The Gamesome Mac Taking Questions for Blizzard
    8:36 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

    Next Monday, April 21, The Gamesome Mac (the weekly Mac gaming radio program) will feature Bill Roper of Blizzard Entertainment, who'll be talking about Diablo II, Warcraft III, World of Warcraft, and more.

    Since Bill isn't actually available on Mondays, however, The Gamesome Mac will depart from its usual practice by pre-recording the interview, so listeners will have to send in their questions in advance.

    Questions for Bill Roper can be e-mailed to until 4 pm Pacific Time, Wednesday, April 16.

    The Gamesome Mac can be heard live on Monday from 6 to 8 pm Pacific Time, 9 to 11 pm Eastern (Tuesday from 0100 to 0300 UTC), and on demand thereafter. You can tune in at The Gamesome Mac's web page, where you'll also find archives of past broadcasts, including last night's program with Jason Ivan of M-Audio. QuickTime 5 or 6 and a 28 kbps or faster Internet connection are required.

    Blizzard Entertainment

    Spiderweb Software Interview
    8:36 AM | Johan Hansén | Comment on this story

    Stratos Group has posted a short interview with Jeff Vogel, President of Spiderweb Software, creators of classic shareware RPGs such as the Exile and Avernum games. The interview includes some information about the the two games currently in development, Geneforge 2 and Blades of Avernum, as well as what is planned for the future. From what Jeff tells us, we can expect more great exciting role-playing games from Spiderweb in the future.

    From the interview:

    Geneforge 3 seems very likely. I like writing Geneforge games, and people like playing them (or, at least, ordering them). Beyond that, however, I have absolutely no idea.

    I haven't given up on the idea of going back on my sworn word and writing Avernum 4. A lot of people would really like that.
    To read the whole interview, just follow the link provided below. If you are curious about Spiderweb Software's games, go to their site and find out more about their games. Right now they have an April Sadness Sale going on, with 10% off on all their games.

    Spiderweb Software
    Stratos Group: Spiderweb Software Interview

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