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Thursday, April 3, 2003

NASCAR Racing 2003 at Final Candidate
9:42 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Yesterday Aspyr Media announced NASCAR Racing 2003 Season is coming to the Mac, updating the popular racing simulator from last year with new stats and features. Porting house Westlake Interactive is on the job, and they have now revealed the port of the game is already at the Final Candidate stage.

This means the game is feature-complete and should be heading out to stores soon, assuming final approval is given from all parties involved.

Here's the scoop from Westlake's news page:

Hot on the treads of NASCAR® Racing 2002 Season comes NASCAR® Racing 2003 Season for Macintosh. Westlake programmer Duane Johnson headed up the 2002 conversion, and has made amazing progress on the 2003 code. The game is playing well, and all software features are complete and working (thus earning the game its coveted "Final Candidate" status).
For those who follow Westlake's game codenames, NASCAR 2003 was previously dubbed "Cellar" on their project list. Here's an explanation for those having a tough time making the connection:
The Mac version of NASCAR® Racing 2003 Season has been in development and under wraps since the 2002 version was released. It's been listed as project "Cellar" on the Westlake Status Page. "Cellar" was an obscure reference to 80's hair band Ratt whose album "Out of the Cellar" contained the mega-hit "Round And Round". NASCAR tracks are ovular for the most part, and the cars drive "round and round".
Stay tuned for more information on NASCAR 2003 from IMG very soon. Also have a look at the Aspyr mini-site for details.

IMG News: Aspyr to Publish NASCAR Racing 2003 Season
NASCAR Racing 2003 Announced and at Final Candidate
Aspyr Media
Westlake Interactive
Nascar Racing 2003
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XGaming Announces X-Arcade Trackball
9:42 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

XGaming, makers of the widely lauded X-Arcade, have recently announced yet another authentic arcade controller currently in the works. Dubbed the X-Arcade Trackball Mouse, the controller features an arcade trackball and, like the X-Arcade Joystick, and seeks to recreate the old-school arcade experience.

The layout of the X-Arcade Trackball has a white trackball with a three button layout located on both sides. Some of the more noteworthy features include the following:

  • Authentic Arcade Wood
  • Authentic Arcade Trackball Used In Real Arcade
  • Dual Button Layout For Left Or Right Handed Players
  • Dual PS2 and USB Port
  • 15 FT Long Cable
  • Works As Standard 2 Button Mouse
  • Compatible With Any Mouse Based Game
  • 6 Full Version Games Included
  • Indestructible Arcade Design With Lifetime Warranty
While the device may not appeal to everyone, old-school gamers who remember games like Centipede and Missile Command know that nothing but a trackball should be used to play such games to their fullest.

XGaming currently expects to make the Trackball controller available on June 1st. Those interested in pre-ordering or more information can find it at XGaming's site.

XGaming - X-Arcade Trackball

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UGO Posts New Tomb Raider Q&A
9:42 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

Gaming web site, UnderGroundOnline, has posted a new Q&A with Mike Schmitt, producer of Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness.

The brief interview highlights some of the changes expected in the upcoming release, including the ability to play as a character other than Lara:

UGO: People were a little disappointed in Metal Gear Solid 2 forcing them to play as a character that wasn't Solid Snake. Since most people play Tomb Raider for Lara Croft, are you worried about introducing a new character and forcing gamers to play as them? What are you doing to make them want to play as Kurtis?

Mike Schmitt: Kurtis is a player Lara meets up with in the game. They discover they're chasing a common enemy and start working together. Players get to use Kurtis towards the end of the game for a couple of sections. He has different weapons and abilities. We think it's a nice treat for players. The Angel of Darkness does primarily focus on Lara so rest assured you'll get plenty of gameplay with her!

Although there has been no formal announcement, Lara's previous success on the Mac may mean this latest adventure will grace our platform. Stay tuned to IMG for further details.

Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness Q&A
Core Design
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IMG Feature: 1200 Megahertz Madness
9:42 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

Many Mac users thought they would never see the day when they could turn their three year old Power Mac G4s back into the speed demons they once were, and at a fraction of the cost of buying a new Power Mac. Giga Designs, PowerLogix, and Sonnet have stepped up to meet the growing demand by offering fast G4 processor upgrades at competitive price points.

Today, IMG takes a detailed look at the three fastest single processor G4 upgrades money can buy. Each 1.2 GHz upgrade was run through a battery of tests and the results explained. If you have been looking to soup up your aging Power Mac, read the rest of the article!

1200 Megahertz Madness

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