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Monday, March 24, 2003

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Virtual Programming Releases Legion
9:00 AM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

Virtual Programming has announced that they have released Legion, a strategy game based in ancient Rome. At the strategic level, the player controls vast armies and must carve an Empire from the assortment of tribes and city states that occupied ancient Italy, Britain and France. At the tactical level the player must position their armies to take advantage of terrain and make use of the best formations, to ensure victory.

Here's a set of Features from the official press release:

Epic gameplay - there are large game areas, accurately mapping real world locations. All maps are based on real atlases of the ancient world. The size of the game world combined with the subtle interactions of the game model make for a truly epic game.

20+ sides - each game can have up to 20 AI sides to compete against, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, based on the nations that would have been present at the time of the scenario!

Diplomacy - with so many nations its impossible to win by conquest alone. Careful use of diplomacy will be required if you're going to succeed.

Huge realistic battles - choose how your troops deploy for battle, controlling their formations, making best use of the terrain available and allowing for their morale and experience. The combat model is being based on historical data to give a realistic look and feel. Hundreds of men will be displayed to give a really epic feel to the battles. All uniforms and weapons are based on historical data to make sure they are as accurate as possible.

3D battlefields - the battlefield terrain is made up of 3D rendered terrain. Height is modelled and will effect combat. Every location has its own unique battlefield meaning up to 16,000 per map!

Multiple resources - collect 4 different resources types, each with their
own specialist uses and methods of collection - Iron, Wood, Cloth and Food.

Detailed economics - control your cities, allocate workers to collect
resources, control city growth, train new regiments. Increase production by constructing new buildings or upgrade your city hall to expand the amount of land that can be worked. Build fortresses for protection and to train better your soldiers.

Replayability - play each map a number of times in completely different
setting. E.g. Initially fight over Italy to unify the tribes into the powerful nation of Rome. Later fight over the same map as the Romans when they are invaded by the fearsome Gauls.

Historical Accuracy - throughout the design of the game we have taken great care to ensure that the maps, the scenarios, the soldiers and the game engine capture the flavour of the ancient world and its warfare.

Here's the official System Requirements:

  • MacOS 9.2, OS X 10.1.3 or later, OS X Jaguar 10.2.1, or later
  • Apple PowerPC-based hardware, including G3 Blue and White, G3 iBook G4 Black and White, G4 PowerBook, G3 iMac. Recommend G3 800MHz or faster for best performance
  • QuickTime 4 or later (installed by OS)
  • QuickDraw 2.2 or later (installed by OS)
  • Carbon 1.1.0 or later (installed by OS)
  • 64MB system memory
  • 8 MB video memory required - 16MB recommended.

If you're interested in preordering Legion, you can do so at the Freeverse Online Store. European gamers can also order it from the game's developer, Virtual Programming. For more information, check out the Legion for Mac official website, and for a hands on look at Legion, be sure to check out IMG's preview.

IMG Preview: Legion
Virtual Programming
Buy Legion

War and Games on The Gamesome Mac
3:42 PM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

On tonight's first anniversary broadcast of The Gamesome Mac, the weekly Mac gaming radio program, hosts Sean Smith and Omaha Sternberg join Mac game publishers, journalists, and listeners in exploring some of the issues surrounding war, entertainment, and commerce in the computer gaming industry.

How do computer war games affect our outlook? Do they help us to be more aware of political and strategic complexities, or do they desensitize us to the horrors of war? How might the marketing of games change as a result of the war in Iraq, and what ethical questions are raised by the effects of war on commerce? What changes in war gaming might we see in five years as a result of the changing international political landscape?

Tonight's guests include MacGamer's Corey Tamás, Aspyr Media's Nestor Hernandez, MacPlay's Henry Price (travel permitting), and others, and Sean and Omaha will be soliciting comments from listeners sharing their own perspectives in The Gamesome Mac's live chat room.

The Gamesome Mac can be heard live from 6 to 8 pm Pacific Time, 9 to 11 pm Eastern (Tuesday at 0200 UTC) on You can tune in at The Gamesome Mac's web page, where you'll also find archives of past broadcasts. QuickTime 5 or 6 and a 28 kbps or faster Internet connection are required.

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M-Audio Posts Revolution 7.1 Driver Update
3:37 PM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

M-Audio has released another driver update for the Revolution 7.1 sound card, which addresses several outstanding issues. Version 1.2.5 introduces the following changes:

[Driver] Make the per-channel volume control more consistent.

[Decoders] Downmixing support without surround decoders. Send center to the front left/right if there is no center speaker; send LFE to the front if there is no subwoofer.

[Control Panel] Fix random muting problem (only seemed to manifest on 10.1.5).

[Control Panel] Use CoreAudio format, not nominal sample rate, which doesn't work on 10.1.5.

[Control Panel] SRS Dialog Clarity and SRS TruBass require a surround sound decoder to be enabled, so change the UI accordingly.

[Control Panel] Allow the “QuickSwitch sets” bar to be hidden via the toolbar button in the window title bar. [N.B. The animation during show/hide is not currently very smooth.]

[Control Panel] Workaround for audio glitch at launch time. Audio now briefly mutes during launch.

[Device Helper] Workaround for bug in System Preferences: at the first startup after the software is installed/upgraded, delete the system prefpanes cache to force the System Preferences to notice our new pref pane.

If you encounter any issues after installing the driver update, please report them in the IMG forum thread linked below. The M-Audio team is constantly monitoring it for feedback on their product. IMG will have an in-depth review of the Revolution 7.1 in the near future.

Download Revolution 7.1 1.2.5 Drivers (2.2 MB)
IMG Forum: M-Audo Revolution 7.1 Feedback Thread, Part Deux!
Revolution 7.1

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Updated Virtual Grand Prix 2 Demo Released
1:23 PM | Johan Hansén | Comment on this story

AlanSoft has released a new updated demo of the upcoming racing game Virtual Grand Prix 2. The new version number is 1.3 and the changes includes better input support for wheels and graphical improvements.

List of changes:

  • Improved handling of the IOKit under MacOS X, now should work with every wheel
  • fixed the right-only speaker on some iBooks issue
  • better sky texture!
  • better full screen anti-aliasing support, i.e GeForce
  • Mac compliant quit procedure
  • FAQ and controls in readme
  • The requirements for the demo:
    An Apple® Macintosh® computer (or compatible) equipped with a PowerPC® microprocessor, 64Mbytes of RAM, accelerated 3d video card with at least 8Mbytes of graphics RAM and CD-ROM drive (any speed).
    MacOS "Classic" operating system 8.x/9.x with OpenGL, SoundManager, InputSprocket, DrawSprocket and NetSprocket extensions
    MacOS "X" 10.2 or better.
    The new demo is available to download from our sister site, Just follow the link provided below to get to the download page. IMG Pro subscribers can download it from their Hot Downloads page.

    The full version of Virtual Grand Prix 2 is still in development and will be published by Virtual Programming Ltd.

    Virtual Grand Prix 2
    MGF: Virtual Grand Prix 2 Demo v1.3
    IMG Pro: Hot Downloads

    IMG Store: Master of Orion III, Legion, & F1 2000
    12:28 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    The IMG Store has recently been updated. First the big news. Our shippment on MacSoft's Master of Orion III is on its way and is due to ship on Wednesday! If you haven't placed your order yet, head over to the IMG Store. Moo3 is available for $39 for MacGames CD/IMG Pro subscribers and $49 for non-subscribers.

    The IMG Store is also now taking pre-orders for Legion for $19. The game is a revolutionary strategy game based in ancient Rome. At the strategic level the player controls vast armies and must carve an Empire from the assortment of tribes and city states that occupied ancient Italy, Britain and France. At the tactical level the player must position their armies to take advantage of terrain and make use of the best formations, to ensure victory. Do you have what it takes to become the next Emperor?

    And finally, the IMG Store has a fantastic sale on Feral's F1 Championship Season 2000. This popular racing game is available for $30 for MacGames CD/IMG Pro subscribers. It is $35 for non-subscribers. Hurry, this sale won't last long.

    IMG Interviews GraphSim's Jeff Morgan
    12:20 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

    Inside Mac Games has posted an interview with GraphSim's Jeff Morgan. The company known for their popular flight sims has been working on a new F/A-18 Hornet based game for the last 2 years and is nearing the end of development. IMG's Tuncer Deniz recently chatted with Morgan to get an update on the new game that just happens to take place in Iraq.

    Here's a clip from the interview:

    IMG: Last time we talked, GraphSim was busy working on a new F/A-18 Hornet game. Can you give us a progress update on the game?

    Morgan: We are currently working on missions, network play and finishing the ground texture map. The ground texture is new for us and I think will be interesting for flight sim fans. We are using satellite images of Iraq as our ground texture.

    Be sure to check out the rest of the interview by following the link below.

    IMG Interview: GraphSim Talks New F/A-18 Game

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    Feral: Championship Manager 4 Goes Gold, New Demo
    10:05 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

    Feral Interactive recently contacted IMG to to let us know that Championship Manager 4, the popular soccer management simulation, has gone gold. CM4 is the latest in the popular series of Soccer management games.

    Some of the new features in CM4:

    So what's really new? Well to summarize: more of everything! More leagues, more stats, more nail-biting decisions and more sleep deprivation. Read all about the new 2d-match engine in the features section, check out the screenshots and then take the demo for a kick around.
    Feral notes that CM4 is expected to ship in April. A non-beta demo of the game is now available on

    Feral Interactive
    MGF: CM4 Demo

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    Deus Ex 2 Interview
    9:00 AM | Scott Turner | Comment on this story

    Now up at the HomeLAN, there is a new interview with a few of the members of Ion Storm working on Deus Ex 2: The Invisible War. Not just one, but six team members are interviewed in HomeLAN's Q&A, including project director Harvey Smith, producers Bill Money and Tara Thomas, senior creative designer Steve Powers, designer Kent Hudson, and finally programmer David Reese.

    Mainly discussing the basic mechanics of the game, all of the members of the interview provide their own spin on the questions, giving their insight on why they think think Deus Ex 2 will accelerate far past the original.

    HomeLAN - How "interactive" will the levels in Invisible War be this time out?

    Steve Powers - One of the tenets of the Deus Ex universe is that the player must be able to interact with the environment in a believable way that realizes pre-conceived notions and expectations. This is core to the Deus Ex experience.

    A good example is our stationary turret which is equipped with a flamethrower. When a player tries to get by they are set instantly on fire. The player can use his fire extinguisher to put himself out, but that still doesn't get him to the other side of the turret. Then inspiration strikes! The player hurls the fire extinguisher toward the turret and shoots it, causing it to explode in a cloud of fire retardant gas. Now the player can pass through the narrow corridor as the gas suppresses the turret's weapon.
    For those who wish to actually get a better glimpse of what the game will look like, WorthPlaying has put six brand new Deus Ex 2 screenshots up on their website, from both the Xbox and PC versions. There has yet to be an official announcement about a Mac port of Deus Ex 2, but we're hoping the likelyhood is high, considering the popularity of the original game on the platform.

    You can check out both of these items at the links below.

    Deus Ex 2 HomeLAN Interview
    Deus Ex 2 Screenshots
    Deus Ex 2: Invisible War
    Ion Storm

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    F1 Championship 1.03 Update Available
    9:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

    Feral Interactive has recently released an update to F1 Championship 2000, its F1 racing sim. The patch, which updates F1 to version 1.03, mainly addresses a few control issues, including a bug in previous versions that caused steering to pull hard to the left:

    • Fixed bug which causes some wheels to steer hard left.
    • Revised autocalibration routines which should also improve gamepad axis handling.
    Those interested in the 1.7MB patch can find it at MacGameFiles.

    F1 Championship is an F1 racing simulator that portrays realistic F1 racing mechanics and decision making, allowing players to completely customise their cars before taking them out to the track. A demo is available at MGF for those interested in trying it out.

    MGF - F1 Championship 1.03 Update
    MGF - F1 Championship Demo
    Feral Interactive
    Electronic Arts
    F1 Championship Season 2000
    Buy F1 Championship Season 2000

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    Racer Update Adds Force Feedback Support
    9:00 AM | Johan Hansén | Comment on this story

    The free car simulator Racer has been updated recently, adding a number of impressive new features under OS X, including support for Force Feedback devices. The new version number is 0.5.0 beta 11 might even be considered final version if no major problems show up.

    The game's creator Ruud van Gaal has posted a list of changes on Racesim Central:

  • OSX 10.2.3 most probably required
  • I couldn't get the Nissan 350Z running acceptably with a couple of tweaks, so I left it out. Sorry for the ugly Fer312; looking for a replacement car that's ok in beta11
  • Force feedback works! I've got 2 wheels included in data/ctrlsets: a Mac Modena 360 Pro (non-FF), and a Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP. Notice that the devices are searched for by vendor & product ID. Use the HID Explorer (available on Apple's developer site) if you have other wheels. I'm interested in other working controlset files (from data/ctrlsets), as I don't have vendor and product ID's for all the wheels out there.
  • Replays are now binary compatible with Linux/PC ones.
  • Hardware stencil is required for the projected shadows.

    Lots of fixes compared to beta6, as in the PC version. Mac specific:

  • Gamma works correctly. No more dark fullscreen stuff.
  • Frequency may work (untested really)
    (see gfx.ini for these options)
  • The update is now available for download at the Racer website.

    Racesim Central Forums: Racer Update

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