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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Freeverse Ships Board Games Deluxe Series 2.0
8:52 AM | Zack Lipowski | Comment on this story

Freeverse Software recently announced Board Games Deluxe, an update to their popular collection of eight board games. Featuring enhanced versions of games ranging from Tic-Tac-Toe to Chess, they're pitched as the perfect time-killers.

You may recognize these 2.0 versions as similar to the free board games offered earlier in the year by the company. In these new versions, each game now features 2-player internet and LAN support, multiple AI difficulties, mp3 soundtracks (with the option to use your own), and "Emotidolls" to express yourself.

Here's a a description of each game:

4 In A Row Deluxe - race to light up four buttons in a row before your opponent.

7th Fleet Deluxe - hide your ships, and fire away! Destroy your opponent's fleet before you take a trip to Davey Jones' locker.

Checkers Deluxe - known in the US as checkers, all your favorite double-jumping action is back. King me!

Chess Deluxe - one of the world's most famous board games.

Go Deluxe - conquer the board and surround your opponent's pieces in this classic game. Solo play not included in 2.0

Mancala Deluxe - the simple yet subtle African game of stones.

Reversi Deluxe - Reversi makes its triumphant return. Flip over your opponent's pieces and go for those corners!

Tic Tac Toe Deluxe - it's like being back in elementary school, only online!
The Board Games Deluxe series can be purchased for $19.95, which includes all eight games.

Board Games Deluxe

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IMG Previews Legion
12:16 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

IMG has posted a preview of Legion, a turn-based strategy game created by U.K. based Slitherine Software and set to be published in the United States by Freeverse Software.

Here's a little clip from the preview:

Legion has a definite Age of Empires flavor, with a little of the Civilization series thrown in. All the familiar elements are there: resource management (food, ore, wood), building prerequisites, diplomacy, and, of course, battle. Lots and lots of battle. It is primarily a turn-based game, meaning you can take your time pondering and considering all the angles; however, battles are fought in real time, with highly enjoyable spectacles of hundreds of soldiers hacking it out on the plains or in the forests or in the mountains. So, why do we need yet another strategy game set in ancient times? All will be revealed; read on.
Be sure to check out the rest of the preview by following the link below.

IMG Preview: Legion
Buy Legion

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Sims Superstar Q&A
10:10 AM | Johan HansÚn | Comment on this story

The people at GameSpot have posted an interview with Jonathan Knight from Maxis about the upcoming expansion The Sims: Superstar that promises to take your Sims to Hollywood. The expansion will bring some new concepts to the world of The Sims. One such is the "fame score."

Knight explains more about this new statisfic:

The "fame score" starts out as five empty stars, which you need to fill up (a half star at a time) as you progress toward superstardom. By working at a variety of objects in the entertainment arena, you'll earn fame and money. If you've got the required skills and the requisite famous friends, you'll get promoted through the fame track. But you have to keep it up, or your star will wane.
There will also be possibilities to build you own superstar mansion, filled with luxuries only a true superstar would afford.
There's a giant scuba tank that's the size of a large living room, for your swimming pleasure. And there's a skydiving simulator for a little backyard fun. We've also made a satellite dish for the home, which adds all-new channels to your TV. And there's tons of new art and sculpture, and even a new pool table, to help you make the ultimate crib.
The game looks to hold a lot of fun for fans of the series.
The Sims: Superstar is slated for a release in May on the PC. While no word is available on a Mac version of the expansion yet, there is a good possibilty it will come since Aspyr Media has published all other expansions for the game so far.

Aspyr Media
Westlake Interactive
The Sims
Buy The Sims

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Online Space Combat Game Vendetta Updated
9:50 AM | Johan HansÚn | Comment on this story

Guild Software has released a new build of their massive online space combat game Vendetta. The new version has the build number v1.13.

Here is a list of changes in the new version:

This version adds the bulk of the new soundsystem. Some popping, crackling and problems still remain, but the major aspects of the system are now functional. OGG Vorbis compression is implemented. No music is present yet, but streaming OV-encoded music can be played with the /playmusic and /stopmusic console commands. m3u playlists are also supported.

It's now possible to re-purchase your last configured ship after dying. Full energy is required to open a wormhole, and the act of doing so will deplete your ship's energy. Invulnerability has been extended an extra 3 seconds after wormhole emergence. Other small changes and fixes.
The update is automaticly downloaded and installed when you start Vendetta.

For those who hasn't played Vendetta, Guild Software still accepts new applicants to this public test. To get more information follow the link below.

Guild Software
Vendetta Online

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Killing Time Carbonized
8:52 AM | Zack Lipowski | Comment on this story

Killing Time, the gory Doom-esque 2.5D shooter was recently revealed as being carbonized for Mac OS X. Although the game is dated from its 1996 release, individuals who liked Doom might consider trying it out.

Killing Time is a single player FPS in which the player traverses moody locations and solves puzzles. A complete walkthrough of the game as well as forums are provided in the links below.

Killing Time
Killing Time Forum

Championship Manager 4 Gold
8:52 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

SIGames recently announced that the latest game in their Football (Soccer for Americans) Management series has gone gold. The announcement notes that only the UK version or Championship Manager 4 is complete, but mentions the non-UK versions should go gold soon.

Here's the full announcement:

We are very excited to announce that the English version of CM4 has now officially gone to gold master, and the game will be released in the UK & Eire on March 28th, 2003.

The non UK releases are due to go gold in the next couple of weeks, and should be out shortly after the UK release (specific release dates will follow when we have them).

We are still working on trying to get distribution sorted for the Americas, and more info will follow about that in the coming weeks.

Please note, if you live outside the UK and decide to import the UK version of the game, it is ONLY in English language.

An updated demo of the game will be released in due course, a further announcement with regards to this will be made on Friday

The requirements for CM4 are:

  • Mac OS 9.2.2/ 0SX 10.2
  • 333 MHz PowerPC G3
  • 64 MB RAM (with virtual memory set to at least 196Mb)
  • 800x600 monitor
  • 200Mb free disc space
  • Latest version of CarbonLib
Feral has noted the Mac version should be done in early April, so this date seems fairly consistent, if not even more optimistic than before.

For more information on the game, or to download the demo of it, follow the link provided below.

CM4 Gold

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Apple Previews EverQuest
8:52 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

MMORPGs seem to be making headway onto the Mac scene this year, and one of the bigger titles soon to undergo beta testing is EverQuest. To give gamers a little more insight into the title, Apple has released a preview that takes a general look at the online world of Norrath.

One of the points the preview makes a note of is the pervasive online community that EQ has created for PC players. Not only do they adventure online, but they make friends, stage plays and protests, and even have online marriages. Richard Lawrence, Director of Sony Online Entertainment, suggests that those looking to make friends play a helper class such as a cleric, as resurrecting or healing a player at a critical time can go a long way towards making a good impression.

As the Mac version is coming out several years after the PC, it will also include several expansion packs, including Ruins of Kurnak, Scars of Velios, Planes of Power, and Shadows of Luclin. The fact that Mac users will be starting out fresh is also portrayed with a positive slant:

The development team at SOE put together a never-before-touched version of Norrath for you to explore. You and your friends will get the chance to start at first level and work your way up together. There will be plenty of quests to undertake, monsters to slay, and treasure to find, in addition to communities to forge.
The rest of the preview has information on topics such as character races, classes, and beginning gameplay tips. Those interested in the full read can find it at Apple's site.

Apple - EverQuest preview
Sony Online
Buy EverQuest

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