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Thursday, October 24, 2002

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Aspyr Announces Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3
11:55 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Aspyr Media today announced that it will be publishing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 for the Macintosh. The game, due out this fall, is being converted to the Macintosh by Beenox. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 features fast-paced skateboarding fun on eight massive living levels equipped with state-of-the-art hi-resolution display and advanced special effects. Have the freedom to go crazy with tricks and bails that are even more insane than before.

Here's a brief description of Tony Hawk 3:

Tony Hawk, the legend of skateboarding, brings you into his world yet again with even more cement shredding action than ever before! Skate as the legendary Tony Hawk or one of 12 other pro skaters on 8 massive living levels that are amazingly realistic with intelligent traffic that can be avoided or skated. Now with more tricks than ever, including the revert and flatland tricks like the handstand manual, you can show off using the enhanced Create-A-Skater feature, and Skatepark Editor. You may not be able to live like the legend, but now you can skate like him!
Aspyr has also released preliminary system requirements for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. They are subject to change:

  • Mac OS 9.2.2 or Mac OS X, version 10.1 or later
  • Power Mac G3/G4 -500mhz processor or faster
  • 128MB Ram (256MB under OS X)
  • 700 MB hard drive space
  • 3D Graphics Acceleration required (Recommended: ATI Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce series card)

    Visit the Aspyr web site for more information on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3.

    Aspyr Media
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

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    Microsoft Updates Mac Mouse and Keyboard Drivers
    3:08 PM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

    Microsoft has quietly updated its IntelliPoint and IntelliType software for Mac OS 9 and X. Although a list of changes are nowhere to be found, the new drivers presumably add support for the new mice and keyboards that were announced recently. The IntelliPoint and IntelliType software for OS X are both at version 3.1 (previously 2.1 and 3.0, respectively) and the OS 9 software has been updated to version 2.3. For those running Jaguar, the Microsoft download page says that drivers are for "10.1.2 to 10.1.3", but they are indeed compatible with 10.2.

    Note: This story is a repost from yesterday's news.

    Download Microsoft IntelliPoint Drivers (9 and X)
    Download Microsoft IntelliType Drivers (9 and X)

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    IMG Posts Seven WW II Online Mac Screenshots
    12:26 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    Strategy First sent IMG this morning seven new screenshots from the upcoming Mac version of World War II Online. World War II Online Mac Edition is an online combined arms simulation set in a relentless, action-packed environment where players can command and crew a variety of accurately modeled vehicles and aircraft.

    World War II Online for the Mac is scheduled to be released in late November. To check out the screenshots, click on the link below. Be sure to check out our recent World War II Online interview as well as our preview.

    WWII Online Mac Screenshots
    Interview: World War II Online
    IMG Preview: World War II Online
    Strategy First
    Cornered Rat Software
    World War II Online

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    MacWorld UK Interviews Peter Tamte
    9:54 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

    Peter Tamte, president of Destineer Studios and its Mac-game publishing sister company Bold is the subject of a MacWorld UK interview posted early Wednesday.

    The article touches on a number of interesting subjects, inlcuding Tamte's views on the recent highly-publicised "rift" between Apple and Microsoft:

    “I’m not aware of any rift between Microsoft and Apple. I interact with Microsoft’s games unit, and I’ve seen no shred of evidence that says they’re at all worried about competition with Apple. The games unit’s committed to becoming a multi platform company.”
    Tamte also comments on some of the games currently being ported for Bold:
    “Halo for the Mac will be released in summer 2003 simultaneously with the PC release, and will very much be a multiplayer thing. PC and Mac users will be able to play Halo online against each other. It’s unclear yet whether it will be possible to play against Xbox users, because the Xbox uses a different set of controls.”
    Tamte went on to confirm that the Bungie team responsible for Halo is now working on Halo 2, and discussed the way the game is being ported: “Westlake is doing the Mac port. The company is working with the PC code produced by Gearbox for the PC port of the title”.

    Click on the link below to read more.

    MacWorld UK Interviews Peter Tamte
    IMG Sneak Preview: Dungeon Siege
    IMG Interviews Peter Tamte
    Destineer Studios

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    Mac WarCraft III Europe Server Issues
    9:54 AM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

    Blizzard Entertainment, responsible for such hit strategy titles as WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos, has informed Mac users of a current problem many are having with their online gaming service,, and connecting to the European servers. Blizzard explains that they are well aware of the issue, and are working diligently to fix the problem. Here's the full news post:

    We are currently investigating connectivity stability for Macintosh users trying to connect to our Northrend (Europe) servers. Many Macintosh users have reported being able to connect to all of the Realms except for Europe. Once we have isolated the source of the instability we will work to have a solution as soon as possible.
    For more information, you can check out's news page.

    IMG Review: WarCraft III News
    Blizzard Entertainment
    WarCraft III
    Buy WarCraft III

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    'Cube' Mac Port Progress Report
    9:54 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

    In an email sent to IMG news staff Wednesday, Jeremy Bell, project co-ordinator for the University of Michigan's gaming resource center WolverineSoft, reported on his progress on the Mac port of Wouter van Oortmerssen's Linux game engine Cube. In his email, Jeremy reported on his progress so far:

    It is going well. There are very few Operating System dependencies ([the code] just uses SDL, SDL_image, fmod, and zlib). The code is also very gcc and unix friendly, since it was ported to linux. At this point, the project compiles, and the game runs quite well on a few maps.
    Jeremy also gave a detailed description of some of the roadblocks he's encountered:
    Some maps, however, will not load... I suspect that the problem with map loading is due to #ifdef's specific to Linux. The engine uses these to detect what OS it is being run on. It is not yet aware of OS X, though it IS aware of the PPC processor, since the engine was ported to linuxppc as well (It handles big-endian correctly). This may mean that some code, especially the map loading code, is not configured properly for OSX. The process of fixing this issue will be somewhat slower, since I need to go through the code to see where these dependancies are located, and to fix them.
    Jeremy also describes the problems he's having porting the game's networking code:
    ...other than some issues with map loading, only the networking code is not working... networking code, well, that's not really my area of expertise at the moment. Perhaps after I post the project as it is now, someone with more unix networking experience may be able to fix the networking code for OSX.
    For those who may not have heard of this OpenGL-based engine, Cube is an open-source Linux first person shooter game engine developped by 30-year old Dutch programmer Wouter van Oortmerssen. The game is a compact and elegantly written, yet fully-featured FPS game, complete with single-player action, multiplayer capabilities, and even a built-in game editor.

    The game engine also incorporates gaming technologies not normally seen in fps- and multiplayer-type games, such as automatic Level Of Detail scalability, and "client-fat, server-thin" networking code. The game has already garnered popularity within the open-source Linux community, with fan sites and even a few Cube clans popping up around the Web.

    If you've got experience with unix networking code and would love to see this open-source project make it to Mac OS X, please feel free to post a message here or on IMG's forums. A little elbow grease may be all that's required to bring this exciting little project to our favorite platform.

    IMG: Possible Mac Port of New Game Engine 'Cube'
    IMG Forum: New Game Engine 'Cube'
    Cube Web Page

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    Heroes IV Officially Announced
    9:54 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    The 3DO Company today officially announced the Macintosh version of Heroes of Might and Magic IV, a fantasy role-playing game that features an all-new engine with a new magic system, new campaigns, new hero-character classes, and more. According to the press release issued today, the game is scheduled to be released in November.

    Here's more from the press release detailing the upcoming Mac version:

    "With this upcoming release, we are keeping our promise to support the Macintosh community," said Trip Hawkins, founder and chief executive officer of The 3DO Company. "In keeping with the Heroes tradition, we are proud to bring the latest in this series to all fans of fantasy gaming."

    In this fourth chapter of the Heroes series, Emilia Nighthaven must battle the evil immortal King Gavin Magnus and his horde of Dragon Golems. Featuring six campaigns, Emilia matches wits with Magnus for control of all of Axeoth, encountering over 60 new creatures, five schools of magic, six town types, and more than 180 artifacts.

    Developed by New World Computing, a division of The 3DO Company, Heroes IV is the latest game in the best-selling Might and Magic line. Selling more than 4.5 million units worldwide and translated into over a dozen languages, the Might and Magic series is a proven success.

    Contraband Entertainment is currently porting the game to the Macintosh. The 3D0 Company is taking pre-orders for the Macintosh version through their web site. Here are the preliminary System Requirements:
  • MacOS 9.x or greater, 10.1 or greater
  • Power Macintosh G3 350 MHz or Greater
  • 192 MB RAM
  • 4X Speed CD-ROM Drive
  • 800x600 video display (thousands of colors)
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Internet connection required for Network Play. Player solely responsible for all internet related fees and charges.
  • To learn more about Heroes of Might & Magic IV, be sure to check out our first look preview of the game. We'll be posting an extensive preview of the game based on a recent beta soon.

    IMG First Look: Heroes of Might & Magic IV
    Contraband Entertainment
    Heroes of Might & Magic IV
    Buy Heroes of Might & Magic IV

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