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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

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MWNY: EverQuest Coming to OS X [Updated]
11:29 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

In a surprise announcement, Sony Online Entertainment has revealed that their incredibly successful MMORPG EverQuest will be ported to Mac OS X this Spring, along with all of the available expansion packs. Mac users have long felt left out of the MMORPG genre, and while spring is quite some time away, the news that Mac users will be able to journey through the lands of Luclin is welcome indeed. Here are details from the press release:

Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), a worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online gaming, announced today
that its flagship product, EverQuest®, is coming to the Mac. SOE became an
official online gaming developer for the Mac in January and has made its top
games at The Station® ( ), such as Wheel of Fortune Online
and Jeopardy! Online, available to the more than 25 million Mac users.

"Supporting the Mac platform is a logical step towards growing our online
community and building the most complete, interactive experience for
gamers," said Scott McDaniel, Vice President of Marketing, Sony Online
Entertainment. "Combine the power and stability of Mac OS X with Apple's
outstanding desktop systems and you've got an incredible gaming environment
that'll take full advantage of EverQuest's huge and seamless 3D world."

"Mac OS X is awesome for playing games that involve fast-paced, high-end 3D
graphics and visual effects because the most robust graphics technologies
are built right into the operating system's core," said Ron Okamoto, Apple's
vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "EverQuest is a hugely
successful game that delivers cutting-edge character development and player
interaction. We're thrilled that EverQuest will take advantage of Mac OS X's
advanced capabilities and provide a wonderful experience for our gamers."

In the Spring of 2003, Mac users can purchase the original EverQuest and the
top-selling expansion packs including: The Shadows of Luclin(TM), The Ruins
of Kunark(TM) and The Scars of Velious(TM).

Could this be the V.A.S.T. project that Westlake has hinted at? Yep, it sure is.

We have also learned several details that online game fans might be interested in -- Mac OS X EverQuest players will not be able to play against (or with) the PC players of the game, due to server incompatibilities. Also, Sony will be watching the sales of Mac EverQuest very closely, to evaluate whether ports of other titles such as EverQuest 2 and Star Wars Galaxies will be worthwhile. Stay tuned for more expo news!

"EverQuest Comes to Mac OS X" @ PRNewswire
Sony Online
MWNY 2002
Buy EverQuest

MWNY: First IMG Macworld Gallery Posted
12:44 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

IMG has posted the first image gallery from the Macworld New York expo show. Walk onto the floor and the first thing you'll run into is Apple's huge gaming arena. With video demos running full-time, publisher booths spanning a huge area, and the largest collection of G4 towers just for playing games at a Macworld yet, this is one big show for gamers.

We've got just a few shots of the floor now, but be on the lookout for many more over the next few days. Of the shots, be sure to make note of brand-new games like Shadowbane, Jedi Knight II, No One Lives Forever and Max Payne.

IMG Macworld NY 2002 Picture Gallery
MWNY 2002

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MWNY: pop-pop 1.0.1 Released
12:41 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

As promised, Ambrosia Software has officially released pop-pop 1.0.1 at Macworld New York. The 14.5 MB download is available from our sister site,

Here's a description of pop-pop:

pop-pop is a unique fusion of pulse-quickening arcade game action and Internetworkable combat that's more addictive (and more colorful) than a handful of JellyBelly jellybeans. Pick your character, then enter the bright happy world of fierce brick-bashing combat, where your paddle is your weapon, and your pop-fu must be strong to survive.

pop-pop has over 100 built-in puzzle levels if you want to play solo to sharpen your pop-pop'ing skills, or you can play against the viciously aggressive computer AI pops for a test of your mettle. The real challenge of your pop-worth, however, is when you enter the Internet arena to play against other pop-pop players all over the world!

pop-pop has a built-in Ambrosia game tracker that allows you to easily find other people to play against, or you can use pop-pop's built-in GameRanger support for finding opponents. pop-pop works under Mac OS 8.1 or later, is fully Mac OS X native, and is playable from anywhere in the world, even over slow modem Internet connections.

The easy to learn, hard to master zen-like nature of pop-pop will keep you coming back for "just one more game" until your optical mouse is worn to a small translucent nub. See you on the tracker!

To download pop-pop, be sure to head over to MGF.

IMG Review: pop-pop
Ambrosia Software
MGF: pop-pop 1.0.1 (14.5 MB)

MWNY: MacPlay Ready To Ship SOF2 and NOLF
12:29 PM | Patrick Leyden | Comment on this story

IMG staff at Macworld met today with MacPlay's Henry Price to discuss their company's latest offerings. The big news is that the releases of both Soldier of Fortune 2 and No One Lives Forever are imminent, with copies of SOF2 likely being available for purchase at the MacPlay booth Thursday. In fact, the publisher's whole booth design is an homage to this latest installment of the John Mullins franchise and the first version on the Mac...complete with camouflage netting & olive drab sandbags.

MacPlay's other a-list itles in development -Aliens versus Predator 2 and Freedom Force- are well into their respective coding cycles. While the engine for Freedom Force hasn't been seen before on the Mac platform & will require more development effort to realize the Macintosh version, AvP2's LithTech engine has already been ported to the MacOS which should lead to a shorter time-to-market for this eagerly-awaited sequel.

The other big initiative from MacPlay is their Value Series of titles. According to Price, MacPlay is "trying to expand the [Mac game] market" with this extensive library of titles. The first wave of these games encompasses eighteen titles for under $20 MSRP. These titles run the gamut from first-person shooters (Heretic II & Hexen II) to real-time strategy (Earth 2140, Knights and Merchants, & Majesty) to adventure games (Zork Grand Inquisitor & The Feeble Files) to classic arcade style action games (Jinni Zeala Pinball & Birdie Shoot).

Price also stresses that "we [MacPlay] really do look at the [suggestions] people write us," so Mac gamers should keep those cards and letters coming.

Ken Leyden contributed to this story.


Ultranium2 for OS X Launched
11:37 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

This freeware title from Jadeware brings OS X technology and updated graphics and sound to the classic twitch/strategy play of Breakout. If Arkanoid is on your personal top-ten arcade favorites list, then you will definitely want to give Ultranium2 a download. Here are the details:

Ultranium2 for MAC os X is a breakout game that features full 32-bit color, stereo sound, and even a multiplayer mode. The game has been fully redesigned since the original version, and it now features spectacular gameplay never before seen in any other arkanoid type clone. Grab the different bonuses and watch as this classic game takes on a whole new dimension.

Ultranium2 also features a new set of levels with very different themes that make the game a lot more interesting to play. Along with these new breathtaking graphics is a surprisingly complete soundtrack that will in itself make you want to keep playing the game.
In short, Ultranium2 really represents the best of traditional two-dimensional breakout games. Although simple in concept, once the game is in your hands you will quickly realize that the possibilites in this one are endless. Trying to keep up with the game's fast pace proves to be a real challenge, and as the levels become harder and more diversified you will truly enjoy this classic game.

Visit the Jadeware website to grab the 14 MB download.

Download Ultranium2 (14 MB)

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MWNY: Aspyr Announces Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
11:00 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

At Macworld Expo today Aspyr Media announced Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and award-winning expansion pack, Desert Siege, for the Macintosh. The folks at i5works (who worked on previous ports of Rainbow Six to the Macintosh) are heading up the conversion.

Here's more from the official press release:

The amazing combat experience Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and award-winning expansion pack, Desert Siege, come together to turn your Macintosh into a pivotal wartime control center. In Ghost Recon, Russia has fallen to ultra-nationalistic leaders driven to rebuild the Iron Curtain. In Desert Siege, 60-year conflict boils over as Ethiopia invades its smaller neighbor Eritrea, threatening the world's most vital shipping lanes in the Red Sea. Command this elite team of U.S. Army Green Berets through a series of demolitions, search and rescue missions and all-out fights for survival. Select, train and lead the offensive spearhead as the first team deployed and the last team to leave. Ghost Recon and the Desert Siege expansion pack put you in the deadly, realistic combat of tomorrow's battlefields like no other game. If you meet them in combat, you're already dead.

Preliminary System Requirements (these may change before the game's release):

  • PowerMac with G3/G4 Processor
  • 450 MHz or faster Processor
  • 128 MB of built-in RAM (256 MB if running Mac OS X)
  • 1 GB available hard disk space
  • ATI Rage 128 with 16 MB of VRAM (or better video card)
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon is available for pre-order from the Aspyr store. We'll be posting more news on Ghost Recon shortly.

    Aspyr Media
    Red Storm

    MWNY: Apple Announces Upgraded/Redesigned iPods
    11:00 AM | Chris Barylick | Comment on this story

    Although not rising on its own individualized black pedestal from the stage, Steve Jobs was able to thrill the keynote speech crowds with the announcement of upgraded iPod units today.

    Redoubling the previous top capacity of 10 GB, the new iPod stores up to 20 GB of music (about 4,000 songs (averaging 5 minutes @ 160 Kbps)) and features a black leather carrying case as well as a remote control with easily accessible play and volume control buttons.

    Having gone back and reengineered their previous best-selling 10 GB iPod, the new 10 GB model is 10% slimmer and also sports the new carrying case and remote control.

    Prices have been adjusted accordingly, the older 5 GB model retailing for $299 while the 10 GB sells for $399, and the 20 GB for $499.

    The iPod is also greater integration in Apple's digital hub strategy, with support for the iSync application in the forthcoming Mac OS 10.2 upgrade (due August 24th), which will allow your iPod to automatically keep track of your contacts and events.

    In addition, the iPod will find itself in the hands of Windows mavens this fall; Apple's latest line of iPods will support Windows with a version of MusicMatch Jukebox's that supports the iPod and includes a 6-pin to 4-pin FireWire adapter. However, "we want to get to the Mac users first," quipped Jobs.

    Apple Computer

    Freecraft OS X Port Needs Mac Dev
    10:59 AM | Vern Xiong | Comment on this story

    Freecraft, an open-source RTS game developed by hobbyists for Mac, Windows, and Linux has been updated recently, as noted by Slashdot. Along with the post are some issues and concerns raised by Slashdot members and developers.

    A post from one of the developers read:

    The main reason I posted this news was to get more Mac developers interested since they are a minority on Freecraft. Work still needs to be done on getting the Mac OS X port up to par with Linux and Window, specifically with sound.
    If you have programming skills and an interest in open source gaming, look into grabbing the Freecraft source and making your own contributions to the project.

    Freecraft OS X at Slashdot

    WarCraft III Aftermath Q&A
    10:59 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

    The recent release of Blizzard's RTS title Warcraft III has been met with huge acclaim, along with an estimated 4.5 million copies shipped to game stores. Taking a look at the "aftermath" of such a successful launch, HomeLAN conducted a short interview with Rob Pardo, Lead Designer for WC3, and acquired some information regarding his thought and future plans.

    Besides discussing the challenges of handling such a huge launch and the subsequent feelings of relief following the event, Pardo answers several questions regarding, including how Blizzard managed to handle the influx of millions of new players. He also brought up the possibility of clan matchups sometime in the future:

    HomeLAN - Blizzard's last RTS game StarCraft was a huge hit in competitions and tournaments. Was there any thought given to developing gameplay elements in Warcraft III that would benefit tournament players?

    Rob Pardo - Our ladder system has been greatly expanded to help support competition in Warcraft III. We now support team games, and we hope to one day support competition between clans.

    The rest of the interview focuses on other issues such as the possibility of a demo and a future WC3 expansion set, as well as Blizzard's future plans. Those interested can find the whole interview at HomeLAN.

    HomeLAN - Warcraft III Interview
    Blizzard Entertainment
    WarCraft III
    Buy WarCraft III

    SoundBlaster Live! for Mac OS X Makes Progress
    10:59 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

    In a post to the IMG hardware forum, Brian Souder, a representative for Creative Labs, revealed that progress is being made on Mac OS X drivers for the Sound Blaster Live! PCI audio card. He hints that a beta with basic input/output support may be released in the future. Souder also notes that the driver design is modular, so it might be possible to re-use the code for the next-generation Sound Blaster Audigy, if they decide to pursue that endeavor. Here is the rest of his post:

    Ok - Here's an update guys. I got an e-mail from the people helping me with the "SB Live for OS X" project. It seems they have the inputs working on the Live card, and feel we may be able to release the first beta with the "BASIC" I/O working. The nice thing about the design is that it is modular, with the hope that we may be able to re-use code for an Audigy card later on. The lead programmer is going to try to get me some screen shots for MWNY - maybe tomorrow or Thursday. I'm not sure what day I am going up. This is a project I am doing independent of Creative for the moment. Hopefully I will have more good news in the coming weeks.
    This is great news if you are still hanging on to your Sound Blaster Live in hopes of an OS X solution. We'll be sure you keep you updated of any further developments.

    IMG Forum: SB Live for OS X
    Sound Blaster Live!
    IMG Sound Blaster Live! Review

    Logitech Control Center 1.0.0 Released
    10:59 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

    After a lengthy beta period, Logitech has finally released the final version of their Control Center software for Mac OS X. The Logitech Control Center supports all of their USB peripherals, including mice, trackballs and keyboards. Here are some of the features the LCC provides:

    Browse the Internet using dedicated keys that provide one-touch access to your favorite sites.
    Launch your email application by pressing a button.
    Play music and control the system speaker using built-in buttons.
    Open frequently used items, such as documents, folders and applications, with a single keystroke.
    Scroll in windows of applications built for MacOS X. You can scroll up and down with a single keystroke or wheel movement.
    Switch between open applications.
    Show contextual menus with a single mouse click.
    Simulate keystrokes to provide shortcuts to commands you use regularly.
    The installer is available in English, French, German, Italian, and Dutch.

    Download Logitech Control Center (5.9 MB)
    Logitech Control Center Readme

    CH Announces New Products
    10:59 AM | Tim Morgan | Comment on this story

    CH Products, developer of Mac and PC flight-sim peripherals, has announced an assortment of new hardware on the drawing board for Christmas 2002. CH's Debby Seymor elaborates:

    Flight Sim Chair: CH Products and Dittrich Design, a contemporary furniture design company based out of Germany, have teamed up to offer you a place to sit your keister while gaming. This light-weight compact flight chair is comfortable enough to allow hours of entertainment with your CH Flight Sim Yoke and Pedals! The Flight Sim Chair is sleek enough that you'll want to have it ready for your urgent gaming fixes, yet constructed to fold up and slide underneath your bed. Pricing to be determined. Available by November 2002!

    Throttle Quadrant: Thanks to all of your comments and suggestions, CH Products is proud to announce the newest tool for your flight sim needs! We're thrilled to offer a realistic throttle quadrant with two different options, prop or jet, depending on your choice of flight. For those of you who seek ultimate realism in flight simulation, you simply cannot pass this one up! Pricing to be determined. Available by Christmas 2002!

    Although this doesn't have anything to do with simulation flying, CH is also offering its yoke for those who take the time and effort to build their own aircraft:

    Flight Control Stick: Have you taken your hobby and passion for flight to the extreme? Ever wonder how CH came up with controllers so realistic, you feel like your actually cleared for take-off? Well, the same man who brought the ideas and designs to the unmentionable amount of directors meetings, has been building real life airplane, in his "spare time" for years. And what better joystick to use in his own airplanes, than his own?

    These products will be demonstrated in Oshkosh, Wisconsin's annual AirVenture event, scheduled for July 20-23 of 2002. CH will be exhibiting in Hangar B, booth 2016 and 2017. Photos and pricing information will surface in the future.

    CH Products

    MWNY: Apple Unveils New 17'' iMac
    10:59 AM | Chris Barylick | Comment on this story

    Apple Compter today introduced an expanded iMac with better hardware hardware acceleration and screen real estate that will almost certainly provide a better gaming experience. Amid a relevant but somewhat less-than-thrilling MacWorld keynote speech that seemed a bit devoid of major announcements such as new hardware, Steve Jobs pulled his "one last thing" manuever towards the end of his keynote, the iMac stealing the show as it slowly rose out of the stage floor on its own black pedastal.

    Similar to the current iMacs with the rounded base and the swivel LCD screen, the new iMac sports a 17" screen with a surprisingly high 1440 x 900 pixel display ability, 256 MB of RAM, 80 GB hard drive, a G4 processor and an nVidia GeForce 4 MX graphics card with 32 MB of DDR video memory.

    In addition to the new iMac, current Mac prices fell $100 on current iMacs, the low end selling for $1,399, the mid-level iMacs selling for $1,599 and $1,799 while the new 17" iMac retails for $1,999.

    As the keynote ended, the Apple Store came online with the newest offerings, orders now being accepted and due to ship in two weeks time.


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