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Sunday, June 16, 2002

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New Neverwinter Nights Video
11:31 PM | Daniel Krechmer | Comment on this story

The people at Neverwinter Vault have posted the fine efforts of the Korean Guild Asgard. FireWine, webmaster of FireWine's Neverwinter Nights, and several of his Guild's members were allowed by Infogrames to capture footage for the creation of this original trailer. Their description sums up the video:

This trailer runs over four minutes and shows some never before seen footage from NWN in a level of quality and glory that must be seen to be appreciated. A must download for any NWN fan. Turn up the volume, turn down the light and enjoy. Warning : There are Dragons and other cool things in here, so if you don't want to see them, then don't download. :)
The trailer is a hefty download at 123 MB, but fans with the bandwidth who are looking forward to this upcoming MacSoft title will want to give it a look.

Asgard's Neverwinter Night Trailer
Neverwinter Nights
Buy Neverwinter Nights

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Falcon 4 Realism Patch Updated to 4.0.2
11:28 PM | Tim Morgan | Comment on this story

The hard-working folks at the Macintosh Falcon 4 Website have updated their Realism Patch to version 4.0.2. The new version of the patch, which attempts to make Falcon 4 more realistic, adds a number of small changes:

From version 4.0.2:

  • Corrected BLU107B model that was causing crash
  • Imported FM from SP3 PC. F16C FM fuel flow updated (1.6)

And from version 4.0.1:

  • New AS-4 model and texture
  • Corrected SP2 FM for F16 fuel flow (1.3)
  • Minor corrections to objects data

The update is a patch only; people installing from scratch will have to download RP version 4.0 as well.

The Realism Patch is an ongoing community project with the goal of attempting to improve Falcon 4's stability and bring it the realism enjoyed by PC players with the SuperPak patch. Falcon 4 is a problematic and realistic F-16 Block 50 flight simulator that takes place in a fictional war over the Korean Peninsula.

Westlake Interactive
Mac Falcon4
Realism Patch 4.0 (9.9 MB)
Realism Patch 4.0.2 Updater (1.6 MB)
MacF4 Forums: RP 402 released!

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