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Tuesday, December 4, 2001

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Otto Matic Ships, Demo Out
9:22 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The Pangea Software web site has been updated with great news about their latest project, Otto Matic. Apparently the final game boxes are now in the hands of the good folk at Aspyr Media and should be shipping out today.

Here's the official word from Pangea:

Otto Matic will start shipping today, and the Otto Matic demo should be available later tonight!
The demo is available now, allowing anyone with a fast internet connection to try it (though at around 25 MB, it's fairly reasonable compared with many other demos).

When asked about his thoughts on the game, Pangea president Brian Greenstone calmly replied, "Whoo hoooooooooooooooooooo!" As a bonus for Otto buyers, a page of special stickers will be included to proudly show your love for the game. Congratulations to everyone involved on such a quick development cycle (just under a year).

Head over to our sister site to get the demo, and while it's downloading, check out the Pangea page and read through IMG's preview for much more information on Otto Matic.

IMG Preview: Otto Matic
MGF: Otto Matic Demo 1.0 (24.8 MB)
Aspyr: Otto Matic
Pangea: Otto Matic
Pangea Software
Otto Matic

IMG Previews Geneforge
11:51 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Today, IMG previews Geneforge, the unusual new role-playing game from Spiderweb Software:

The three-person company, already well known in the shareware RPG community, is bringing an expansive new one-island world to gamers this winter.

To play Geneforge is to enter a world of magic, adventure and intrigue. The retro-role playing game casts the player as a Shaper. Shaping is the most powerful and secretive school of magic in this electronic universe. Its members have figured out how to create life, and to mold it and program it according to their needs and whims....

Spiderweb president and chief prognosticator Jeff Vogel said creature creation and control was high on his hit parade for Geneforge.

"The basic idea was that I wanted a game where you could make this horde of creatures to serve you, and care for them or let them get slaughtered according to your whim," he said. "That was the germ of the whole idea. I had to think of what sort of people could gain this power, and how they would treat it. And then I thought about how they would interact with the world around them, and, more importantly, how they would interact with the creatures they make. And that's where the plot came from."

Be sure to read the rest of A. J. Van Beest's preview for more information on this fascinating new game.

IMG Preview: Geneforge
Spiderweb Softtware: Geneforge
Spiderweb Software

No One Lives Forever on Feb. 15?
11:37 AM | Noah Brimhall | Comment on this story

MacGamer is reporting that the groovy spy shooter No One Lives Forever will be released on February 15th. The game created by Fox Interactive and published by MacPlay is one of highest rated of the year.

Henry Price of MacPlay confirmed with MacGamer today that No One Lives Forever, the swingin' spy shooter that uses the Lithtech engine, is confirmed to ship on February 15th, 2002.
Update: When IMG spoke with Price, he was a bit more cautious:
We are currently shooting for February 15th. I tell you this without having a beta copy of the game yet. As you know with any product release nothing is solid until you have a Gold Master. We are trying to be very careful with release dates; until I have a gold master in my hand a release date is not solid and is only wishful thinking. The beta testing phase of creating a product is critical as to whether a product is released early, on time, or past the date we all hope for. At this point I hope for February 15th. We have taken all of information from our programmers, marketing, management and our trusty Ouji board. However at this point in the process I will still have to use my brand new talking dart board in order to give a 100% solid date.

We are taking release dates very seriously. We know how important they are to the Mac community.

In the game, players take on the role of Cate Archer, a super spy for UNITY, in her quest to defeat the evil HARM. The game features 12 missions over 60 levels and a multiplayer mode. The over-the-top villains and general '60s motif make the game feel like being in a classic spy movie.

MacGamer: No One Lives Forever scheduled for Feb. 15
MacPlay: No One Lives Forever

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Fan Interviews Riven Co-Director
11:28 AM | Noah Brimhall | Comment on this story

The Riven: Unofficial Home Page has posted an interview with Riven Co-director Richard Vander Wende. Riven, a sequel to Myst, has rapidly achieved the status of a classic.

Wende has some interesting things to say about his time at Disney, his work on Riven, and his future projects. The interview also features images of the work that Wende did and some interesting moments form the game.

As an artist and designer, what parts of Riven are you most proud of?

The Sunners, the Wahrk (and its skull), the Ytrams, gold Scarabs and the spade Fish; Gehn's Mag-Car, the Sub-Car, and the Fissure telescope; the Superdome (gold dome), Wahrk observation Room, Paper Boiler, and Map-Plateau (on the Survey island)....
Those are just a few examples.

Currently Wende is at work on a new project.

If it all goes perfectly and everything plays out according to our desires, it'll become a movie. If not, there are other ways it could manifest itself. Regardless of how well we render the actual script, it's a good story -- I'm not about to let it go to waste.
Head on over and read a great interview with one of the big influences on one of the greatest game sequels ever.

Richard Vander Wende Interview
Presto Studios
Myst III: Exile
Buy Myst III: Exile

ATI Talks About Mac Products
11:02 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

MacGamer had a brief chat yesterday afternoon with Stan Ossias, Senior Product Manager for the Macintosh Desktop Marketing Group at ATI Technologies, asking questions about the status of their upcoming Radeon 8500 and Radeon VE and about the recent furor over application-specific driver tweaks.

Here's a sample of what Ossias had to say about the Radeon 8500:

We are committed to introducing it; it's the time that's in question. I can't confirm the specific details in question, but the general capabilities of the chip are already reported at MacGamer, so they are still relevant. Our internal benchmarks show that we outperform the GeForce3 across the board on Mac OS 9 and OS X. We've very comfortable this will be the fastest performing chip when it's shipped. The new NVIDIA product isn't too intimidating, based on the specs of the product we have. We have a strong Mac development team behind it, so we have a really good solution. It won't be wanting for anything.
Head over to MacGamer for the rest of this short interview, and be sure to check out IMG's coverage of ATI's upcoming video cards.

IMG News: ATI Announces Radeon VE Mac Edition
IMG News: ATI Announces Radeon 8500 for Mac
ATI Technologies: Radeon 8500 (PC)
IMG Preview: Radeon 8500
IMG Feature: Radeon 8500 'In the Flesh'
MacGamer: Stan Ossias Interview

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Dragon Alpha Released
10:23 AM | Noah Brimhall | Comment on this story

Dracosoft has released their Mac OS X-only RPG Dragon Alpha. This RPG has the ability to add plug-ins for added playtime. The game also has a very interesting story.

1000 years ago, a Great Elder Dragon came down from the heavens and unleashed a wrath of wild dragons on the world. The Gods, fearing the wrath of such a powerful force would destroy them, withdrew into hiding. Now wild dragons rule the world and humans are no longer the dominant force of the planet. People have accepted the fate given to them and attempt to live in union with the dragons knowing, that at anytime, a dragon could tear through their homes killing all in its way.
Your mission is to slay the dragons and free humanity from their terror. Not a small task. The game requires a PowerPC-based computer and Mac OS X and costs $25. It is available for download, and if you purchase the game before December 10 you can get a free plug-in called Meadows.

Download Dragon Alpha (35.3 MB)
Dracosoft: Dragon Alpha

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MacGamez Looks at Mac Shooters
10:09 AM | Noah Brimhall | Comment on this story

MacGamez has published part one of a two-part overview of upcoming shooters for the Macintosh. Guest writer Corey Tamás talks about Red Faction, Halo, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and No On Lives Forever.

It's not always the easiest thing in the world to say which game is going to appeal to which player. We take a look here at a few titles that are coming up and help you to establish which one is most likely to be up your tree.
Tamás has a generally favorable feeling about all four games and has some very interesting things to say about them. Included with each games preview are two sections called "Why you should care" and "Why you shouldn't bother." This provides a nice synopsis of the importance of the game and any issues expected.

Head over to and checkout the great preview of these shooters coming to the Mac.

MacGamez: Mac Shooters Part 1
Red Faction

Age of Empires II 1.0.3 Patch Released
10:04 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

In a continuing effort to squash more of those unruly bugs, Bold has released a new patch for Age of Empires II. The version 1.0.3 update contains the following fixes:

• Fixed multiplayer syncronization issues.
• Fixed a random crash that usually occurred late in the game.
To download the update, be sure to head over to our sister site, And if you haven't already, check out our review of Age of Empires II.

IMG Review: Age of Empires II
Bold: Age of Empires II
MGF: Age of Empires II 1.0.3 Update (1.7 MB)
Ensemble Studios
Age of Empires II Game News and Reviews
9:42 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

The Games section of Apple's web site was updated yesterday with three new Mac gaming stories.

"Mac OS X Games at Macworld" looks at the Macintosh Gaming Area at next month's Macworld Expo in San Francisco:

In the Macintosh Gaming Area, we’ll have the latest Mac OS X games loaded on the best Mac hardware available so that you can play until the show floor closes or your thumbs fall off, whichever comes first....

If you can tear yourself away from the games long enough, stop by the Mac Games Theater, where we’ll showcase presentations from top Mac games publishers such as Aspyr, GraphSim, MacPlay, Destineer, and MacSoft.

Also new at are previews of Myth III and Survivor, both from MacSoft:
One of Survivor’s exciting qualities is its multiplayer feature. You can play Survivor against your friends with the Mac-only online gaming service GameRanger. Multiplayer games begin after the tribes have merged, so the season is only seven episodes long, and everyone is at risk for elimination at the end of every episode. A chat function allows you to talk to your opponents either privately or in a group so that you can formulate strategies.
For more information, head over to (Apple's Myth III preview was unavailable at the time of this writing.)

Apple: Games

Sean Smith Named Senior News Editor
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

IMG is pleased to announce the appointment of Sean Smith to the post of Senior News Editor here at Inside Mac Games.

Tuncer Deniz, IMG's Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, said:

We're excited by the direction Sean has given to the news team and confident he'll strengthen IMG's tradition of providing the finest Mac gaming news coverage.
As well as being an avid Mac gamer who can often be found online as "Gunbert," administering stiff grammatical correction with a rocket launcher, Smith has been quality assurance director for such companies as and The Voyager Company, a technical writer, a classical singer, a tournament chess player, and the author of "The Gamesome Mac," a column in LAMG digest.

Inside Mac Games

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