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Tuesday, November 27, 2001

WipeOut 2097 Goes Gold
9:40 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

U.K. based Virtual Programming have announced that WipeOut 2097 has gone to golden master and should be released in time for Christmas. A super speedy racing game, Wipeout was originally published for the Sony PlayStation in 1996 by Psygnosis. Now Virtual Programming has brought this award-winning game to the Mac.

Here's a brief description:

Wipeout caused jaws to drop the world over and became an instant classic. Now WipeOut 2097 is poised to take anti-gravity racing completely over the edge. Lightning-fast reflexes rule in this race 'n' chase thriller where your goal is to stay in the lead and defend your craft against other pilots. Negotiate hairpin turns, make gut-wrenching drops and initiate jumps all while blasting your opponents with intimidating weaponry. With faster, smoother graphics, more tracks, more vehicles, and more weapons, WipeOut 2097 sets a new standard in 32-bit gaming!
According to Virtual Programming, the Mac version will have full network capability. The game will run on Mac OS 9 and is carbonized for Mac OS X. The game requires an iMac (revision B or later), G3, or G4 with 64 MB of RAM. An OpenGL 3D hardware accelerated card such as a Rage Pro or better is also required.

Virtual Programming

One on One with Mark Adams
12:03 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

"One on One with Mark Adams," a monthly feature at Inside Mac Games, is essentially a conversation between two old friends talking about various Mac game related topics. The impromptu conversation deals with topics such as the strength of the overall Mac market, Mac OS X, Apple, and more.

Here's an excerpt from this month's installment, our fourth:

Tuncer Mark, tell us what Westlake is up to these days.

Mark We're putting the finishing touches on Civilization 3 and Spider-Man, and working to get Harry Potter to beta. Undying is also still in progress, and we're also doing preliminary work on the secret project "Morphine" and another unnamed secret project.

Tuncer So was Harry Potter code named "New World?" If so, how did you guys come up with that name?

Mark Yes that was the code name. Its sneaky, but the director of the Harry Potter movie is Chris Columbus. I can't take credit for that one, Phil Sulak, one Westlake's founding partners and our web site guru came up with that one.

Read on at the link below.

Westlake Interactive
IMG: One on One with Mark Adams (Part 4)
Westlake Interactive

Wolf Q&A with Kevin Cloud
11:40 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

Last week, HomeLAN Fed interviewed with Kevin Cloud of id Software about their Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which they developed with Gray Matter and Nerve Software and which was recently released for the PC.

Here's an excerpt from their talk:

HomeLAN - Obviously, Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a much more complex game than Wolfenstein 3D. Was the id conscious of keeping the game as fun and addicting as the original yet still be able to be accepted by a modern gaming audience?

Kevin Cloud - That’s why id decided to work with Gray Matter. We wanted to see that same adrenaline pumping excitement as the original, built into a richly detailed universe. Gray Matter did a great job of capturing the “essence” and “attitude” of the original game, while creating a game with a compelling story, interesting characters, great AI and animation, and phenomenal detail – all elements that make it stand on it’s own as a great game. There are the nods back to the original, like the turkey-dinners, suits or armor, treasure, and secrets, but make no mistake about it – RTCW is as complex and robust as modern video games get.

For the rest of HomeLAN's interview, follow the link below to their web site, and stay tuned to IMG for news of this highly-anticipated shooter's Mac release.

Activision: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
MGF: Download Wolf MP Test 2 for OS X (64.7 MB)
HomeLAN: Return To Castle Wolfenstein Interview
Buy Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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Max Payne Preview
11:00 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

MacGamez has posted a preview of Max Payne, the hard-boiled first-person shooter coming to the Mac from MacSoft and Feral Interactive.

Here's a brief excerpt:

Max Payne is trying to fill a neglected niche: it's a third-person game, it's got a powerful storyline, it's got all the violence anyone could want in a shooter, but the biggest factor setting it apart from other games in the 3D action genre is the utter grubby realism of its setting. I strongly feel that gamers who have been playing in dungeons, pyramids and sci-fi castles are ready to take a bite of the real world.

Leaving the beaten trail, Remedy decided during the development process that Max Payne will be single-player only, with no networking options. While the lack of a multiplayer mode has been a major weakness in many games in the past, it has also allowed some developers to focus more intently on creating fiercer, deeper solo experiences.

Head over to MacGamez for some screen shots and the rest of their preview.

Feral Interactive
MacGamez: Max Payne Preview
Remedy Entertainment
Westlake Interactive
Max Payne
Buy Max Payne

MacGamez Reviews AoE II
10:38 AM | Noah Brimhall | Comment on this story

MacGamez has posted a review of the new Bold title Age of Empires II. This generally positive review spends a good deal of time focusing on improvements over the original Age of Empires.

[In Age of Empires] unit control was a major pain... villagers had to be constantly supervised to ensure they were productive, and grouped formations of troops tended to split apart into disorganized rabbles as they tried to reach their destination.... Thankfully, many of these shortcomings have been remedied with the game's sequel, Age of Empires II: Age of Kings.
Even though the review is very positive, there are some issues that bother the reviewer, including the lack of GameRanger support in Mac OS X and some bugs.
Peter Tamte of Bold Games has promised to release a patch that will fix many, but not all of the problems.
Head over to MacGamez for the full review, and for even more information, check out IMG's coverage of the upcoming patches and IMG's preview.

IMG News: Age of Empires II Patch News
IMG Preview: Age of Empires II
Bold: Age of Empires II
IMG News: Age of Empires II Patch Soon
MacGamez: Age of Empires II Review
Ensemble Studios
Age of Empires II

Giants Installer Fix Coming Soon
9:43 AM | Noah Brimhall | Comment on this story

Geoff Grecynski, MacGamez Copy Editor and MacPlay Game Tester, has posted some good news for fans of Giants: Citzen Kabuto. A bug that was not allowing users running Mac OS X 10.1.1 to install the game will soon be fixed by Mumbo Jumbo.

[Mumbo Jumbo] is working to get a script out the door that will extract the files from the Giants CD without using the installer. [They] say it should be out very soon, within a couple of days.
Geoff passes on word of a couple of other fixes in the works that may take a bit longer to be released. These include some resolution switching issues and a multiplayer patch.

Geoff also includes some instructions on how to work around a particularly vexing bug in the game cinematics. Read his entire posting for details.

MacPlay - Giants: Citzen Kabuto
IMG Forum - Important news about Giants
IMG Review - Giants: Citzen Kabuto
Planet Moon Studios
Omni Group
Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Buy Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Carbon UT Status Check
9:31 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Mark Adams, president of Westlake Interactive, gave a quick update on the status of the Mac OS X version of Unreal Tournament on Usenet today. It seems the work is going well, though a loading bug is preventing the release of Preview 2 at this point. More than just a side-project, OS X UT is now on the front burner since UT-based games like Undying and Harry Potter will require OS X support.

Here's a clip from what Mark had to say:

I had hoped to release Preview 2 last weekend, but the loading bug (app just dies at the end of the load process) is still giving me fits. Something in OS X changed from 10.0.4 to 10.1.x and the game doesn't like it. If I can fix this one bug I'll release Preview 2. I've actually been putting quite a few hours on it, since Harry Potter needs to run well under X as well (and any bug fixes in UT will probably help HP).
Later in the post, Mark responds to a performance issue by recommending that users with older or less powerful video cards turn down the texture and world details. This should help speed things up under OpenGL (RAVE isn't supported under OS X). Thanks to Mark and the rest of Westlake for their hard work; we'll be sure to bring you word once a new UT preview release is available.

Westlake Interactive
IMG Review: Unreal Tournament
MacSoft: Unreal Tournamen
MGF: Download Unreal Tournament X Preview 1 (1.6 MB)
Epic Games
Westlake Interactive
Unreal Tournament

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Knights & Merchants Patch Released
9:25 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new patch has been released by e.p.i.c. interactive for their recent real-time strategy game Knights & Merchants. Version 1.1 fixes a number of bugs found in the original title, so owners of the full version will want to give the small (only 472 k) update a download.

Here's the full scoop on what has changed, according to the Macgamefiles listing:

Some people experienced freezes when playing the game under Mac OS 9.2.1, this should now be solved.

The Quick Exit function has been changed. If you want to quickly exit Knights & Merchants you will now have to press Ctrl+Escape.

To pause a game simply press F12.

The SFX Volume control now works properly. The
volume level is saved in the config file so don't be too surprized
if some people have accidently set the volume to '0' and saved
the settings with the original version. When they use this new
version there will be no sound! So anyone who discovered sound
is not working should check the "SFX Volume" first.

Knights & Merchants is only available at e.p.i.c.'s distributors (Mac-o-rama in North America). To grab the patch, head over to Macgamefiles now.

e.p.i.c. interactive
Download Knights & Merchants 1.1 Patch
Knights and Merchants
Buy Knights and Merchants

GameCitizen Posts Heroes IV Interview
9:17 AM | Brian Rumsey | Comment on this story has posted a new interview with David Mullich, director of the upcoming game Heroes of Might and Magic IV, which is being developed by New World Computing and parent company 3DO. Heroes IV is the latest installment in this successful series of strategy games. GameCitizen asks Mullich many questions which will certainly be of interest to fans of this series, and Mullich does not fail to provide good answers.

The towns in Heroes IV are only roughly analogous to those in Heroes III, so don’t expect to find the same creatures in similarly-themed towns. The Necropolis is the resting place for the undead and demons, while both human (berserkers and nomads) and inhuman (centaurs and harpies) creatures dwell in the Stronghold. The Haven is the most "human" of the towns, being the home to crusaders and monks. The Preserve is the realm of both woodland creatures and enchanted creatures such as sprites and phoenixes. The Academy is a very magical town, the domain of wizards, genies and dwarves. The Asylum is lair to both bandits and hideous monsters such as orcs and black dragons.
While Heroes IV has not been announced for the Mac, the chances seem good that it will eventually make its way to our platform. It is slated for an early 2002 release for the PC. Check out the interview yourself to read more of what this game will have to offer.

3DO: Heroes of Might and Magic IV
GameCitizen: Heroes IV Interview

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