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Monday, September 10, 2001

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Mac OS Aliens vs Predator Goes Gold
11:14 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

While it happened by means that no one expected and took far longer than ever imagined, the Mac version of Fox Interactive's Aliens vs Predator Gold has been declared "gold" and is ready for duplication. MacPlay has just announced the game is complete and will be on shelves at the end of this month.

Native for Mac OS X, this version of AvP is significantly enhanced over the PC version of the game; those who have tried the demo know that the engine speed is dramatic, with smooth performance on G4 systems at 1600x1200 resolution. The Mac version is also totally compatible with PC maps, skins and mods -- just drag them to the correct folder. And with a future patch due out very soon, you will be able to play against PC AvP players online.

Here is the press release:

MacPlay announced today that Fox
Interactive's Aliens Versus Predator* Gold Edition has gone gold. Committed
to bringing the best possible experience to the Apple gaming community, the
award-winning game will be available at major retail outlets beginning late
September 2001.

"The reliability and stability of the Mac OS X platform, along with its
superior memory management, creates a faster-paced and more intense playing
environment for the terrifying world of Aliens Versus Predator Gold Edition
", said Mark Cottam, President of MacPlay. "Aliens Versus Predator Gold
Edition is one of the many quality titles we have been constantly asked to
bring to the Mac platform; we believe its release illustrates our ongoing
commitment to Apple, and its loyal gaming community."

For those wishing to preview the game, a playable demo is now available on, and Product
information is available on MacPlay's website at, and a
preorder campaign remains in effect through the end of the September 2001.
Customers should expect to find the game at all major Macintosh software
retailers within the next few weeks.

The highly acclaimed game from Fox Interactive, Aliens Versus Predator Gold
Edition, garnered ratings of 9 out of 10 from Happy Puppy and Sharky
Extreme, as well as 4 out of 5 from Thresh's Firing Squad, and Computer
Games Online. The game even prompted to say, "Do not play
this game at night... unless you wanna have nightmares."

User reviews of the demo on MFG agree; the game has been awarded an average of 4.5 (our of 5) joysticks and has been downloaded over 5500 times in just a week. Grab the demo and take it for a spin on GameRanger, and watch store shelves for this title. We'll let you know when preorders begin to ship.

And remember, the MacGames CD has an astoundingly cool bundle offer going right now -- order a subscription and get AvP FREE (just +$5 shipping). And if you are already a MGCD subscriber, you can pre-order AvP for just $15! Jump to the Store for more details.

Aliens vs Predator Gold Demo (59 MB)
Fox Interactive
Aliens vs. Predator: Gold

New CodeWarrior 7 May Speed OS 9 Development
4:03 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Software development tool creator Metrowerks is getting ready to release CodeWarrior 7.0, a significant update to this essential Mac programming tool. Not only will this version greatly enhance the Mac OS X version of this compiler, it adds a special ability which has the potential to greatly speed up the development of OS 9 software.

Developing software in Mac OS 9 is obviously possible right now, but it does require a lot of patience -- many errors in a project can scramble the memory of a Mac so badly that the programmer's only recourse is to reboot, which of course takes time. Lots and lots of time.

With the advent of Mac OS X, programmers finally have a robust, solid Unix-class OS with true protected memory, which means that an application can only take down its own area of memory and cannot corrupt the resources the OS needs to run. Thus you can work with fewer reboots, which means less time staring at the march of the extension icons across your monitor.

The new CodeWarrior 7 will allow Mac programmers to work in OS X but develop and test software for OS 9 (Classic) -- they will be able to work without interruptions for fatal crashes/reboots and pinpoint clearly where a program "breaks" when it inevitably does. Here are the details:

Metrowerks supported the Macintosh® community when the platform architecture shifted from 68K to PowerPC. Now, with CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Version 7.0, Metrowerks continues the tradition, by providing you with the tools you need to easily transition to the Mac OS X platform.

CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Version 7.0 allows you to develop on and build for BOTH Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X. Plus, it gives you the advantage of building applications with the industry’s most popular object-oriented C++ framework, PowerPlant.

The CodeWarrior integrated development environment (IDE) includes: an advanced project manager and build system, text editor, C/C++ and Java compilers, linkers, debuggers, and sophisticated class browser- in a single package.

Plus, experience the new Aqua look and feel of Version 7.0.

This new version requires Mac OS 10.1, so those who want to use the $599 tool to develop for OS X (or for 9 on X) will have to wait for the launch of that update, which should be due at the end of this month. As with all tools, the products they create are only as good as the skills of the person using the tool -- but we think the ability to develop without constant reboots should be a boon even to the smallest shareware developer, as well as to those porting titles from PC to Mac. Visit the CodeWarrior web site to learn more.

CodeWarrior 7 Details

Custer Spins Another Desktop
11:41 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

While the resident geniuses in the IMG forums managed to guess this title was coming months ago, we're sure many are still quite pleasantly surprised to learn that Spider Man is coming to the Mac OS. A PlayStation title by the same crew that did Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, this action/adventure will be just the thing for comic book lovers and those who like console-style gaming.

To celebrate, our resident pixel pusher Brad Custer has updated Custer's Desktops with yet another gaming-themed piece of monitor candy. Here's his description of this work:

Back to the normal Monday grind. I could have used another Monday off, but alas here I am at working multi-tasking to bring you this latest treat. Needless to say, I was very excited to see the official announcement this past Friday that Spider-Man was coming to the Mac. I've been a fan of comics as long as I can remember and Spider-Man has always been a character I enjoyed. From his appearances on the Electric Company to his many cartoon incarnations, he's always been there as I was growing up. I even enjoyed the cheesy movies they did of him several years ago. So it was a natural choice to select this game as my desktop for this week. I did a montage in the background of Spidey using various art styles of the web-slinger. A 3-D Spider-Man from the Activision E3 Press Kit was used in the front to create this week's desktop titled, "Wall Crawler." I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. :)
Grab that desktop and anticipate the release of this game, which should be here by the Holiday season.

Custer's Desktops

Updated Parsec LAN-test Released
11:10 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Having been a part of the IMG news team for almost three full years, I can tell you with some authority that no game project has been more protracted -- and yet persistent -- than Parsec. This venture in creating "commercial-quality freeware" has seemingly gone in and out of hibernation many times, always redeemed by the monthly screen shot from a totally moribund state.

Now, nearly a year from the previous LAN-test, has announced that another version of this game-in-progress has been made available. Combining the requisite bug fixes with many visual enhancements, this space-combat shooter seems to have progressed well in the interim -- after all, it is a freeware project run by volunteers who no doubt have day jobs.

Here is a list of the changes:

Change in this version include:

  • two new ships (Assassin and Silverhawk)
  • high resolution textures for the new ships
  • new music by STEV
  • 8 player support (on TCP/IP LANs)
  • teleporter
  • mouse control
  • MacOS X version
  • big fonts
  • correct ship propulsion visibility in OpenGL
  • texture compression
  • texture precaching
  • target direction indicator
  • many bug fixes and enhancements
The addition of Mac OS X support is an unexpected but excellent development, as the visual quality of this title makes it a great "show off" piece for that OS. Be sure and grab this LAN-test immediately, and share your thoughts on the Parsec project in our Forums.

Parsec LAN-Test build 0196 (86 MB)

IMG Feature: Role-Playing Games for the Mac
10:54 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

It is no secret that one of the very first home computer games was a 'dungeon crawl' (also known as Adventure or Akalabeth); computers and virtual adventures in vast, wild lands seem to have been wedded since the days of the green-phosphor monitor. But what RPG should you play on your Mac, and what titles are currently available? Our own Michael Phillips has crafted an extensive, detailed round-up of RPG titles for the Mac OS, complete with descriptions and details.

From Baldur's Gate to Summoner, it's all in there. If RPGs are your area of interest -- or you are looking to branch out from endless Q3A botmatches -- this is the place to start.

Feature: Role-Playing Games for the Mac

Tim Wood Talks Mac Giants
10:47 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new interview with Omni Group's Tim Wood has been posted at PlanetMoon Central, a fan site devoted to Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Tim answers a number of questions about his work on the Mac port of Giants, which will only be available for OS X. Topics covered in the Q&A include difficulties porting the game's graphics code to OpenGL, possibilities of a bundling deal (since its the first A-list title to be released for OS X only), and the performance issues which become apparent with such a graphically intensive game. Tim also extols the benefits of developing a game under OS X:

With OSX just above the horizon where do you see the Mac gaming market going?

I foresee more games getting ported to the Mac since the cost of development will be going down. It takes quite a bit less time to port games to OS X since the system doesn't crash every time you encounter some byte-swapping problem that ends up trashing memory.

This and other features of OS X will help increase the profit margins of publishers and will help bring games to the Mac market more quickly. This means that publishers will have more resources to port more games. Hopefully this, along with really mean SMP hardware, will lead to more people to doing their gaming on the Mac.

As Tim has noted in past talks with IMG, Giants will be greatly enhanced by a multiprocessor machine. Giants is currently expected out in mid-October from MacPlay, so stay tuned as it nears store shelves.

Omni Group Web Site
Tim Wood Interview at Planetmoon Central
MacPlay Web Site
Planet Moon Studios
Omni Group
Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Buy Giants: Citizen Kabuto

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Civilization III Adds Wonders
10:41 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The official Civilization III web site has updated their developer diary section with information regarding the Wonders of the World feature of the Civ series. As players of previous Civ games know, completing the construction of a Wonder could tip the balance of a game, making this goal a favorite of many players. The developers at Firaxis have decided to expand on this feature, adding a whole new dimension to it:

In Civ III, we've divided Wonders into two categories: Great Wonders and Small Wonders. Great Wonders are essentially what we used to call simply "Wonders." They can be built only once, and are winner take all -- whomever completes the Wonder first reaps the rewards. Small Wonders are a new type of Wonder that can be built by every civ, but only once.
Small Wonders cannot be built simply by researching technologies - the player must meet certain gameplay conditions in order to build one. An example given is that Wall Street cannot be built until players have at least 5 banks. Small Wonders also cannot be captured, and are simply destroyed when the cities they inhabit are taken over.

Changes have also been made to the original Great Wonders. They can be made obsolete by new technologies, unlike Small Wonders, which cannot. Players can also rush the construction of a Great Wonder under the direction of a Great Leader. Great Wonders are also associated with each civilization's strengths:

If the attributes of the Wonders you've completed match your Civ's strengths, you will trigger a Golden Age. For example, the Chinese are "Militaristic" and "Industrious." If they build The Art of War and Hoover Dam, this satisfies both strengths and a Golden Age would begin. A far better tact for the Chinese would be to build the Great Wall, which satisfies both strengths at once and would immediately trigger a Chinese Golden Age upon completion.
Civ III certainly seems to be progressing at a fairly rapid rate, building on classic features and the team's past experience. Westlake Interactive is currently in charge of the MacOS port, though they have not hinted at a release date as of yet.

Civilization III Official Site - Developer Update
Westlake Interactive - Project Status Page
Firaxis Games
Civilization III
Buy Civilization III

Dimension 3 Hits Beta 1 Status
10:40 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Klink! Software has announced that their Dimension 3 engine has reached Beta 1 status. For those unfamiliar with the name, Dim3 is a 3D game engine currently under development for OS X. Here's the official blurb from the web site:

dimension3 is a 3D action "game without content." This engine is aimed directly at mod makers and anybody interesting in creating their own 3D game. These people have done wonderful things with other engines, but they are extending an engine that was basically designed for a single game. Dim3 is the opposite ... an engine designed for all games!
Dim3 is a robust engine that features real-time shadows, complex curved surfaces, and a comprehensive scripting language. It also supports OpenGL and OpenAL as well as OpenPlay/NSp and Mozilla's SpiderMonkey JavaScript.

For those who wish to give this in-development engine a whirl, the beta is available for download at the Klink! site, and weighs in at a mere 2.2 MB.

Klink! Software - Dimension 3

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Hope for Mac OS 4x4 EVO 2?
10:37 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Mac 4x4 EVO, a site dedicated to the Mac OS version of Terminal Reality's off-road racer, has uncovered some interesting developments concerning the sequel of this game. While initially expected (and announced) as coming to the Mac OS, 4x4 Evolution 2 vanished when Gathering of Developers began to have trouble and it did not reappear as part of MacSoft's lineup, even though that Mac publisher agreed to take on nearly all of Gathering/Take Two's Mac catalog. However a Terminal Reality team member has posted to Mac 4x4's forums with the news that he is lobbying the company internally to have a Mac version "picked up" by MacSoft and Take Two.

As part of a long and slightly emotional post, TRI team member "Evan" related the following:

Fourth, even though there are a few sour apples in the bunch, I have been actively trying to get Evo2 for Mac picked up by TakeTwo/Macsoft. It wasn't the petition, but the strong sense of community that I feel, believe it or not, to you Mac users. Even though I don't often post here, I read messages here all of the time.

Now, just because I am trying my best to get it picked up does NOT mean that it will get picked up, but there is a chance.

One word of caution though - if it does get picked up it will have some very high system requirements for both Ram and speed as well as requiring you to have a Geforce3 video card. Yep, if you don't have a Geforce3, then you won't be able to run it. So for some of you this is encouraging news, and for others it may not be as encouraging.

Later on in the same thread he updated this news about the system requirements, saying that a Radeon would also be acceptable as a video card. We take that as an indication that the game will require hardware Transform and Lighting (also known as TCL) which means that a GeForce 2 MX card (standard on many shipping G4 towers) would also be acceptable.

Unfortunately the Mac 4x4 EVO forums are disabled currently, so we can't bring you any follow-up information on the topic. However if you have questions please add them to a similar thread in our forums. The PC version of this game is due in November, but there is currently no projected date for a possible Mac version.

Mac 4x4 EVO
4x4 EVO 2 for Mac OS Discussion
Terminal Reality
Gathering of Developers
4x4 Evolution

New Myth III: The Wolf Age Images
10:05 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

The fansite The Myrgard Times has updated their site with a gallery of images both old and new of Myth III: The Wolf Age in action. Mixing "wallpaper" still images with actual in-game shots, the gallery has a nice mix of scenes from the game now in progress.

On track for an October release, this enhanced prequel from Mumbo Jumbo will obviously take tactics-based RTS to a new level, adding new effects and aesthetics to already-proven gameplay. Check out the shots, and watch IMG for more information about this title as it nears completion.

Myth III Gallery at The Myrgard Times

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Westlake Status Update on Spider-Man, More
9:19 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

With Aspyr's September newsletter hitting inboxes last Friday, it's no surprise to see that Westlake Interactive has also updated their site with refreshed progress updates on their many titles in development. The "big news" is the revelation that the project code-named "Stanley" is indeed Stan Lee's Spider-Man. Westlake's Mark Krenek is on the job, and the game is expected out for the Mac sometime in November.

Other news for the company includes an update on the expansion pack for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, which is now in beta testing and expected out very soon. Interestingly, the game will only be available through Aspyr's web site for around $20. The title will benefit from OS X compatibility and multiprocessor support. Aspyr has also noted an OS X patch for the original will also be released for download.

The OS X version of Unreal Tournament -- really a side project by president Mark Adams -- is now officially in Alpha. A public beta of the popular FPS shooter is expected out soon. Another of Aspyr's ports which also makes use of the UT engine is Undying. While this spooky shooter is still listed as 'Early Development' at Westlake, Aspyr reports it is on track for a release just before Halloween.

Lastly, game show fans will be happy to note Westlake's work on Wheel of Fortune 2 is nearing completion. This port for MacSoft is now in beta testing and should be hitting stores soon.

Kudos to the entire Westlake gang for all of their hard work as the Mac gaming scene enters an exciting fall season. We'll keep you posted as their many projects near release.

MacSoft Web Site
Aspyr Web Site
Westlake News Page

By Design Opens MacWarGames, Ancient Warfare in Beta
8:10 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

By Design's Owen Gwynne sent along an update noting the company has obtained a new web site called The site offers information on all of their historical war games, including their most ambitious project to date, Ancient Warfare. The title has just shipped out its first beta to testers and will features real-time isometric 3D combat. The game will allow you to choose from a variety of time periods, empires, and even seasons. The site boasts that with their "unique system you could build an army of Romans and Assyrians to fight Egyptians on a snowy battlefield."

The system requirements are available, and they seem fairly reasonable for a modern title:

  • MAC OS 9 or better
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 15 MB Hard Drive
  • 50 MB Memory
  • Screen Requirements: Color, 600 x 800 pixels
  • CPU: G3 233 MHz or beter

Check out the site for some screen shots of Ancient Warfare, to see how the game will look once released. We'll keep you posted as the game moves towards completion.

By Design Web Site

Candy Crisis Updated for OS X
8:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

John Stiles, the creator of Candy Crisis, wrote in recently to say he has carbonized the game for OS X. Now those looking to play this very colorful and fun puzzle game can easily do it in whatever operating system they prefer. If you haven't tried Candy Crisis (you may recall its former name, Skittles) definitely head over to Macgamefiles now to give version 1.1 a look. There are a few issues of note in the ReadMe file, and John also told us users of systems 7.5-8.5.1 or those needing InputSprocket should definitely stick with the 1.0 build. Here's the full scoop on what has changed:

  • The game has been Carbonized for Mac OS X. This update requires a minimum of Mac OS 8.6 and CarbonLib 1.3 or later; if your system is older, you should definitely continue to use Candy Crisis 1.0. On Mac OS X, version 10.0.3 or later is required; earlier versions will not work properly due to bugs in the OS.
  • Candy Crisis has a new system for music playback, "libmikmod." This change was necessary because the previous music library, ZSS, has not been Carbonized for Mac OS X, and the author can no longer be reached. You may notice that the music sounds slightly different now. Also, if you remove the "libmikmod" file from the Candy Crisis folder, the game will no longer be able to start up. libmikmod is open-source software, covered by the GNU Lesser General Public License; see "MikMod License Info" for details. (Special thanks to Ian Ollmann for his contributions to libmikmod.)
  • On some systems running Mac OS X 10.0.3 or 10.0.4, the cursor may display a few garbage pixels in it. This bug appears to be resolved in Mac OS X 10.1.
  • If you choose "Register by Mail" on the registration screen or open the included "Register" application, Mac OS X will launch it via Classic mode. Sorry, but this component was developed by Kagi and has not been Carbonized for Mac OS X yet.

The carbonized version also weighs in slightly less than the former, at a very managable 7MB, so be sure to head over and grab it now.

Candy Crisis Web Site
Candy Crisis 1.1 for OS 8.6-OS X

Airburst Updated to 1.02
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Strange Flavour has updated their popular new fast-action arcade game Airburst to version 1.02, making a number of changes and fixes. These include new features for registered users, like more stickers to be won and other rewards for reaching certain levels. A new troubleshooting FAQ is also in place at the web site (and in the manual), if you're having trouble with the game. Here's a full list of changes:

New Features

  • 32 Stickers can now be won instead of 16 in the Castles game and the extra stickers can be customised by the user (Registered version only).

  • Extra rewards for reaching levels 50 and 100 (Registered version only)

  • Enemy AI tweaked a little

  • After Level 5, the ball speeds up to its maximum speed a lot sooner

  • If you reach a new level, the Start Level automatically updates to the new level too.

  • Scores can now display above 99,999,999

  • Screen Compatibility mode improved

  • Troubleshooting FAQ section added to manual and website

    Bug Fixes

  • Various Castles game bugs fixed (score reseting each level and others)

  • Screen Compatibility mode bugs fixed (ie it shouldn’t crash anymore !)

    Please check the Airburst Manual for details and the new troubleshooting FAQ. and please register Airburst so that we can keep updating and supporting the Mac!

  • Head over to Macgamefiles to grab Airburst 1.02 now, as the update is only 2.4MB. And be sure to register your copy if you haven't already in support of more great Mac shareware.

    Strange Flavour Web Site
    Download Airburst 1.02 (2.4MB)

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