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Wednesday, August 8, 2001

Blizzard Plans "Key Announcement" Sept. 2nd
1:47 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Fastest Games News Online is reporting that Blizzard Entertainment has scheduled two press conferences for the upcoming ECTS, a European conference on interactive entertainment held in London September 2-4. According to the extremely short report, Blizzard plans to make a "key announcement" at ECTS in two back-to-back press conferences.

As to what this announcement might be, there is no hint so far -- Blizzard keeps secrets with the best of them. However with the Diablo II: LoD expansion out the door, a large part of the Blizzard workforce is now free to work on other projects. What those projects might be, however, is certainly not clear -- many are hoping for a Starcraft sequel, though the Blizzard FAQ itself seems to rule that out.

Speculation over what the next big Blizzard project might be spawned an interesting discussion in our revamped forums; many noted that the rumor mill suggested that Blizzard would introduce a "brand new game" that is not a part of the Starcraft, Warcraft or Diablo franchises. There were many strong arguments made in favor of a Starcraft sequel, however, as the lasting popularity of that game is something Blizzard cannot afford to ignore.

In any case, IMG will have a correspondent at ECTS ready to report the news as it breaks. Feel free to rejoin the forum thread and add your own speculation to the mix.

"Blizzard Date Revealed" at FGN Online
Blizzard Entertainment
Next Blizzard Project Speculation

Register Your Creative Labs Sound Blaster
1:02 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Many of you are happily using your Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! cards, but in some respects (particularly in regards to the performance of these cards in Digital Audio G4s) the drivers for this card still need revision. Driver revisions are not free, and coding is not done as charity, so Creative Labs may need some motivation in order to push forward with another driver release. Yet Mac Sound Blaster owners previously did not have a way to register their card and thus give CL an idea of the installled user base of these PCI sound cards.

Brian Souder of Creative Labs has come up with a solution, however; in a post to the MacGamer forums he mentions that the product registration page has been updated with a Macintosh option so you can register your card on the Web.

We encourage all card owners to register their cards immediately, as a way of giving CL some statistical data on the installed user base. If you'd like more inormation about this PCI sound card, be sure and read our detailed review.

Review: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live
Register Your CL Sound Blaster Live! Mac Edition

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Various QuakeCon 2001 Notes
10:46 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Blue's News has gathered up some tidbits regarding the upcoming QuakeCon 2001 tournament, which is scheduled to take place this weekend. Sponsored by id Software, this official Quake III tournament promises to be the largest one yet.

First up is QuakeCon Radio. QuakeCon Radio promises to have a live stream going from QuakeCon during the whole event, through which interviews with vendors, sponsors, mod teams, developers, staff, and attendees will be conducted. The site also mentions that Nullsoft's Winamp is required to listen to the stream, but if it's a typical audio stream, any standard player should work just fine.

Don't forget as well that Apple intends to have a large presence at the con, with a full row of G4s equipped with GeForce 3s available for players to try their skills on.

For full details on this upcoming event, be sure to check out the official QuakeCon site. The "main event" is supposed to feature an announcement by id naming their future games -- yes, that is plural -- in progress.

QuakeCon 2001
Blue's News
Apple - QuakeCon 2001
Paul Jaquays' .plan File
QuakeCon Radio
id Software
Quake III Team Arena
Buy Quake III Team Arena

Radeon 2 Sneak Peek
10:22 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story has produced a short report, based on rumors and leaked information, which purports to show ATI's next generation card and chipset -- the Radeon 2. While the information they display is certainly not solid fact by any means, this is an interesting glimpse at ATI's next foray into high-end gaming cards and it does coincide with several other reports around the 'net. The only deviation from some of the original reports about this chipset is the fact that they claim it will have four rendering pipelines; it was originally rumored to have six.

The rumor mills have been grinding away on the Radeon 2 (or R200) for several weeks now, and many are predicting we are not far from a release. If the images in this article are fact, and that is indeed a finished card and the actual product box, then we may indeed be mere weeks from a release of at least the PC version of ATI's answer to the GeForce 3. Only time will tell; in the meantime be sure to check out this article and the accopmanying images of the densely-packed components on these cards.

ATI Announces Smartshader Technology
ATI Unveils Truform Technology
"Radeon 2" Report at

Harpoon 3 OS X (and DOS?) Update
10:19 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Jesse Spears wrote in with news on his side project Harpoon 3, including
progress he has made with the OS X version and his other work on a port to DOS. Yes, DOS. Harpoon 3 was never released for Windows, so we're sure many fans of the series on
the 'other side' of the gaming fence will be excited about this. While nothing is definite yet about the DOS version, Brian Hook's recent foray into the Mac realm got Spears interested in a DOS version again.

He also notes the OS X build should be available around the same
time as 10.1 becomes available in September. Here's a clip:

A user pointed out that my FAQ was a bit out of date regarding what OS versions H3 supports, so I've updated it.

I also thought I should clarify my plans a bit more: I'm hoping to have a Native OSX version available for people to try out about the time 10.1 ships. Until then, the Classic version will probably run way faster (haven't profiled it yet to start working out the performance problems, but it's _very_ _slow_ right now, where as the Classic version actually seems faster under OSX than it does under 9.1 on the same machine).

Judging from the amount of bugs in the current version, that release will probably be a Beta version (so, anyone downloading it can expect to find bugs, but hopefully nothing too obvious ;-).

Keep in mind that Spear's full-time job is with Westlake Interactive, so Harpoon
3 can only be updated in his 'free' time. We'll keep you posted when anything
new becomes available for download.

Harpoon 3 News Update

Clan Lord Updated to v193
10:17 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Delta Tao's ever-popular Mac-only multiplayer RPG Clan Lord has received yet another update, this one bringing it up to version 193. The changes brought with this new version are as follows:

  • No crashes or deadlocks to report since the last update.
  • Fixed silly bug not displaying status bars correctly.
  • You can now shorten the /pose pose to the smallest piece that's unique. /pose k to kneel, /pose leanr to lean right.
  • /unshare now only requires a name that's unique among the people you are currently sharing with. When both Frederik and Frederica are on, but you're only sharing with Frederica, /unshare fred will cut her off cold.
  • Three clanmembers can force someone to resign as clan treasurer
  • Intaglio Klest remembers who has done the best on his quest.

For those that are unfamiliar with the title, Clan Lord is a MMORPG that promotes player cooperation. Players have the ability to form and join clans, solve puzzles, and undertake epic quests.

The update is currently availabe for download at Delta Tao's website. For the download links as well as more information on Clan Lord itself, be sure to peruse their website.

Delta Tao - Clan Lord Update v193

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