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Tuesday, August 7, 2001

Cortic Launches "Unprovoked"
4:39 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

MacNN has noted that Cortic Software has released their second networkable space shooter title, known as Unprovoked. Cortic released another space shooter known as Ernesto earlier this year.

This title is freeware, but you can purchase it on CD as a way of supporting the company. Here are details on this release:

Today Cortic Software is proud to announce the release of Unprovoked, a fast-paced space shooter that brings new life to a tried and true genre.

Unprovoked goes galaxies beyond where most Asteroids-clones leave off. The game features a plethora of levels, opponents, and weapons. Mission activities range from destroying space stations to escorting transport ships, all while dodging lasers, missiles and other weaponry.

The most defining feature of Unprovoked is its multiplayer combat. Players can join games with up to hundreds of other players over the Internet or on a LAN. Cortic Software's web site provides an easy method of finding other players with its Internet Game Listing. Twitch-action dog fights have never been so ferocious.

For more information and downloads, visit the Cortic web site. The system requirements are very liberal, with only a 160 MHz processor (though Apple made no such beast) and 32 MB of RAM required.

Cortic Software
Downlod Unprovoked (6.7 MB)

IMG Previews Jiggy!
12:58 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

While Mark and Suellen Adams aren't slaving away at their day jobs at Westlake
, they are also making shareware titles for Maverick Software.
Jiggy! is the latest creation from the company, combining the classic
puzzle with the adrenaline rush of Tetris. Today IMG posted a preview of the
title, which is due out in the near future for both OS 9 and OS X. Here's a clip
from the article with more info on the game:

Players are shown the original complete picture of a puzzle for a
few seconds, which then turns blank. Individual pieces fall on the right hand side of the
screen, players having to grab them as they fall or from where they've landed and place
them where they belong within the final puzzle. Jiggy! rewards memorization of the
completed puzzle. Jiggy! grants more points if a player can place a piece with few to no
adjoining pieces to hint at where it should go (No adjoining pieces: 500 points, one
adjoining piece: 250 points two adjoining pieces: 150 points, three adjoining pieces: 100
points, four adjoining pieces: 50 points.) A simple premise, the overall result is much more
challenging. The right hand side of the screen allows for only 12 individual pieces to stack
up before the game ends, forcing players to stay on their toes.
Check out the rest of the preview, as well as the Jiggy! web page, for more
details on the game. We'll keep you posted once something is available for download
at Macgamefiles.

IMG Preview of Jiggy!
Jiggy Web Site

Click to enlarge
V12 Engine Status, License Changes
10:59 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

GarageGames' Tim Gift made a new update to the development status thread for V12, noting they are nearing final candidate for the powerful cross-platform 3D game engine. V12 is the Tribes 2-based engine which will be available for Mac and PC game developers to allow them to get titles up and running for the amazingly low license fee of $100. Tim and Rick Overman are currently finishing the transaction work on the web site so you will be able to pay for and download games from their site. Their attention will shift back to finalizing the engine for a final candidate run in the near future, however:

We haven't quite sorted out all the web site download monitoring and metering the way we want it, but enough of it is in place for the V12 launch. None of the Apache mods seem to quite do what we want so we may end up writing something ourselves. We'll revisit this issue later.

Rick and I are now back on the engine itself wrapping up some misc. issues. Getting some final missions in, etc. We hope to have our first final candidate built this evening.

Jeff Tunnell of Garage Games recently announced some changes to the EULA, or license agreement, of the V12 engine. As if the insanely low licensing fee wasn't enough to rope in developers looking for a strong engine to work on, Garage Games has made even more modifications to the EULA that will make things even more attractive for developers. The most important change is that "GG no longer retains sequel rights to published products as long as the developer changes the content of the original game by 50%." This, of course, means that developers who use the V12 engine to create successful games that deviate by more than half from the original game will retain their own rights to any sequels made, rather than deferring such rights to Garage Games.

The full list of changes to the license are as follows:

1. GG no longer retains sequel rights to published products as long as the content is changed at least by 50%.

2. Accredited educational institutions may use the V12 for educational purposes with written permission.

3. On line, and subscription based games are permitted with a separate agreement.

4. Non-game commercial use of the V12 is permitted with a separate written agreement.

Both a plain English and a "lawyer version" of the EULA license agreement are available for viewing as well for those who are interested.

It's quite nice to see GG give potential developers so much flexibility with the upcoming release of the V12 engine. If it becomes popular enough, there's a large chance that we'll see many future joint PC/Mac titles released, facilitated by the fact that the V12 engine will be available for both platforms.

IMG - News Search: V12 Engine
Garage Games - EULA License Changes

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Red Faction Multiplayer Updates
10:41 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

As Volition's upcoming FPS shooter Red Faction edges closer and closer to completion, more pics and notes concerning the multiplayer aspect of the game continue to surface. New to the official Red Faction site are screenshots of two multiplayer levels in action, and they are spectacular.

The first level, titled Killbox, takes place in a warehouse. The second, titled Watch Your Step, takes place in a floating industrial area. Screenshots of both arenas show ample evidence of RF's Geo-Mod engine, with gaping holes both in the walls and floors being shown. Some interesting skins are also shown, with some of the players running around in suits and ties, rather than the full-armor suits that have so often been shown in past RF screenshots.

Here's a clip from the multiplayer feature at the RF site:

This well-known type of online play is drastically changed with Geo-Mod functionality. New routes throughout the map are created on-the-fly, walls are no longer the ultimate protection, and camping is signing a death certificate.
Again, it's the Geo-Mod engine that's going to radically change the way FPS games are normally played. Hiding behind a wall is no longer a guarantee of protection, and creating your own escape routes and shortcuts mid-game is now entirely possible.

The feature also mentions that over 17 deathmatch maps will be available from the outset, along with the abiltiy to create your own levels. However, there is no confirmation that the Mac version of RF will come with the level-creation tools.

For those interested in taking a look at the multiplayer maps on display, be sure to check out the new multiplayer feature at the RF site.

Red Faction - Multiplayer Feature
Red Faction

Alien Nations Web Site Appears
9:39 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

One of the "sleeper" ports lurking in the background which we are looking forward to, Alien Nations is a unique RTS/empire builder title with sharp graphics and plenty of humor and atmosphere. Titan Computer has been working on the Mac port of this title for some time, and are nearing the end of the process. Recently they posted their own Alien Nations web site, which offers information on and screenshots of the game, and which will be the place to download a demo of the game, "coming soon."

The public beta stage of this game started in early July, so we expect this game is just weeks away from going "gold." Originally developed by JoWood, this game has a very quirky sense of humor and should appeal to both RTS/empire building fans and those new to the genre. Check out the web site for more details. Currently Alien Nations is on track for a September release.

Alien Nations Web Site at Titan Computer
Alien Nations Set for September Release

Top 50 Games of All Time
9:25 AM | Ben Boffey | Comment on this story

Continuing the ever-present argument over which games are the best, GameSpy has completed a list of the top 50 games of all time. Rather than being straight journalists opinion, or an immense user survey, this list takes a rather interesting approach. As well as using their own opinions and those of fellow members of the press, GameSpy roped-in a number of major faces from the developer community to compile their list. Including the thoughts from people such as Levelord, Warren Spector, Ray Muzyka and Graeme Devine and games from the good old Apple IIe, this is not your standard Top 50.

Of course we don't need some stinkin' PC magazine to tell us what our favorite games are -- so be sure to visit our Forum and chime in with your own favorite games of all time (regardless of platform) and why they hold a place in your heart.

What are YOUR Favorite Games of All Time?
Top 50 @ GameSpy

SimsVille Interview
9:03 AM | Ben Boffey | Comment on this story

Following yesterday's look at the Sims expansion pack Hot Date, PC Gameplay looks at the next game being developed at Maxis: SimsVille. Rather than another expansion pack, this is a whole game in it's own right, often described as a crossover between The Sims and SimCity. The interview takes place with Executive Producer Kana Ryan and Associate Producer Virginia McArthur.

PCG: Can you explain to us in a nutshell what Simsville is all about?

VM: Simsville is about both the good and bad relationships that you can create by building a community for your Sims. In The Sims you're managing and maintaining the individual Sims, and in Simsville you're maintaining that community and those relationships amongst the families within the community.

With a new engine featuring zoomable 3D characters and a host of new content to keep you Sims happy this sequel is bound to be a hit with fans of the series. SimsVille is currently in development by Maxis and is scheduled for release in 2002, but there is currently no confirmed Mac publisher. For more information read the full interview and see the official SimsVille web site.

SimsVille Interview @
Official SimsVille website

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