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Monday, August 6, 2001

Myth III: the Wolf Age Interview and Screenshots
7:36 AM | Ben Boffey | Comment on this story

Following XGR's interview with Scott Cambell of Mumbo Jumbo on Friday, they've posted the full informal chat in mp3 format along with a number of screenshot's from Myth III. The interview has been separated into 5 parts (each around 5-10Mb in size) with a brief summary of each, so those with slower connection should be able to listen to the sections which they are most interested in.

The first clip covers the background of MumboJumbo, how it was formed by members' of Ritual and Contraband and Scott's background in gaming. Following this we have some info on what Scott actually does within Mumbo Jumbo and more Myth III specifics. We also hear, straight from the horse's mouth, that Myth III has just reached Alpha and is expected to be complete and on store shelves in November! This extremely quick development cycle - approximately a year - has been partly due to the tools received from Ritual and Bungie which enabled the team to start designing characters and levels virtually straight away. There's also plenty of background info including how in this game, being a prequel, you get to play the Fallen Lords such as Soulblighter in their initial incarnations. A thousand years before the era in which the original Myth is set, many of the characters we know and love were hero's rather than the bad-guys that they eventually become.

Take Two are publishing the PC version and MacSoft the Mac version, Scott imagines that MacSoft will be aiming for a simultaneous Mac/PC release but this is currently an unknown. As far as the developers, Mumbo Jumbo are working, everything is being built and compiled simultaneously as they go along. There's even mention of the OS X version. This is definitely a good sign and shows what commitment and Mac experience the team have.

To coincide with the interview, XGR have a few new and exclusive screenshots from the game. To see these and listen to the full interview, pop over to XGR, it's well worth a listen.

Myth III Preview
Scott Cambell @ XGR

MGCD Subscribers: 10 Percent off at Aspyr & GraphSim
12:15 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

A few weeks ago IMG introduced the MacGames CD, a CD-ROM subscription service featuring the best in Macintosh game demos, shareware, updates, add-ons, trailers, cheaters, and much more. The response, so far, has been fantastic.

In addition to getting 8 jam-packed CD's a year, MGCD subscribers get great benefits like a free registration to game doctor, awesome discounts on Macintosh games just for subscribers, 5 perfect cash back on Macintosh games at Compuexpert, free games, and more.

Today we're announcing another fantastic new benefit just for MGCD subscribers. If you're an MGCD subscriber, you can get 10 percent off at the Aspyr web store (on a featured product once a month) and GraphSim web store. Subscribers will soon be getting an email with details on how to take advantage of this offer.

If you're not an MGCD subscriber, subscriptions start at just $29. For more information, please visit the IMG web store.

Monkey Byte Offers Clan Lord, Cuts Prices
11:46 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

The latest newsletter from independent developer/publisher Monkey Byte has several items that may be of interest to Mac gamers. They have begun offering Delta Tao's Mac-only MMORPG Clan Lord for sale through their web site, for just $34.95 with two free months of play. Here are the details:

Our good friends at Delta Tao games have brought their popular Clan Lord
multiplayer game to! Explore an enormous and constantly
growing world. Improve your skills and learn dozens of mystical
abilities. Characters work together, not against each other. Form and
lead your own clan. Socialize with people worldwide. Join groups of
friends for heroic adventures. Gather fame and power -- or scheme from
the shadows. Undertake epic quests and drive the dramatic storyline.

Clan Lord is a world of high fantasy role-playing on the Internet. Join
thousands of players around the world exiled to a dangerous island chain
threatened by monsters, sorcery, and political strife. Not just hack and
slash -- heal the wounded, study magic, and solve puzzles.

Monkey Byte has also lowered prices on Kawasaki Jet Ski Racing and ATV Racing to $20 apiece. Check out the Monkey Byte web site for details and more great offers.

Monkey Byte Development

Kids Domain Update
11:16 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Kids Domain, the website that lists various kid-friendly freeware/shareware downloads, has once again updated their ever-growing list with more great titles for the Mac. New on the list:

  • MediaPro Tennis - A tennis version of the venerable game of Pong.
  • Teleport Screensaver - An interactive screensaver where robots can be changed through experimental teleportation.
  • Exploring Caves - A 49 page PDF, created as an instructional guide, that explains what a cave is, cave safety tips, cave animals, and much more.
  • Match and Learn 2 - Players match upper and lowercase letters or beginning and ending consonants with words to open windows on a colorful barn. The winner is the one to open the most windows.
  • Match and Learn 3 - Similar to Match and Learn 2, except players must match numbers, additions, and subtractions.
  • Peter Goes to a Football Game - A downloadable coloring book featuring Peter and his best friend.
  • RightWord - Players have 5 chances to guess a word, with hints given after each guess.
  • Cat and Mouse - A variation of the "Spite and Malice" card game, in which two players take turns trying to empty their hands.

All the above downloads, as well as many more, are available at the Kids Domain website. For those with younger Mac gamers in the house, this is an excellent resource to check out.

Kids Domain

Escape Velocity: Nova Preview
11:14 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

MacGamer has completed a three-part series on Ambrosia Software's upcoming "threequel" Escape Velocity: Nova. This radical makeover of the original space combat/RPG hybrid is currently nearing the end of development, and this three-part preview will get fans and those new to the series up to speed on what this title will offer.

The three-part article discusses the history of the series and covers some of the information released in "preamble" form by Ambrosia Software, as well as providing new screen shots and details. If you haven't playe the original or have a bit of nostalgia for the series, the articles are a quick refresher course. Here's an excerpt from an included interview with the game designers:

How did ATMOS enter the picture, and who are these people, anyway?

The following people make up the 'ATMOS Software Productions' collective: Phill Chick (pstan), Steve Chick (-8-), Jason Cook (frandall), Paul Pentecost (Dal Soth), Jarrod Rainsford (Wooly_Mammoth), Luke Smart (Nuada), Gail Vardy, Scott Vardy (Eyeya) and David Williams (pipeline). Those of you who hang out at the Ambrosia Software webboards might be familiar with a few of us.

How did it all start? Well, ATMOS originally started as a group of guys interested in making Marathon net maps and running around shooting each other. We finally ended up trying to make a plugin for the incredibly addictive follow-up to Escape Velocity, EV Override. We wanted to push the engine to its limits in a number of areas, and create the best ever plugin.

For around two years we toiled away at this plugin we called Nova, and we nearly completed it too. But then, Matt Burch started updating the EV/O engine, and we asked for a couple of things to allow our scenario to work better. He ended up getting a copy of Nova, and seemed to like it, and brought it to the attention of Andrew Welch, el presidente of Ambrosia Software. To cut a long story short, he liked it enough to ask if we were interested in converting it to the scenario for the long wished-for EV3, and thus EV Nova was born.

Read all three parts for an overview of the series and the sequel to come.

Ambrosia Software
Escape Velocity: Nova Preview at MacGamer (Part 3)
Escape Velocity: Nova Preview at MacGamer (Part 2)
Escape Velocity: Nova Preview at MacGamer (Part 1)

Tomb Raider: Chronicles Reviewed
10:37 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

IMG has posted a detailed review of Tomb Raider: Chronicles, the fifth and last installment in the famous series following the adventures of Lara Croft. Along with a description of gameplay and plot, there is a screen shot gallery of images as well; you can also grab a demo from MacGameFiles.

Here's a sample:

Tomb Raider: Chronicles, developed by Core Design, ported to the Mac by Westlake Interactive and published for the Mac by Aspyr Media (with additional statistics tracking code added by Timex), is the latest installment in the Tomb Raider series. The theme has changed a bit from the previous games and includes several new twists this time around.
Instead of the game opening to have players find themselves in the middle of an expedition to recover an artifact, they discover that Lara Croft may in fact be pushing up daisies. Lara, who has not been seen or heard from for the past three months after venturing off to Egypt for undeclared reasons, has been declared missing. As the opening credits scroll by, friends gather at Lara's home to rehash her old adventures and reminisce about her greatest exploits, revealing new insights about her past.
Read the rest of the review for more, and be sure to add your user reviews to the article once you have tried the game for yourself.

Review: Tomb Raider: Chronicles

Heavy Metal Patch Resurfaces
10:31 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

This patch for Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 was originally released in December of 2000, but was shuffled around for a while and became very difficult to find. Now an anonymous do-gooder has re-released this patch once again for those of you playing this futuristic 3D action/adventure.

The patch (actually just a new application) does not seem to have changed in the eight-month interval, but here is a refresher on what it fixes:

Redesigned MP3 decompression buffers for much better speed and stability.

Sound mixing performance has been improved.

Increased sound mixahead to reduce sound skipping, especially on low-end machines.

Increased free memory requirements to improve stability during level loading and eliminate texture white-out. You may need to increase your computer's virtual memory.
The patch also fixes a nasty bug with using the Chainsword weapon. If you have picked up Heavy Metal through our excellent CompuExpert deal in the past few months, you definitely want to grab this patch.

Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 1.02C Patch (563k)
Heavy Metal 1.02c Patch (original article)

Custer Goes Retro, Requests Wanted
9:25 AM | Ben Boffey | Comment on this story

IMG's own in-house graphics wiz Brad Custer is looking for feedback from readers for future Custer's desktop pics. But this time there's a twist! Rather than the normal graphically lush fare of new an upcoming games such as Alice and Max Payne, we're going Retro!

So, what's your favourite classic game? Whether it be an old Mac classic such as Marathon, an arcade game such as Galaxian or something you used to get your kicks from on a C64 or SNES, Brad wants your suggestions. Of course if you have any non-retro requests these are also welcome. There's a special thread in the 'IMG Feedback' section of our forums, so drop by and give Brad some inspiration.

Custer's Desktops
Feedback Forum Thread

MacSoft Seeks Beta Testers
8:58 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

When porting a game to the Mac OS, there are hundreds of factors to consider; even on the relatively "narrow" scope of Mac gaming hardware there are a huge number of combinations of hardware, software and configuration that could throw a wrench in the works of any game port. That is where the Beta tester comes in -- they try the game on a far wider selection of hardware than the programmer has on hand, and dedicate their time to finding the bugs so that the programmer can concentrate on fixing them.

MacSoft, recent publishers of Tropico and future publishers of Max Payne and Duke Nukem Forever, is looking for a few brave testers to add to their crew. This unpaid position is not for the casual or greedy -- it is serious business, and should be treated as such. Here are the details:

MacSoft wants you. If you are 18 years old (AKA an adult) and want to have
no more spare time (AKA a life), please email James Robrahn at

We are looking for experienced testers. Please email a list of titles
tested, machines available to test on and a rough guess of how much time you
could devote to testing MacSoft games.

We are willing to take a couple newbie testers. They would have to provide
the above information and answer the following questions.

1) What do you think makes a good beta tester?

2) What is your favorite color, and why?

All eligible testers would be required to sign an NDA (non disclosure
agreement) and should have some Macsbugs ability (i.e. stdlogs).

E-mail James immediately with your information if you qualify, but only if you are sincere and serious about participating.


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