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Tuesday, March 6, 2001

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Deus Ex MP Update, Spector Q&A
11:39 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Aspyr Media is at it again, giving us a great new update on the status of the multiplayer patch for Deus Ex, as well as talking with Warren Spector, lead designer for the game. It sounds like the multiplayer patch will be ready very soon now, thanks to the hard work of those at Westlake Interactive. Here's more info:

Another quick update, the Deus Ex Multiplayer Patch for Mac should be ready
this week. Mark Adams, President of Westlake Interactive, has been working
non stop on conversion, with the patch having gone Beta yesterday.

The patch will be about 35MB.

Adams notes that there will be a few minor single player changes but
nothing too drastic. "I f you aren't planning to play multiplayer to just
stick with the current version," recommends Adams.

If you're looking for screen shots of multiplayer in action, check out the links below. Beware that screen shots three through five are high resolution and may take a while to download on slower connections. [NOTE: Webmasters, please don't link to the files directly.]

In the quick Q&A, Amy Torres probes Spector for his thoughts on the Mac version of Deus Ex, as well as the possibility of a Mac port of the sequel. Read on for more:

I love Deus Ex! However, I have noticed that I'm beginning to become a
little....paranoid. Do you ever read the news or hear folks talking and
wonder, "Who can I trust?"

WS: Funny about that. I've never been much of a believer in
conspiracies -- I just don't think people are good enough at keeping secrets
to make large scale conspiracies possible. I will say, since mucking about
in the DX universe for the last four years, I find myself looking over my
shoulder a lot more and feeling vaguely paranoid about stuff! Glad to know
I'm not alone...

The Mac release of Deus Ex was, again, near simultaneous, with the PC. We
we're extremely elated that everyone was able to make this possible. Do you
foresee the same happening for the next two games in the trilogy?

WS: Hm, well, where'd you get the idea there was a trilogy in the works?
Who told you that? I need names! Oh, wait, I'm getting paranoid again. Hold
on. Let me start over... Okay, ahem, yes, well... Needless to say, we were
all totally psyched about how great a job Westlake and Aspyr did with the
DX Mac port... As for the next game set in the DX universe, that isn't due
to be out for a while and there's no telling what's going to happen,
platform-wise, in this wacky business. But, having said that, I've always
been a supporter of the Mac market -- gotta give the wintel folks some
competition! -- so it's my hope that the Mac will remain a viable platform.
And it's certainly our plan that all versions of the next DX game, on
whatever platform, would be released as close to simultaneously as

When will the next game be released?

WS: At this point, about all I can say is we're THIS close to starting
production which means we're too far out to say when we'll be shipping. We
don't set ship dates until we hit Alpha. That's a ways off.

You are very good about never giving anything away and I am not trying to
pull a fast one on you but are there any details that you can share at this
time? Characters, locations, anything....

WS: The details of the next DX game are likely to change pretty radically
from our current plan. That's just the nature of game development. All I can
really say is we'll be true to the gameplay philosophy of DX (in that the
game will be about character development, player choice and player
expression). The gameworld will seem both changed and familiar and the cast
will include a bunch of old friends. Oh, and you can expect to see near
future equivalents of a fair number of real world locations. Can't say more
than that just yet.

Another huge thanks to Amy and Aspyr for the great information. We'll keep you posted when the multiplayer patch is finally released.

Deus Ex Multiplayer Screen Shot #3 (394k)
Deus Ex Multiplayer Screen Shot #2 (77k)
Deus Ex Multiplayer Screen Shot #1 (54k)
Westlake Interactive
Deus Ex Multiplayer Screen Shot #4 (438k)
Deus Ex Multiplayer Screen Shot #5 (413k)
Aspyr Media
Ion Storm
Westlake Interactive
Aspyr Media
Deus Ex

Pillars of Garendall Movie Released
5:11 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Thanks to the magic of IE 5 web page subscriptions, we were notified that Ambrosia Software and Beenox have updated the progress log for Pillars of Garendall with a movie of gameplay in action. PoG will be the first RPG produced with the Coldstone cross-platform game development engine, a tool that will allow designers to create realtime RPG worlds with impressive freedom and control.

The short movie features examples of the game world and the map and store interfaces, as well as an audio soundtrack with ambient sounds and music. We found the graphics quite attractive and the movement quite Zelda-like. The small (2.5 MB) download is quite worthwhile for any fan of RPG titles.

See the progress log and our earlier article on PoG for details.

Ambrosia's New RPG, Pillars of Garendall
Ambrosia Software Upcoming Projects
Pillars of Garendall Screens and Movie
Ambrosia Software
Pillars of Garendall

Nightfall Postmortem, Interview
1:43 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Two new articles at iDevGames look back with David Rees of Altor Systems on their 3D adventure game, Nightfall. The first article is a postmortem written by Rees about what went right and wrong with the game's development. It's interesting to see how Nightfall was made (including a part about licensing some Nanosaur technology from Pangea). Here's an excerpt:

In retrospect, Nightfall was ahead of it's time. RealMyst has followed in our footsteps, and according to the reviews you need a serious Pentium III + 3D graphics card for smooth operation. We had to limit some aspects of the game, so that it would run without a 3D card on the 100MHz PowerMacs which were around. The single most common criticism we received in reviews of Nightfall was the scarcity of sound effects. On the Mac, sound samples and effects are mixed and played back in software, and can chew up between 2-15% of the CPU. By being ambitious, we aimed high, and something had to be cut near the end of the project. Unfortunately sound was the major casualty of this. Better accuracy in figuring out our target platform would have helped avoid this situation.
The postmortem is filled with other technical goodies about what went on behind the scenes. Be sure to head over and give the rest a read.

The second article is an interview with Rees discussing his feelings about making games for the Mac (especially in the slim days before the iMac), as well as some more details on the 3D engine used for Nightfall. Here's a clip:

Are you working towards Mac OS X compatibility?

The engine is Carbonized, and runs on the Beta. Before Mac and Windows I was (and am) a Unix user, so I can see a lot of potential in OSX.

Online Multiplayer games are extremely popular, have you considered adding this feature?

We are looking into it. It turns out a lot of the things we did for Nightfall make it a good candidate for this genre.

Both articles are well-done, so read through the rest for more info. If you're looking for a real blast-from-the-past, check out IMG's review of Nightfall, posted back in fall of 1999.

iDevGames Interview with David Rees
IMG Review of Nightfall
iDevGames Postmortem of Nightfall

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Tropico Development Update
12:13 PM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

VoodooExtreme received a development update from Pop Top Software's Phil Steinmeyer. With the April release date getting closer and closer for Tropico, things are beginning to wrap up. Here is the update from VE:

Dev update: Very busy. Dropped in the tutorial last week, finalizing the manual today. Ripped the text out for international localization last Friday. The bug list is pretty under control - the game is surprisingly stable. We still have a couple features to add, but they're pretty minor.

The game is very fun - everyone who has gotten a build so far has gotten addicted. I think (hope?) we have a hit on our hands that will get good reviews and sell well both to the core gamer market and to the mass market

The last we heard, Tropico was in simultaneous development at Pop Top. Hopefully, there will be little delay between the release of the Macintosh and PC versions. We'll be sure to bring you the latest news as Tropico nears release.

Tropico Dev Update at VoodooExtreme
PopTop Software
Buy Tropico

IMG Releases Game Doctor 1.3
12:02 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Today IMG is proud to announce the release of Game Doctor 1.3, the largest collection of hints, cheats, walkthroughs, and other game enhancements (called "prescriptions") available for the Macintosh! A dedicated page has been set up for the program, and you can now purchase a Game Doctor registration securely in our store for only $10. Here are a few of the program's features:

  • Over 1000 prescriptions, with more to follow!
  • Over 100 game patches not available anywhere else.
  • More than 10 prescription types, including:
  • Text prescriptions with embedded sounds, pictures, files, and Internet links.
  • Patch prescriptions that automatically locate and duplicate the target file.
  • Progressive Walkthrough prescriptions that use the Universal Hint System.
  • An open architecture that lets anyone create prescriptions using simple, intuitive editors.
  • Automatic compression for smaller prescription files.
  • Direct links to game publishers from within prescriptions.
  • Comprehensive online help and help balloons.
  • Commercial look-and-feel at a shareware price.
  • Game Doctor is available as either a full download, or as a smaller download (without the strategy guides and walkthoughs) for those on slower connections.

    For current users of the program, a March update is also available to grab and import into your current list of prescriptions. This update contains new prescriptions for many games, including:

  • Beach Head 2000
  • Cro-Mag Rally
  • Driver
  • Oni
  • Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
  • Risk II
  • Rune
  • Shogo: MAD
  • Sim Theme Park
  • The Sims: Livin' Large
  • and more...
  • The March update is only needed for users with an older version of Game Doctor. Those downloading the full version of 1.3 will get all of these prescriptions included. Head over to Macgamefiles now to begin downloading.

    Download March '01 Update (requires Game Doctor)
    Download Game Doctor 1.3 (3.5MB)
    Game Doctor Web Site

    MacGameFiles CD February 2001 Released
    11:59 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

    Our sister site,, has released a new a CD entitled "MacGameFiles CD - February 2001". It includes every demo, shareware, updates, movies and more released on from the month of January and February. Here's a partial listing of the files included:


    Captain Bumper

    Clan Lord 169

    Earth 2140

    Gorilla Warfare

    Heroes III Complete

    Kawasaki Jet Ski

    Return to Dark Castle

    WarBirds 2.7.7

    X-Plane 5.60


    8-Ball Emulator x.1

    Adrenalin Racing 1.1

    Alvoune 1.0

    Avernum 2 v1.0.1

    Brickles Deluxe v1.3.2


    Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab 1.6

    C.DEV Thunder Dome 1.1

    Chapionship TicTacToe

    ChessWorks 2.5.1

    Chicken Fight

    Classic Cribbage


    Colibricks 1.1.2

    David's Backgammon 3.9.5

    DomiNation 1.1


    Fixation 2.0

    The CD contains a lot more. A complete listing is available at the IMG web store and is available for $9.99 each.

    Diablo 2 Expansion Items Revealed
    11:50 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story has uncovered a wealth of information about the new items that will appear in the Diablo 2 expansion set, Lord of Destruction. They've also got the scoop on a serveral existing items and item properties that will be modified. According to, Blizzard decided to make these changes to balance the game and make these items more useful. An example would be the life and mana stealing affix. In their current state, Blizzard feels that items containing that affix allow players to refill their life and mana bulbs much too easy, so the items that contain those affixes will most likely be weakened to make the game more challenging.

    One of the more interesting items in the expansion set are Runes. There are 33 types of Runes and they will be much more powerful and rare than gems (one out of 600,000 Runes dropped will be extremely rare). You can pop them into weapons the same way you would with gems, but certain "recipies" of Runes yield very powerful items. Below is a chart taken from illustrating how Runes would be used (data taken from an early build of the expansion set):

    Item Required Rune Required Runic Item Bonuses
    2 Socket
    Body Armor
    2 Medium Rare Runes Fast Run, +47% Enhanced Defense, +15% Mana Regeneration, +33% Fire and Lighting Resistance
    3 Socket
    Blunt Weapon
    3 Medium-Rare Runes +100 AR, 250% Damage vs. Undead, 7% mana steal, 7% life steal, +150% enhanced damage, +10 vitality, +7 minimum damage
    4 Socket Weapon 2 Very Rare, 1 Medium, 1 Common 33% Deadly Strike, 25% Crushing Blow, 100% Open Wounds, Ignore Target's Defense, +1 Light Radius, +15% Life steal, +182% Enhanced Damage, +53AR, +15 Str
    There are two things that immediately stand out, the socketed body armor and the almost-ridiculous abilities the Runes give you. Keep in mind how rare the rarest Runes will be. Blizzard estimates that players may have to spend many months searching for them, but has taken into account that players will get lucky or trade for them. Visit for the rest of the information.

    Lord of Destruction Items at

    Unreal II Information
    11:15 AM | Max Dyckhoff | Comment on this story

    VoodooExtreme has posted information today on the forthcoming Epic Interactive title, Unreal II. The info and screen shots are taken directly from the most recent issue of PC Gamer magazine. The screen shots are scanned from the magazine and are quite blurry, so watch for better versions to appear online soon. Here is a list of supposed features of this title, which Voodoo Extreme interpreted from the magazine issue:

    • Unreal II will take the best parts of Unreal and Unreal Tournament," says Legend's studio head Mike Verdu. "We're creating a single-player game with a rich story that surrounds 13 combat missions [25 levels]."

    • It's an all-new world, and all-new character to play, and an all-new style. While set in the same universe as the first game, Unreal II will introduce five alien races in a story that's designed to be tight-knit.

    • In a nutshell you're a "Terran Colonial Authority Frontier Marshall" who patrols the ass-end of space in an old scout ship named the Atlantis.

    • Within the 25 levels you'll be conducting infiltration, search-and-rescue and other missions. "We want to capture the magic of Assault in UT," says Verdu.

    • Smaller scale battles of four or five monsters at a time, maximum.

    • AI bots/marines will be used in tactical situations to help out.

    • Multi-player -- Deathmatch, team DM, Last man standing and CTF, plus a character driven (ala Team Fortress) new mode of play.

    • New weapons - Grenade launcher, flamethrower, leech gun (fires leeches that attach to enemies and drain their lifeforce/energy) and Takkra (think hive gun from Half-Life).

    Tim Sweeny, of Epic Interactive, also says that "The path from here to photo-realism is now incremental. It's still five or ten years away, though, because it needs huge processing power. We need more speed, more precision in color components to let us move up from 32-bit to 64- and 128-bit, but there are no major improvements to be done."

    The article also indicates that there are still another 12 months left in the development, and there is no currently confirmed Macintosh version - but following the success of Unreal and Unreal Tournament, it seems like a very likely port. And for those worried that you will need a supercomputer with a GeForce 3 to run the title well, articles on the Unreal Tournament engine's technology indicate that the 100x increase in polygon count comes at no cost in performance, due to an advanced use of TCL (transform, clipping and lighting) on cards such as the Radeon.

    Unreal Engine Evolves
    Shugashack Unreal II screenshots
    VoodooExtreme details on Unreal II

    New Target Korea Add-on
    11:09 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

    Targetware has announced the inclusion of another add-on in the 'official' list of user-created mods for their upcoming massively multiplayer flight sim, Target Korea. The game is still in beta, but already the lucky testers are starting to produce their own content for the game. Targetware is banking this feature, along with many others, will give them an edge over other online flight sims out there. Here's more info from the press release on the recent addition:

    Today, Targetware announced certification of a second Target Korea aircraft
    skin developed by Mike "Oil Can" Caulk. "The Huff" is an F-86F-1 flown by
    Lt. Jim Thompson of the 51st FIW and it is perhaps one of the most
    colorfully adorned Sabres ever to fly the skies of Korea. Lt. Thompson
    encountered a particularly well flown Chinese MiG-15 decorated with a green
    dragon. Upon shooting it down and returning to base, he had one painted on
    his Sabre, thus "The Huff". The aircraft flew with this paint scheme in the
    late Spring of 1953. Actual in-game (un-retouched) screenshots of his
    unique checkered tail Mig killer of the 51st FIW, may be viewed at
    Be sure to head over and check out the screen shots, as they do look really nice. If you're wondering what Target Korea is all about, they also give a nice synopsis here:
    The Targetware engine blends an exceptionally secure and unique development
    architecture together with direct "hands-on" community participation, in
    order to create a 250+ player on-line environment, which essentially has
    been designed by the customer base itself. With an open architecture
    approach to graphics, flight models, terrains and even servers, Targetware
    combines extensibility and customization with a high-fidelity flight
    simulator, that insures that everyone is playing by the same rules.
    Targetware is the "branding" identifier for the engine and the series of
    products that are being built under it. For example, the first of the
    series will be titled Target Korea and will feature the Mig 15bis versus the
    F86f-30 Sabre. Target Korea is currently undergoing closed beta testing and
    is expected to be simultaneously available in open beta for both Windows and
    Macintosh systems within 90 days.
    We'll keep you posted as more info on Target Korea becomes available. Also stay tuned as the beta opens up to the general public later this spring.

    "The Huff" Screen Shots
    Targetware Web Site
    Target Korea

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