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Wednesday, January 3, 2001

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Oni Declared Golden Master
6:00 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

Gone Gold, a site that reports on new releases, is claiming that the Mac and PC versions of Bungie's anime-inspired martial arts/adventure game Oni have "gone gold." Mike Wilson of Gathering of Developers wrote to Gone Gold and confirmed this information, and reiterated that Oni will be shipping on January 29 for Mac, PC and PlayStation 2.

Pre-orders of the game will most likely be shipped out first, so if you haven't already, you can reserve a copy at or EBWorld. Also, download the Oni demo from MacGameFiles to see what the fuss is all about.

Download Oni Demo (77 MB)
Gone Gold Homepage
Bungie Studios
Gathering of Developers
Buy Oni

CNET Gamecenter Alliance Dissolves
1:10 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

As you may have heard through other news sources, CNET will be closing down the Gamecenter Alliance, which IMG is a member of, at the end of this month. While we are saddened by the decision, life must go on.

We want to thank those who have expressed their concerns and want to reassure our readers that Inside Mac Games will not be shutting down. Inside Mac Games has been in existance since 1993 and we have weathered the good times with the bad. As long as there are Mac gamers, IMG will be in the forefront of Mac gaming.

We would like to wish everyone from the Gamecenter alliance well. These are troubling times in the Internet world and we wish them the best of luck.

As for IMG...we are considering various options and by February, we will hopefully be making an announcement. As always, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

In closing, we would like to thank our readers for their support and look to the future with fervor and resolve.

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Escape from Monkey Island Preview, Status
12:09 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

MacNN has posted a preview of LucasArts' Escape from Monkey Island, a 2D/3D adventure title being ported to the Mac OS by Westlake Interactive. This preview provides a brief overview of the game's features and storyline, as well as a detailed list of the progress of the Mac port. Although there is still no final ship date, the game is in a very playable status and it seems most of the major hurdles have been cleared.

Here is Westlake's Jesse Spears on the progress of the Mac port:

Westlake Interactive's Jesse Spears, Lead Programmer on Escape from Monkey Island for the Mac, has been gracious enough to supply us with regular updates on the game throughout its development. Spears' last update in mid-December shortly followed the game reaching "First Playable" status. This week Spears provided us with news that the game was recently declared "Alpha" and approved as such by publisher Aspyr Media during the holiday break.

"Escape from Monkey Island is looking very, very nice," remarked Spears. "32-bit OpenGL is very pretty, and the artwork from Lucas is gorgeous. The voice acting is really funny (it's a lot funnier to hear Guybrush Threepwood than it is to read his dialog)."

For more details on this game, be sure and read the rest of the preview. The game will be published later this year by Aspyr Media.

Escape from Monkey Island Preview at MacNN
Escape from Monkey Island Web Site
Aspyr Media
Escape From Monkey Island
Buy Escape From Monkey Island

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Mac Rune Future
10:43 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

After news of a PC update being made available for Human Head's 3D Viking adventure title Rune, we contacted Mark Adams of Westlake Interactive for his comments. In the past Westlake has been quite willing to patch games that they have ported, even going to extremes (such as working without pay) to ensure the Mac OS version of the game can network with the PC version and share the same mods and maps. As expected, Mark confirmed that they have plans for at least one patch in the future, although he is not sure when:

We probably will do a patch at some point to clean up any Mac specific
bugs and roll in any major PC changes. We haven't received a full list
of known bugs from the publisher (Gathering of Developers) yet, so we
haven't heard of any major problems yet (beyond the odd configurarion
problems or weirdness with mis-matched internet servers).


One of the bugs in the game being exploited on the PC side is a cheat which allows players to use a certain player model which is huge in size and has a much longer reach than any other model. If you join a server where players are using this model, you might as well quit -- there is no way to win against that model, as the player can also jump higher and access parts of the level that normal models cannot. This loophole will be closed by the PC patch, so expect it to go away soon.

Westlake Interactive
IMG Rune Review
Gathering of Developers
Human Head Studios
Westlake Interactive

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Mac Diablo 2 Demo Coming Soon
9:16 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Yesterday we reported on a demo version of Diablo 2which was posted first unofficially, then officially by Blizzard. Unfortunately, this demo release was for PC only. While this is cool for those who have yet to take the plunge and play the game, we wanted to make sure Mac users weren't going to be let out. After contacting Blizzard, we can now bring you the good news:

We are planning on releasing a Macintosh Diablo 2 demo at the Macworld Expo.
Apparently everyone's favorite Blizzard employee, Brian Love, will be in attendance at Macworld during the demo's release. You can be sure Macgamefiles will host the demo as soon as it's available. Stay tuned, as our Macworld coverage will begin in just over a week.

IMG News: Diablo II Demo... For PC
Blizzard Web Site
Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo II
Buy Diablo II

3dfx PR Managers Interviewed
7:48 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

While many site have interviewed NVIDIA about their acquisition of 3dfx's assets, not many have interviewed 3dfx staff members themselves. Hardware Software has interviewed two ex-3dfx employees, Alf Covey, Ex-PR manager USA, and Andrew Humber, Ex-PR manager EU. In these brief interviews they discuss how the decisions to sell the company's core assets was made internally by the executives, what 3dfx card owners should expect in the future, and furthermore they give details about NVIDIA's moves to employ some of 3dfx's staff. They mentioned that around 100 ex-3dfx employes have been offered a job. We have not currently heard of any of 3dfx's Mac engineers being hired, however. Here are some details:

HWSW: Many analysts say that your downslide began with the introduction of the V3 series, a card, which – despite its popularity – was lagging behind your competitors’ rival products as far as features go. What went wrong? What are the reasons for this sudden ruin of a formerly prosperous company?

Alf: The direct reason for the recent events was six or seven quarters of substantial losses. There are a number of factors involved, but let's not forget that despite the lack of certain features, the Voodoo3 series is still a strong retail item.

Andrew: 6-7 quarters of making losses basically but there has been a dramatic shift in the retail market over the past quarters. We have experienced a significant slowdown in demand for our products, especially the Voodoo 3 and Voodoo 5 boards. This slowdown is consistent with the overall softness experienced by the PC market. In addition, we've experienced pricing pressures in the channel. Finally, our inability to secure a bank line of credit has impacted our ability to build inventory to meet even the existing demand.

Current 3dfx card owners are encourage to go to and download another copy of their card's drivers for backup purposes, as the life of this site is not guaranteed.
3dfx Q&A at Hardware Software

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Rune Update
7:17 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

RuneNews has posted an update from Chris Rhinehart of Human Head Studios about their popular 3D Viking adventure Rune. In this update he notes the team is still working hard on the game, adding many new features. Along with bug fixes and other language support, they also have other cool things in store for fans of the game. Here's a clip with more:

  • New DeathMatch maps, some exploring some old favorite game techniques, and others exploiting some interesting abilities of the game to make the experience unique. We will be releasing some of these maps in the very near future.
  • Our modelers have been working on some new models/skins for the game, specifically more female models for multiplay. Additionally, we will release information on how the mod community can use their own models and skins in the game.
  • We plan on having a public release to unlock the ability to play as the Sark in multiplayer (which can already be hacked into the game as is, but we will unlock the ability for everyone. This does NOT include SarkRagnar, who is considered a cheat character, and was disabled in the 1.01 patch).
  • Head over and read through the full update for more info on their work. We've contacted Westlake about a possible Mac patch being released and will pass on any info we might receive. If you haven't tried out Rune yet, be sure to head over to Macgamefiles and download it now. Or if you have time to grab the 82MB demo, order a Macgamefiles CD and let us do the work for you.

    Rune Update from Chris Rhinehart
    MacGameFiles CD
    IMG Review of Rune
    Download Rune Demo (82MB)
    Gathering of Developers
    Human Head Studios
    Westlake Interactive

    Shortcut to Oni Level 2
    6:00 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

    A few days ago we reported that another version of the Oni demo had been released with a different level than the levle 1 and 4 included in the Mac demo. Unfortunately Mac users who wanted to try this level that some PC users have been able to enjoy had to download the full 80 MB PC demo to extract the file.

    Thankfully the Oni fansite Oni Res has posted just the level 2 data as a single download. While it still weighs in around 17 MB, this download is much more reasonable. The originial Oni demo is required to run this demo; if you don't have it be sure to download it from The full version of Oni recently went gold for the Mac OS and will be released January 29th for Mac, PC and Playstation 2 by Gathering of Developers. [Update: It seems the ftp server for this file has become overloaded and shut down. We will let you know if a mirror becomes available.]

    Oni Res
    Download the Oni Demo from Macgamefiles
    Download the Level 2 files (17 MB)

    Clan Mac Gaming Website Redesigned
    6:00 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

    To celebrate their second anniversary, Clan Mac Gaming has totally revamped their website, adding a simpler user interface, discussion forums, and news commenting. Their website also features daily gaming news, game reviews and a download area.

    Fret not if you aren't a member of Clan Mac Gaming, their website is open to everyone. Drop by and see what they have to offer!

    Clan Mac Gaming Website

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    Mark Allender on Mac vs PS2 Summoner
    6:00 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

    When Volition's highly-anticipated RPG Summoner was released on the Playstation 2 the reactions were unfortunately mixed. Still, it was considered one of the better launch titles, and it will be coming to the Mac OS early this year. Many Mac gamers wondered what changes will be made to the game when it moves from console to our platform and why the mixed reaction. Mark Allender of Volition stopped by out Forum to speak on these issues, he had this to say:

    Yes, Summoner is a Q101 release, and yes, multiplayer will be the main difference (aside from fixing some nasty bugs from the PS2 version).

    I should indicate however, as with any game, mileage with Summoner will vary from person to person. Summoner was designed to be different than most other games out there. My belief is that many (not all) of the people who dissed Summoner on the PS2 were expecting something more FF style and they didn't get it. I could certainly be wrong about this point however.

    Summoner has some problems on the PS2, but there are many people who have enjoyed the game from start to finish. It isn't like FF [ed note: Final Fantasy, a popular console RPG series], it isn't like BG, and it isn't like Diablo, and yet it there are features from each of these games that you will find in Summoner.

    You never know who'll pop up in our forums, so be sure to drop by. Summoner will be published by THQ in Q1 2001.

    Allender's Forum Post on Summoner
    Volition Web Site
    Buy Summoner

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