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Friday, December 29, 2000

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Get More from the Oni Demo
9:52 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

For those of you who felt that the demo of Bungie's long-awaited title Oni demo released last week was too short, or too difficult, the dedicated fan community surrounding this game has already discovered several ways to get more for your download. Not only did they figure out ways to cheat and add more battles to the demo, they've found a way to make a formerly PC-only demo level work with the Mac OS version. This second demo, released by PC gamer magazine, features levels 1 and 2 (the current Mac demo features levels 1 and 4). Apparently, with a little manual extracting and manipulation, the level can run on the Mac version, unfortunately with garbled sound. The other downside is that downloading this new level requires another 72 MB download. If you can stomach the download, here's where to put everything, courtesy of the fansite Oni Res:

Download the PC Oni demo

Extract the files from the .EXE with Stuffit Expander

* Put files:




found in folder "GameDataFolder" into your Oni demo folder called "GameDataFolder"

* Drop folder "manplant" found in folder "IGMD" into the folder "IGMD" of your Oni demo folder

* Play Oni. :)

In order to expand that .exe file you'll need Stuffit Expander 6, available free from Aladdin. Most fans seem to find this new level far superior to the two released in the Mac demo.

For those who would like to get more out of the existing demo without a large demo be sure to check out the new scripting center at Oni Central. These new scripts can make some very interesting and substantial changes to the demo. For example, one script allows you to have an epic, endless battle with Muro at the end of the airport level.

Finally, if you're stuck in the demo Oni Res has posted a small file that will allow you to cheat. The many cheats included offer a great range of changes, from a simple invincibility mode to a "Godzilla" mode. Oni Res has the full list. The full version of Oni will be released January 29th by Gathering Of Developers and Take Two Interactive for Mac, PC and PlayStation 2.

Oni Central Script Archive
Oni Mac Demo at MGF
Download the PC Gamer Oni Demo
Oni Rez
Bungie Studios
Gathering of Developers
Buy Oni

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ATI's Radeon AGP for $156
4:12 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Online retailer has slashed prices on the ATI Radeon Mac Edition 32MB DDR AGP graphics card to $186.26. When used with the $30 rebate currently available, it drops the price of this incredible card to a net price of $156.26. currently has the cards in stock and offers FREE UPS ground shipping. The rebate offer ends January 15, 2001, so if you want this card, don't wait any much longer.

IMG's ATI Radeon AGP Review
$30 ATI Radeon Rebate
Radeon AGP For $186.26 at Onvia
Radeon AGP

Mac Games Year in Review
3:37 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

IMG Editor-in-Chief Tuncer Deniz has come out of hibernation and written an article looking back at the year in Macintosh games. The piece takes a look at companies such as Apple, Aspyr, MacSoft, MacPlay and how they fared for the year. Here's a little snippet:

This year was a fantastic year for Macintosh games. Although the majority of Mac titles were released toward the end of the year, the quantity and quality of titles released were fantastic. With timely releases of games like Diablo II, Deus Ex, Star Trek: Elite Force, and The Sims, the Mac games market was relatively healthy.

Is everything perfect though? Nope not by a long shot. Macintosh game sales still languish by a huge margin behind the Wintel platform. In order to entice developers to bring more titles to the Mac, unit sales need to increase dramatically.
The IMG chief also offers some off-the-all predictions for 2001 toward the end of the article. Be sure to check it out!

Mac Games 2000 - Year In Review

Mac Gaming Sites Roundup
1:50 PM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

Today, Games.MacNN announced the debut of Custer's Corner 2.0, featuring Brad Custer and his collection of homemade (but professional looking) desktop pictures. You may remember him from his stint on Mac Gamer's Ledge or his more recent work on MacDesktops. This week, Custer's revisits one of his favorite creations called "The Matrix," which features several characters from the hit game, Deus Ex, in a Keanu Reeves-like pose. If you want to beautify your desktop, check out Custer's Corner.

Brian Souder of Creative Labs has been patrolling several gaming forums (including our own) lately to answer the questions and concerns regarding their soon to be released SoundBlaster Live!: Mac Edition. MacGamer has scrounged up more information from their forums about the highly anticipated sound card. Here, Brian talks about Creative's decision to market a Mac-specific version of SoundBlaster instead of having customers buy a PC version and flash the ROM:

We decided to have a Macintosh only version of the LIVE! to make life easier all around. There are many different versions of the LIVE! card out there. Let's say you download the driver and have installation problems. How do we support you? The tech would have to figure out which card you have & then work up from there. There was also extra hardware in some of the boxes that people won't need. For example, the Live Drive on the Platinum series & the I/O card in some of the earlier LIVE! products. People will want these items to work. They may not be supported the same way by the card. For example, the Joystick port is not going to be used for anything but MIDI. There may be people out there that can hack the driver & get it to work, but we won't support those cards, and they most likely won't be very stable. It would be too difficult to do the support too. The Macintosh card will be a Mac only card.
Head on over to the MacGamer forums to read more of Brian Souder's informative posts.

Yesterday, MacCentral published a strategy guide for Pangea Software's prehistoric racing game, Cro-Mag Rally. The online strategy guide contains information on the game's settings, strategies for driving, using powerups to their best effect, and strategies for each track in the game. If you don't know what all the buzz is about, head on over the MacGameFiles and download the Cro-Mag Rally demo!

Download Cro-Mag Rally Demo from MGF
Cro-Mag Rally Strategy Guide at MacCentral
SoundBlaster Info at MacGamer
Custer's Corner 2.0

GameSpot on Most Influential Games
10:06 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new year-end GameSpot article discusses what they believe to be the fifteen 'most influential' games of all time. It is an interesting article, and while some of the games mentioned may be PC-only, many have still inspired a number of titles that did eventually come to the Mac platform. Some of the titles included in the list are Sim City, Myst, Tomb Raider, and Quake; even Myth: The Fallen Lords made it into the runner-up category. Here's an excerpt about everyone's favorite FPS, Quake:

Certainly, id Software's Wolfenstein 3D and Doom were groundbreaking games that defined the first-person shooter, but in terms of influence, Quake, the culmination of id's previous games and cutting-edge technology, was even greater. Quake attracted more fans than any of id's previous games. It set standards for the use of technology in a game, end-user customization, and online player communities. Many shooters that came after it, such as Hexen II and Jedi Knight, were touted as "Quake killers," and that label only attests to Quake's influential status.
Even those sick of the genre must admit that Quake ushered in many elements of gaming, such as true-3D technology and hardware acceleration, LAN parties, the immense 'mod' community, and even 3D engine licensing. Take a few minutes to read through the rest of the article if you've got the time.

GameSpot 15 Influential Games

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No Reset for Diablo 2 Hardcore Ladder
10:03 AM | Tom Bridge | Comment on this story

Blizzard Entertainment, makers of Diablo 2, have added a small caveat to yesterday's announcement that the Diablo 2 ladders will be reset on New Year's Day: the Hardcore ladder will not be included in that reset. Blizzard added a short one-line blurb at the bottom of their announcement yesterday to avoid confusion; only the Standard Ladder will be reset.

The Hardcore ladder is reserved only for those brave and capable souls who have created 'hardcore' online characters which cannot be resurrected if killed. Obviously those who earn high rank on this particular ladder are truly masters of the game, and perhaps Blizzard felt a need to preserve their fame, virtual as it may be.

Blizzard to Reset Diablo 2 Ladders
Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo II
Buy Diablo II

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Warcraft III Art Q&A
9:07 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

GameSpy has posted a quick interview with Blizzard's Nick Carpenter, director of cinematics for Warcraft III. In the Q&A, Carpenter discusses the process of making artwork for games, his style in particular, and whether the artwork gets enough attention from gamers. Here's a clip:

GameSpy: How would you characterize the relationship between art and games? Do you believe art receives enough attention?

Nick Carpenter: The relationship between art and the game is huge. If the art and game don't work together then people won't relate. I think art is playing a bigger role in games. Whether good art or bad, people are beginning to pay attention and it is starting to show.

Blizzard's artwork and cinematics are consistently among the best in the biz, so we're definitely looking forward to seeing what Carpenter can cook up for Warcraft III. The game itself will hopefully be released late next year for Mac and PC.

GameSpy Warcraft III Art Q&A
Blizzard Entertainment
WarCraft III
Buy WarCraft III

Diablo II 1.04 Patch Now Downloadable
8:59 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Blizzard has now made the latest 1.04 patch for Diablo II downloadable as a seperate file, instead of a download. If you haven't yet grabbed this update, be sure to do so, as many bugs have been fixed. Here's a quick list of a few:

  • Barbarian's Whirlwind and Leap Attack and Paladin's Charge no longer keep all inventory items red and unusable after attack ends.
  • Equipping a barbarian with a two-handed sword or with a shield while holding two two-handed swords will no longer cause disconnection from the Realm.
  • Fixed an assertion that could happen when unequipping one item while wearing another gemmed item that enhances a character stat.
  • Closed a loophole that could allow a player to declare hostility on anyone regardless of where the declarer is.
  • Closed a loophole that could allow a player to run around too fast.
  • Closed a loophole that allowed a player to equip and use an item that was beyond the character's ability.
  • Head on over to Macgamefiles now to grab the update, which is under 4MB.

    Blizzard Diablo II Patch Information
    Download Diablo II 1.04 Patch (3.6MB)
    IMG News: Diablo 2 1.04 Available, Major Bugs Fixed

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