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The Sims: Hot Date


Released: 6/10/2002

Mac Games News: 16 Articles

Article Author Type Date
IMG Posts The Sims: Hot Date Review Tuncer Deniz News Article  Jul 11, 2002 
 10:53 am 
MacGamer Reviews The Sims: Hot Date Mike Apps News Article  Jul 1, 2002 
 12:29 pm 
Aspyr June Newsletter Released Andy Largent News Article  Jun 28, 2002 
 6:00 am 
bangsplat Releases Hot Date Utility Michael Phillips News Article  Jun 18, 2002 
 7:26 am 
Aspyr Ships The Sims: Hot Date Tuncer Deniz News Article  Jun 10, 2002 
 9:16 am 
Aspyr Picks Final Hot Date Winners Tuncer Deniz News Article  Jun 7, 2002 
 6:09 pm 
The Sims: Hot Date Goes Gold Tuncer Deniz News Article  Jun 4, 2002 
 4:15 pm 
Aspyr Picks Second Hot Date Winner Tuncer Deniz News Article  May 28, 2002 
 12:03 pm 
Apple's Hot Date with Mr. Wright Andy Largent News Article  May 21, 2002 
 9:10 am 
Aspyr Picks First Hot Date Winner IMG News News Article  May 17, 2002 
 2:23 pm 
ATI Radeon 8500 Winner Announced Tuncer Deniz News Article  May 13, 2002 
 10:15 am 
Two Giveaways: Hot Date and Radeon 8500! IMG News News Article  May 7, 2002 
 11:38 am 
IMG Previews The Sims: Hot Date Sean Smith News Article  Apr 26, 2002 
 12:45 pm 
Updates on Max Payne, The Sims: Hot Date Jason Sims News Article  Apr 10, 2002 
 6:00 am 
The Sims Overtakes Myst as Bestseller Andy Largent News Article  Mar 25, 2002 
 6:00 am 
MWSF: Westlake Porting Star Wars GB, Hot Date Michael Eilers News Article  Jan 8, 2002 
 10:36 am 

Archives  News: The Sims: Hot Date