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Macworld SF 2002 Picture Gallery
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IMG got a sneak peek at Apple's next big innovation in computing!

IMG's Patrick talks smack about Brad Custer's toilet seat

GraphSim's Jeff Morgan woos a potential customer with Altoids

I spent way too long deciding which camera to buy!

Lucian isn't just our hardware editor...he also doubles as a comfy chair!

Truly a work of art

You see, megahertz isn't the only measure of a prosser's performance

The man himself.

Welcome to sunny San Francisco!

Sean, Patrick, Andy, Brad, Tuncer, Lucian, Eddie, and Michael Phillips in front

The press gets their first look at the iMac

Bigger, faster, cooler, wider, heavier...

IMG's Tuncer checks out the new iMac

Archives  Features  Macworld SF 2002 Picture Gallery