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Must Have Mac OS X Games
December 20, 2001 | Kit Pierce

Family / Casual
Freeverse gets another hit on the charts of the OS X Must-Haves with their "iPuppet presents: Colin's Classic Cards." Drawing on Freeverse's considerable experience creating quality card games for the Mac, iPuppet features Euchre, Hearts, Spades and Pitch. The AI for the single player is quite challenging, and iPuppet's support for network play clinches its spot as a must-have for the casual gamer. True to Freeverse style the artwork is sharp, and the character avatars mock and taunt you as you play. What's more, you can customize your own avatar within the game. iPuppet is good fun the whole family can enjoy.

Myst III: Exile. Is it a puzzle game? Is it an adventure game? New Myst III is a puzzle and an adventure game! But for the sake of the genre and its sheer scope, Myst III is one of the best adventures you can get your mitts on for OS X. Whether you're a fan of the Myst series, or just getting into the storyline, Myst III is an incredible ride with gorgeous environments, an in-depth plot, and some tricky puzzles that are difficult enough (but not too difficult) to keep most adventure gamers satisfied for quite a while.

Did you think I was going to leave out Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2? Mercy! But I couldn't list Mr. Hawk in something so bland as a Sports category, because THPS2 is so much more. Gravity and death defying tricks galore, Tony Hawk and company grind, ollie, and catch air all over your computer screen in this fast-paced action-sports-arcade spectacular. This simple premise deftly executed firmly established Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 as an instant classic the moment it hit the Mac. And Aspyr shipped the CD with a classic Mac OS and OS X executable right onboard. How cool is that?

Normally a title like this would go into an action category, but Giants: Citizen Kabuto is special. A little bit resource management, a little bit strategy, an interesting plot, three unique races, a variety of game play modes, and a whole lot of action make Giants a standout title that is available for the Mac only on OS X thanks to the development efforts of the Omni Group. Giants: Citizen Kabuto is not for the weak of heart or faint of hardware, however. Its mammoth system requirements leave most users finding their computers seriously lacking enough horsepower to run this title. Still, if you have the iron, MacPlay has the game.

Must-Have Resources
To make up for a lack of system support for most gaming devices, Mac OS X shareware maker Carvware has devised a little shareware app called the GamePad Companion. The GamePad Companion allows the user to map the controls of their favorite gaming input devices to their favorite games even if those games lack built-in support for such devices. The price is modest for an application that many gamers have been crying for since it was discovered their joystick broke under OS X.

On the Horizon
Whether you want to call them "Forthcoming," "Nearing Final candidate," or "Buzzworthy," a spade is always a spade. Here is a quick list of some titles coming to Mac OS X that look promising, but time will tell.

FPS: Red Faction and Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Strategy: Myth III: The Wolf Age
RPG: Escape Velocity Nova
Simulation: Black & White
Action: Max Payne and Sacrifice
Resource: GameRanger

If you want a good time, get some of these games. Either they're easy fun for hours or they're well-established classics, but in any case, picking up a few of these titles is sure to keep your PC lovin' friends off your back. In many cases you'll even be able to tool on them in an appropriately platform agnostic network way. Watch the sales, warm up your credit card, and snag some of these. You'll be glad you did.

A big thanks to Michael Phillips for his contributions to this feature.

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