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Interview: Bungie's Alexander Seropian
December 10, 2001 | Tuncer Deniz

IMG: Did Bill Gates or a screaming Steve Ballmer ever pop in to say hello?

Seropian: Bill came by for a tour of the studio. Pretty cool to meet him. He was really interested in our process for making games, which he hadn't been exposed to before. He plays them too, in fact I think he was playing some multiplayer Halo over Thanksgiving.

IMG: How has your role as CEO of Bungie changed after the Microsoft buyout?

Seropian: I've always been real into process, so now I can worry less about running a company, and concentrate on running a business. By that I mean, I don't have to do payroll, lease office space, or police trademarks - I can focus on the process of making games. With every project we learn more and more about how to make games. The process has never been static - with every year comes new tech, new design and features - like, this is the first time we've had to plan out a whole in-engine cinematic story. I think we are finally starting to shrink the production expertise gap.

IMG: Are you working on anything new? Any announcements coming soon?

Seropian: Yes.

IMG: What's your favorite part of Halo?

Seropian: I really like the last level. Not just the trench run, but the whole sense of panic as everything is falling apart, the pacing of how hurried you feel, and the serendipity of grabbing that jeep and just haulin' ass to get out of there. Pretty cool.

IMG: Bungie's roots were in the Macintosh. How do you think Apple is doing these days? Have you had a chance to play around with OS X or some of the new hardware?

Seropian: Apple seems better than ever - every MacWorld that comes around makes me excited to see what they're gonna come up with next. I think it's the innovation that attracted a lot of us to the Mac in the first place and it's nice to see that alive and well.

IMG: And the big question...will Halo ever come to the Mac? Any details you can share with your loyal Mac fans?

Seropian: Yes, Halo will be out for the Mac. Be patient. Or, I suppose if you have no patience, get yourself an Xbox [insert evil music here] :)

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Archives  Features  Interview: Bungie's Alexander Seropian