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Baldur's Gate II Top Ten
October 29, 2001 | Michael Phillips

I’ve been playing Baldur’s Gate II for about 2 weeks now. Things started off well enough; I was simply playing in order to gather info for my review. Then, I started noticing things, small things at first, a little elven slang started seeping into my daily conversations and I developed the habit of not eating. These symptoms soon became worse… Baldur’s Gate II was so good it was making me loopy! Thus, I present the Top Ten Signs that Baldur’s Gate II is Making You Loopy.

Here we go…

10. When trying to cast Silence on someone that annoys you, you’re actually surprised that the spell has no effect.

9. In order to rest at night, you have to activate a magical ward, or as your friends call it, a night-light.

8. You refer to your ex-girlfriend as Umberlee the Bitch Queen.

7. You go to your local tavern and order a swig of some strong Dwarven Ale.

6. On a lunch date, you claim that you DIDN’T FORGET your wallet; it just disintegrated in the sun because it was meant for a drow.

5. You walk fearlessly in the rain, for your hat is + 9 against water.

4. After trying to Hide in the Shadows, you’re promptly tossed from the ladies washroom and submitted to a battery of psychological testing.

3. You’ve actually tried the pick up line, “Hey baby, I have 18 in Charisma!”

2. You take to wearing cloaks.

And the number 1 sign that Baldur’s Gate II is making you loopy…

1. Writing Top Ten lists about Baldur’s Gate II seems like a smashing idea.

If you loved or hated my little list, let me know.

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