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MumboJumbo’s Mythadventures
October 12, 2001 | Michael Yanovich

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Hello. This is your friendly neighborhood Myth addict coming at you again. I’ve had the privilege of seeing early builds of Myth III in action both at E3 and at then again a few months ago at MumboJumbo’s offices, and both those articles have already been posted here at IMG.

Summing them up in a paragraph would go something like this: I was utterly unenthused about the initial reports of Myth III, and early screenshots of the “new and improved” 3D units did nothing but increase my dissatisfaction. Then I saw the game at E3, and during the short 15-minute presentation, I threw my mental gears into reverse and spun my opinion around in a hard 180.

I knew, then and there, that Myth III would suck up precious years of my life. And I drooled in happy anticipation.

But no mere demonstration compared to last week’s treat when I was given the opportunity to swerve through 50 miles of the San Diego Freeway and actually beta test the latest build of Myth III... for 14 hours! Granted, now that the 14-hour stretch of joy is over I feel like a heroin addict desperate for a dose that won’t be available for another month. *Sigh.*

But enough about my problems, what about the game?

Well Mumbo Jumbo made one brilliant decision that affected everything else. They hired a bunch of fans from the Myth community to make the game. People like WWII modmaker Santa’s Head and Iggy the Demonic level designer (ok, so I added the “demonic” part). These guys are the Myth equivalent of the junkies who break into your house and fence your TV for $20 for the next big fix. And they poured their love for the first two games into this one, fixing problems and tweaking the fighting with loving obsession.

See, Myth III is not a brand new game, it’s a sequel designed to improve on the previous two games in the series. Instead of reinventing the wheel, the MumboJumbo team has taken the wooden wheel and turned it into a racing tire. This game is the best parts of Myth I and II on steroids!


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