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Interview: Myth III's Mike Donges
October 5, 2001 | IMG Staff

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Having recently entered beta testing, Myth III: The Wolf Age is scheduled to be released sometime in November. IMG recently caught up with MumboJumbo's Mike Donges to get caught up on Myth III. We've also got two new screenshots from the latest build of the game, so be sure to check them out.

IMG: The team has promised that Mac users will also be able to use the game editor, but will tools for importing models and animations also be available?

Donges: We will be making the tools for importing models and animations available. However, those tools currently only support 3D Studio Max. Because the export plug-in is essentially a text file exporter, intrepid souls should be able to convert it for use with other modeling and animation packages, including those on the Mac.

IMG: Will maps and plug-ins be distributed as separate downloads, or will the game feature "live" updating (as with Quake 3 Arena) where a unique map on a server can be downloaded by simply joining the game?

Donges: Maps and plug-ins will be available for downloading, rather than via a "live" update feature. It is a nice feature, but it shan't make it into Myth 3.

IMG: What are some of the ways has been enhanced for Myth III? Will it support community features such as clans and rank systems/ladders?

Donges: Well, we aren't using either of those for Myth 3. We have not yet announced what we will be using for game matching and other such fun stuff as clans and ranking, but it will be a very friendly environment for building a community.

IMG: What is the approximate length of the solo game for an experienced Myth player?

Donges: We suspect that an experienced Myth player should get at least 20-30 hours of play out of the solo game. Of course, that all depends on at which difficulty they play and whether they zoom around at 16X or micromanage at .5X. Our designers have a real tough time on "Legendary". I'm happy to have anyone show them up. Remember though, that the single player game is only one aspect of Myth 3. The multi-player game is going to blow people away, and will offer an almost unlimited length and variety of play. The MP levels are truly beautiful and challenging. At least to a biz type like myself. And, with the mod tools, we are going to see people create stuff that we wouldn't have even though possible.

IMG: Are there CGI movies or in-game cutscenes to "set up" elements of the solo game plot?

Donges: We are employing several different story telling devices to unfold the story. CGI stuff, sketches, narration. Scott Campbell has devised a rich and engaging story line for the game. It should be very satisfying to the Myth illuminati as well as to people new to the...umm...mythos.


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