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Interview: Spiderman
September 25, 2001 | Andy Largent

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IMG: Spiderman seems to be a colorful title that stays true to the comic series, but do you think it will appeal only to younger Mac gamers or require any previous Spider-Man experience?

Amy Torres: The comic book story line is closely followed throughout the game but a detailed knowledge of Mr. Web Slinger is not required. This game is a third person action adventure that will appeal to everyone.

IMG: What's your favorite Spidey-ism you're able to use now? Spidey-Sense, Spider-Computer, Spidey-Mountain Dew...

Amy Torres: Currently I'm wishing for a Spidey-Nap or Spidey-Massage but I think I'm stuck behind my Spidey-Desk.

A huge thanks go out to Mark and Amy for their answers and hard work on the project so far. Also, be sure to check out IMG's preview and screen shots of the game soon.

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Archives  Features  Interview: Spiderman