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Interview: Spiderman
September 25, 2001 | Andy Largent

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IMG: Will there be any Mac-specific features like EAX enhancments or improved graphics?

Mark Krenek: Too early to tell.

IMG: Will Spiderman be made available for OS X? If so, are there any significant problems with such a port? Have issues like 3rd party input controllers been resolved yet?

Mark Krenek: It will support OS X. And yes, input devices are still a big problem. Hopefully, 10.1 will resolve many of these issues.

Amy Torres: 10.1 does appear to be the answer to the current input device problem for current OS X games. We are eagerly awaiting this release.

IMG: What are the chances of seeing a Mac version of the demo (recently released for the PC).

Amy Torres: We'd love to see a Mac version of this demo. However, our main focus is the full version game, for now. Once that is out the door, a demo will more than likely be released.

IMG: Can we expect similar system requirements to Tony Hawk 2, or do you have a guess as to what they might be yet? Will the game need a more powerful graphics card because of larger outdoor areas, etc?

Mark Krenek: I suspect the requirements will be the same as Tony Hawk.


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