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Interview: Spiderman
September 25, 2001 | Andy Largent

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Mark Krenek, one of Westlake Interactive's first employees, has been given the task of bringing Spiderman to the Mac for Aspyr Media. IMG recently got to chat with Mark --as well as Amy Torres from Aspyr-- about the game destined to bring a whole new meaning to "surfing the web." Check it out for the scoop on where the game stands now, support for OS X, and the possibility of a demo down the road.

IMG: How long have you been working on Spiderman? At what point is the game right now?

Mark Krenek: Approaching first playable.

Amy Torres: The project began after Macworld NY. It has been tough keeping it under wraps.

IMG: Does your previous experience with the Tony Hawk 2 engine help you out with the port of Spiderman (since it's also a Neversoft title)? Does the game use much of the same engine, or are there significant changes from THPS2?

Mark Krenek: They share the same engine which is a great help. However, there have been many changes made to the engine since Tony Hawk, so it's not as simple as one might think.

Amy Torres: Mark rocks!

IMG: Like Tony Hawk 2, Spiderman has already been released on many consoles and also the PC. Is this considered a port from the PC version, and are there any significant differences between it and the previous console titles?

Mark Krenek: It is a port of the PC version. ( I'm not familiar with the console games so I can't comment on differences.)

Amy Torres: I have played Spiderman on the console. I particularly enjoyed the Spidey-moves/ mannerisms. The Mac version is similar, if not exact. However, the graphic quality does appear to be much better.


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