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Games For The Entire Family
September 7, 2001 | Jeff Wescott

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
The Tony Hawk game franchise has proven itself both in the console and the personal computer arenas. It is a very realistic and entertaining sim of stunt skateboarding. The game will appeal mainly to adolescent males, but not exclusively. Recently brought to the Mac platform by publisher Aspyr, the modest system requirements (G3 233 MHz or better) ensure playability on a wide range of configurations, from iMacs on up.

The only violence you will find here is the occasional wipeout as you try that 720-degree spin after launching into the air off the half-pipe. This is good clean fun, with solid graphics and a lot of cool levels in which to hone your mad skills. This game is also loaded with features that stretch the dollars spent on it. Single-player mode offers a choice of 12 different skaters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Tony Hawk 2 also has a multiplayer option so you can compete in scored matches against a wide range of human opponents.

While you can play effectively using the mouse-keyboard style, a game pad controller is preferred.

Jurassic Park III: Dino Defender
From E.T. to the Jurassic Park films, writer/producer/director Steven Spielberg has built a reputation as a family entertainer. This hybrid title from Sierra is a tangent story not related to the main plot of the movies. Action-packed yet non-violent, this game should be a good draw to kids who are tired of playing Hangman and Go Fish on your iMac.

In Dino Defender, the player is a member of the Dino Rescue squad. When a storm hits the island and all the protective electric fencing goes down, you have to step in and save the day. Hunt down dinosaurs with your tranquilizer rifle and round them up before they hurt each other.

Also available is Jurassic Park: Danger Zone. Here, players pit their skill against a wide range of obstacle courses. One or two players can dodge tar pits, stampeding dinosaurs and survive (or not) earthquakes. Both of these titles are on sale now.

You Donít Know Jack
Here is a hilarious trivia game that proves you donít need 3D graphics to have fun. Also from Sierra, You Donít Know Jack: Jumbo includes the first four volumes of the popular game show-style title. This adds up to more the 4,000 questions to stump up to three players at a time. The flippant verbal abuse of the gameís emcee is guaranteed to generate more than a few laughs from all members of the family. And with 100 hours of non-repetitive dialogue, you wonít get bored easily.

Besides needing a head full of useless trivia to compete, quick reflexes are also required. Some of the questions are based on how fast and accurately you can click the mouse as well as how much you know. Virtually any Mac can play this title, since you only need a pre-G3 68040 processor and System 7.5.5 or later!


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