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EB Games Expo 2013 Preview
September 17, 2013 | Andrew Lennox

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Australia is about to get another dose of the EB Expo, Australia’s biggest gaming event. With all aspects of gaming intersecting at the Sydney Showgrounds from October 4th - 6th, Sydney sighters are going to have a great insight into what games to expect for the next year. Although the Xbox One and Playstation 4 will most likely take the centre stage, believe it or not other platforms such as the Mac still have a presence worth talking about. Maxis’ successful franchise The Sims will see it’s fourth instalment ready to play on the show floor. While other titles for the Mac haven’t been announced there is no doubt that a few games that will be shown, such as Batman: Arkham Origins and the next installment of the LEGO video game franchises, will eventually make their way onto the Mac.

There has also been a dramatic expansion to the ‘Homegrown’ area which presents many Australian Indie games to visitors. Last year almost all of them had Mac versions and I would assume with the ever increasing amount of Macs in the market that it will be no different this year. These ambitious titles exploring new ideas outside the norm are refreshing and generate excitement for what’s around the corner for not only Mac gaming but gaming as a whole.

Besides the great amount of games that are available to play on the show floor there will be a wide variety of other activities that people can attend to make their weekend worthwhile. Just to name a few: the Expo has laser skirmish, game talk show ‘Good Game’ broadcasting live from the Expo, panels discussing gaming, panels on how to make and produce games and, of course, fireworks.

Tickets are running out fast and with less than a few weeks to go and all the enhancements from last year, it sounds like it would be a fantastic show for any gamer to attend.

If you want to know more about the event visit the official website listed below along with Inside Mac Games' coverage from last year's event. Also, check out the next page for a gallery of images available courtesy of the EB Games Expo website.

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Archives  Features  EB Games Expo 2013 Preview