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Tips & Tricks: Supreme Commander 2
September 27, 2011 | Jon Carr

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Looking for some strategic advice? Need help with all the basic details of Virtual Programming's Supreme Commander 2? Look no further. Compiled below is a list of tips and tricks for anyone new on the path to becoming a Supreme Commander.

  • Base Building: Be sensible about base layout and vital structures. It is not wise for example, to place your energy and research generators in the front of your base where it will be attacked. Rather, place them at the back, and use your various factories and defensive structures to the front. Be on guard for sneak attacks from behind, however.

  • Add-ons: All factories have 4 add-on buildings such as artillery, air defense, shield generators and intel stations. Don't neglect to build them as they can help defend your base when needed.

  • Resources: Mass, Energy and Research are all needed to win. Build lots of the buildings that generate these resources to always have what you need to constantly produce the units and upgrades you need. It's better to have too much than to not have enough when you need it.

  • Early Defense: Make sure to put up a few land and air turrets to protect your base from early harassment. Failing to do so could cost you crucial structures or construction units.

  • Scout: Send a light flyer or worker unit to scout out enemy locations (if locations are randomized in the settings) and see what they are building so you can counter them accordingly.

  • Expand: Don't just sit in your starting area, expand across the map to other key points of attack and to take advantage of resources. If you don't, you will be sure to lose out to opponents who do.

  • Shields are your friend: Don't forget to build shield generators around all your buildings, base defenses or key choke points on the map your forces are holding. Shields can protect from light to medium attacks. Just be careful of when they go down and have to recharge. They are often targeted so building two of them together can't hurt either.

  • Know your Research: What you put your research points into can often mean the difference between victory and defeat. Decide on a strategy and work towards it to avoid wasting points. Also be sure to build enough research stations to generate those precious points so you don't fall behind in the tech race.

  • Teamwork: If playing on a team, build complimentary forces and attack and defend together for maximum effectiveness. Or plan multiple attacks at once with your various forces. Be creative and adapt to the battlefield.

  • Hotkeys: Learn to use the hotkeys for building and unit abilities. This skill will greatly increase the speed at which you can build your bases up and create your army, as well as your ability to react in the heat of battle.

  • Waypoints: Set rally points for your units to follow when produced to save the time spent moving them. You can also use the same method to tell your forces which enemy units to attack in order. Focus fire is usually the most effective against large units so you can queue up who you want to attack.

  • Commanders (ACU): Everyone has a single Armored Command Unit. Not only can they build buildings faster than your worker units, but they also have powerful combative abilities as well. Certain upgrades on each ACU are vital, such as Hunker, Overcharge, Jump Jets and Teleport, allowing them great defense, damage and mobility during fights. Don't be afraid to use your commander heavily, but take great care to protect him for he cannot be rebuilt or resurrected if killed.

  • Enemy ACUs: Beware of when they die because they go nuclear, unleashing that oh so familiar giant mushroom cloud. It destroys any units or buildings caught in the blast - including your own. Best destroyed from long range or with your ACU to prevent damage to your forces.

  • Experimentals: Experimental units sit at the end of each tech tree and then must have special buildings created in order to make them. But once unleashed upon the field they can be devastating. Just be sure not to overestimate their power, and also remember to give them sufficient support so they are not wasted.

To learn more about Supreme Commander 2 and Virtual Programming's other titles follow the links below. Also be sure to check out the Virtual Programming Blog for news, interviews, and interesting features about the company's many game offerings.

Jon Carr is an IMG writer who also hosts the podcast and enjoys conducting interviews, previews and writing all the features he can think of. When not reviewing games or scheming world domination, he's probably playing a new game in Bootcamp or keeping up on all the latest game and tech news. He builds websites for a living but spends all the time he can furthering the Mac community.

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