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TransGaming Discusses Upcoming Gaming Plans
September 19, 2011 | Cord Kruse

Representatives from TransGaming recently answered my queries about the games the company is planning to release in the near future. The company also promised to continue to keep its games up to date with Apple's latest operating system, Lion.

Cord Kruse: What does TransGaming have on the schedule for the remainder of the year? Any exciting new titles fans should be eagerly anticipating? Any hints about upcoming games that have yet to be officially revealed? Now that Garage Inc. and KULA BLOX are available, what's next for TransGaming Studios?

TransGaming: There are a number of upcoming Mac titles that will be released this year that use TransGaming's Mac enablement technology. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality agreements we cannot give specifics yet. But we are confident that the Mac community will truly embrace these long-awaited major releases, including Mac versions of two major game franchises. Fans can check the TransGaming website for announcements on upcoming titles.

With the recent successful release of KULA BLOX, TransGaming's Studio Division is continuing to create additional content for the game. They have also begun work on their upcoming original IP game title, which should be announced later this fall.

CK: The Sims 3 was recently updated to improve compatibility with
Apple's new 10.7 OS. Have any other TransGaming titles been affected
by Lion?

TG: We work closely with publishers to ensure the titles using TransGaming's Mac enablement technology live up to their expectations. As such, we are continually improving compatibility with all versions of Apple's OS X.

To learn more about TransGaming's catalog of game titles follow the link below.

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Archives  Features  TransGaming Discusses Upcoming Gaming Plans