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Aspyr: New Games, Lion Updates For Non App Store Versions
September 12, 2011 | Cord Kruse

I recently had the opportunity to ask Aspyr Media's Elizabeth Howard about the games the company will be releasing in the coming weeks, and the developer's efforts to release Lion OS compatibility updates for some of its older titles.

Cord Kruse: What does Aspyr have on the schedule for the remainder of the year? Any exciting new titles fans should be eagerly anticipating? Any hints about upcoming games that have yet to be officially revealed?

Elizabeth Howard: We will be releasing an update to Civilization V: Campaign Edition on Mac App to include all available DLC as in-app purchases. We are also re-releasing Tomb Raider II, updated to 10.7 and refreshed for modern gaming, in coming months. We're thrilled about both releases as they represent both our best in recent releases, as well as going back to our roots. We hope gamers enjoy these updates.

One hint is to check out our launcher in our MacApp titles. We cross promote other MacApp games and it reveals a few which we haven't talked much about publicly. As for BIG news, I of course can't share that quite yet ;) But we have some awesome stuff cookin' and I can't wait to talk about these titles more in the near future.

CK: I've noticed that Aspyr recently updated the Mac App Store version of Star Wars: Empire at War to make it compatible with Apple's 10.7 OS. What other older titles are slated for an update? Will gamers who purchased non App Store versions be able to access the updates as well?

EH: We intend on ensuring 10.7 compatibility with all of our Mac App titles. Some of the games released prior to Lion saw a few issues, hence the update for Star Wars: Empire at War. We hope to bring these fixes and updates to the non MacApp titles as well via patches in coming months.

To learn more about Aspyr Media's catalog of game titles follow the link below.

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Archives  Features  Aspyr: New Games, Lion Updates For Non App Store Versions