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IMG Interview: Guitar Hero III
October 24, 2007 | Michael Phillips

MP: Guitar Hero is played using an actual guitar-shaped controller. How will gameplay be handled on the Mac? Will the guitar be cross-platform from console to Mac/PC?

GA: The game ships with a wired USB guitar that is compatible with the Mac and the PC. So you'll have the same full Guitar Hero experience as the consoles.

MP: Will there be keyboard support?

GA: Yes, we wanted to extend the Guitar Hero experience to laptops and people on the go, where you might not have the guitar controller with you. We've come up with what we feel is very good keyboard support that lets you play the game with either the keyboard & mouse or the keyboard alone.

MP: Could you tell us about the gameplay modes?

GA: There is the normal single player career mode, where you play progressively harder songs and unlock new songs as you get better. In that mode you earn money from gigs, and you can use it to buy new guitars, character outfits, and other cool stuff. We also have the full multiplayer game, with head to head play on the same machine or over the Internet, and co-op play, where one player plays lead guitar and the other plays bass or rhythm guitar.

MP: Could you describe Guitar Hero III's online gameplay? Will it be cross-platform from console to Mac/PC?

GA: The online play is fully cross-platform, so you can play against your PC friends and enemies :) I mentioned before, GH3 has a new "Battle Mode" in addition to the normal head to head face off multiplayer mode. In Battle Mode, you can earn attacks against the other player by hitting sequences of notes. Some of the attacks include breaking a string on your opponent's guitar (making one of the fret buttons stop working for a bit), bumping up their song difficulty for short time, or even flipping the notes on screen so they are backwards from the buttons on the guitar. It adds a lot of excitement to the head to head multiplayer.

MP: Does Guitar Hero III boast any Mac-specific features?

GA: Because of the short development time we've just focused on getting the full GH3 experience over on the Mac, and haven't added new features.

MP: What is your personal favorite aspect of Guitar Hero III?

GA: It's just such a unique and fun game. It's easy to pick up, and even though I have no musical talent at all, when I'm playing it (on easy mode :) ) I actually feel like I'm playing the songs. It's the closest most of us will come to being a rock star!

MP: Okay, Glenda, thanks for taking the time to talk Guitar Hero!

GA: It's always a pleasure to talk with IMG!

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