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Myst Top Ten
June 14, 2001 | Michael Phillips

The Top Ten Signs that Your Love of Myst has Gone too Far

Addiction comes in many forms, absinthe, Nyquil, cheese curls, popping bubble wrap and endlessly watching the film, Rushmore are just a few examples. However, there is one such addiction that can cause one to lock them self away in a darkened room, save the soft glow of a computer monitor, for hours at a time, away from friends & family and as in my case, near hospitalization (boy, THAT'S a long story). This dreadful addiction is Myst...

From the home office in Tampa, FL, the top ten signs that your love of Myst has gone too far.

Here we go…

10. You believe that if you describe yourself a girlfriend in a notebook, using homemade ink, she'll exist.

9. In order to turn on your bedroom light, your neighbor's kitchen faucet must be running.

8. Your office building rotates 360 degrees whenever you activate your ceiling fan.

7. All of the staircases in your house are hidden behind bookshelves.

6. You scatter cryptic notes around your apartment just to say that you went to the mall.

5. In order for guests to access your washroom, they must play a song from the Myst, Riven or Exile soundtrack on your piano.

4. You have an ornate chair in your basement with buttons on the arm rests that seemingly do nothing.

3. You have an elaborate system of levers & pulleys in order to get your kids into their bunk beds.

2. You decide to invent your own mathematical system based on the number of dates you have in a year. It ends up being a base 2 system.

And the number one sign that your love of Myst has gone too far…

1. You legally change your name to Atrus and take up residence in the attic of your local library.

Well, this concludes my first IMG top ten list. If you enjoyed it and want to see more or if reading it made your eyes hurt, let me know.

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