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IMG Interviews Kill Monty's Justin Ficarrotta
September 22, 2005 | Blake Buck

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Inside Mac Games recently sat down with Justin Ficarrotta, the mastermind behind Justin Fic Games. Justin Fic is the developer responsible for several popular games, including Kill Dr. Coté, Arachnoid: Predator of Worlds, and the Freeverse published Kill Monty. Justin tells us what it's like to be a successful small Mac developer, and what his plans are for the future.

IMG: Let me start off by thanking you for taking the time to do this interview with us. I know you must be busy with various projects these days.

Justin: Certainly, and thanks for giving me the chance to interview with you and Inside Mac Games. I'm definitely kept busy but it's always fun to talk with the industry and fans.

IMG: So tell me a little about the history of Justin Fic games.

Justin: Games have been a hobby for me forever, but uDevGames 2004 was where they really took off. "Kill Dr. Coté" was my entry in that contest, and it was my first real stab at a full-fledged Mac game.

The gameplay was dynamite, and it was hugely popular both with players and the other developers. It ended up winning Best Gameplay, and caught the eye of Ian at Freeverse. We gave it some steroids and it became "Kill Monty" which has been getting some pretty good marks in all the major Mac magazines, and some good word-of-mouth press.

The name JustinFic really wasn't deliberate—I had the domain prior to uDevGames, and had just intended to use it as a personal page, and to host a resume.

It was the natural place to host Kill Dr. Coté for the contest, and from there it just sort of stuck. Now the domain and the logo that took about 20 minutes to whip up are in the Kill Monty splash screens. It happened too fast for me to think of any cleverer names!

But now, with Kill Monty on the market, I've been prototyping various ideas, and taking part in a few of the mini-contests at, one of the results of which was Arachnoid: Predator of Worlds.

IMG: Ah, yes. Quite an entertaining game to say the least. And it took first in the 21 Days Later contest right?

Justin: Yup, it placed first out of eight entries by a pretty large margin. Not too shabby for a game where you blow orphanages to hell with laser eyes and eat babies!


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