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LEGO Star Wars Beginner's Guide
September 1, 2005 | Eric Doggett

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This Beginner's Guide was authored by Aspyr's Quality Assurance Analyst Eric Doggett. Doggett has worked on The Sims 2 and Star Wars Battlefront since joining Aspyr, and we figure he's logged over 80 hours with LEGO Star Wars.

This Guide is meant to give you an overview of the game, along with a brief walkthrough of the first mission in the first episode and some additional hints and tips.

LEGO Star Wars is one of the most unique games in the action genre, since it is the first game to combine both LEGO and Star Wars. The title lets you journey through the worlds of the Star Wars prequels using adorable LEGO characters and environments.

Wield a lightsaber, shoot a blaster, and use the Force with more than 40 different playable characters. Go to Mos Eisley and compete in the famous podrace as Anakin Skywalker. Play as Yoda versus the evil empire and the tenacious droids. Go head-to-head against Darth Maul and Lord Duku. Play with a friend in co-op mode, and learn the secrets of the Force together.

Hints and tips
Lego Studs:
Studs are found throughout the game. You can find them by destroying objects and by using the Force on various objects. Most of the Studs you will find lying around on the ground. The best way to find more Studs is to use the Force on every object you see, causing the objects to either move or explode. After the interaction with the object, Studs will come out for you to collect. Destroying objects with a lightsaber or a blaster, such as potted plants and doors, will produce even more Studs for you to grab. Get enough Studs and you can purchase cheats, buy additional characters, and unlock extras from Dexter's Diner.

There are three different types of Studs:

• Silver = 10
• Gold = 100
• Blue = 1,000

In the world of LEGO Star Wars there is no such thing as permanent death. After you lose all of your hearts, your character will explode into LEGO pieces and you will lose 1,000 Studs. No need to worry, though: your character will re-spawn in a couple of seconds at the same place in the game where he or she died. There is no limit to the times your character can die, but eventually you will run out of Studs.

Each one of the 17 main chapters of the game contains 10 Mini-kits. Each kit collected will contribute one piece to a Mini-kit vehicle at the end of the level. Collect all 10 Mini-kits in a level to complete the vehicle and receive a 50,000 Stud bonus.

Not all of the Kits can be reached in story mode. Instead, you will have to enter the level in free play mode to get them.

Free Play Mode:
After completing a level, you will have the option of going back through the level and playing with any of the characters that you have unlocked. This is the best way to collect all of the Mini-kits.

Jumping Powers
Double Jumps:
Jedis are the only characters who can double jump. Jedi can jump twice as high as normal characters, which can be very useful in getting around a level.

Super Jump:
There are certain characters, such as Jar Jar Binks, who have a super jump move. These characters can jump twice as high as the Jedi. These characters are good for getting to hard to reach places.

Grappling Hook:
Certain characters such as Clone Troopers and the Wookies can use a grappling hook to reach even higher areas. The only time a character can use a grappling hook is when he or she is standing in a red circle.


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