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Stubbs The Zombie Trailer
June 7, 2005 | Tuncer Deniz

Wideload's Stubbs the Zombie is third-person action title built on an updated version of the Halo game engine. Players will assume the roll of Stubbs, the wisecracking Zombie, as he attempts to overwhelm the ultra-modern city of Punchbowl, PA, in his personal quest for truth, justice, revenge, and, eventually, true love.

The game is due out on the XBOX, PC, and Mac later this year. It will be published by Aspyr Media.

Today we present the QuickTime version of a new Stubbs trailer, which was previously available on in Windows Media Format only. Be sure to check it out.

Stubbs The Zombie Trailer
(25 MB)
(mov 320x240)

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Archives  Features  Stubbs The Zombie Trailer