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DOOM 3: A Guide For Beginners
March 29, 2005 | Ted Bade

While the lights in the room might not work the best they can, generally health canisters have a green LED that glows to attract your attention and armor shards have red LEDs. The bad news is that most weapons, ammo clips, and armor don't. I found that moving around the area (after clearing the monsters), was the best way to locate these things. If you feel safe, use your flashlight to look. Be sure to check behind boxes and canisters, under stairways, and on shelves.

For some reason some nasties hide in storage containers that have useful things littering the floors. Sometimes there is a second nasty waiting inside as well. And don't forget that an enticing pile of goods on the floor often switches on an attack, be wary.

Dodging is a useful tactic. The monsters, like bulls, attack in a straight line. Especially the ones that toss energy balls at you. Duck behind a wall, box, cabinet or what ever. Although they can open doors, the moment it takes for them to do that might be enough to reload your weapon or change to one more appropriate for the situation. Running away is also a useful tactic. Running back can give you time to reload. Running forward might get you to that health pack you need to succeed, or to the door that changes maps and leaves the monsters behind. In some cases, avoiding the monster is a lot easier them killing it.

The Doom 3 engine allows that certain items in the environment can be moved. Things like barrels, boxes, and so forth can be useful and sometimes dangerous. Don't hide behind a barrel labeled "explosive". The bad guys attack will explode the barrel and your alter-ego as well. But this is a two way street. If you are being chased and pass a few such barrels, standing back and exploding them on the enemy isn't a bad idea. Just don't stand too close ;-).

The game's story line changes as events progress. Your sergeant can contact you with new orders and goals when necessary. Although he urges speed, be sure to search for all the equipment you can, it will be needed.

Your game ego has a PDA which is a conduit for gaining information. The PDA has the ability to download the contents of other PDAs you find. Usually you get an audio track that adds to the story line. Listen to them. Several provide codes needed to open equipment lockers. Also, you gain the security clearance of the person whose PDA you found. This is often needed to open a secure door. Which means you cannot open the door until you locate the PDA. Again I stress, once you clear an area of monsters, search the area for stuff. Otherwise you will have to go back and search, which often means dealing with additional bad guys.

You'll also find video disks which provide some extra information about the Mars colony. They are fun to watch as they give depth to the game. Often they provide clues about how to deal with a piece of equipment.

There are a number of cut scenes in which you watch your marine alter-ego enter an area and the start of an event. This always ends in a battle. When the cut scene ends, the point of view pans to your normal playing position, don't waste any time with your attack. If you have to do it over, make sure, before you trigger the cut scene, that you have readied the best weapon for the situation.

If you really get stuck there are several sites on the Internet that offer a walkthrough. A walkthrough generally explains how to complete the major goals of the game. More detailed ones will show you locations of useful items and provide the codes to open lockers. I try to not use them unless I get really stuck. They are also fun to use when playing a game the second time, to find all the good stuff.

I did a quick search via Google using the search string of "Doom 3 walkthrough" and found a number of useful sites. I tend to favor the amateur sites because they post the information for fun not because they are out to make money. One such site I found was If you have a GameSpot account, try; they usually have a walkthrough available for most games. If you don't have an account, you can create a free one in exchange for marketing information. (Personally I don't like doing this...)

Finally, when all else fails, there are cheat codes. To use them, you need to pull down the hidden console, (control-option-esc) from the pause menu. Once the console is open, simply type in a useful code to add some ability or whatever. Doom 3 has a very open attitude about the cheat codes. There are a lot of them and they aren't hidden. If you need to use them to keep the game enjoyable, do so. Just keep in mind that if the game becomes too easy, you might get bored.

Some useful cheat commands include, "give ammo", "give health", "give armor", and the acme of all cheats, "god". There are many more, some useful, some designed to help beta testers when they are playing the game. The same sites that offer a walk through often offer a list of these codes as well. A simple search for "Doom 3 cheat codes" is usually enough to bring up lots of sites that show them.

Doom 3 is a visually pleasing game. Don't forget to "smell the flowers" as you pass through the game. Once I feel the area is clear, I like to walk around and look at all the stuff in the area. A LOT of work went into this game. Someone with a lot of artistic ability had to imagine and create all the effects, equipment, machines, and so forth. Don't forget to take a moment to appreciate this.

If you take your time, listen as well as watch, and safe often and smartly, you'll easily complete Doom 3 and have a terrific time doing it.

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