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True Crime: Streets of LA Beginner's Guide
March 17, 2005 | Steve Amacker

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True Crime: Streets of LA separates itself from most other games today for a few reasons, none more notable than it fits no single genre. True Crime takes you through the actual streets of Los Angeles in some of the hottest cars that our anti-hero, Nick Kang, can “borrow” from the generous citizens of LA. Of course, once you reach your destination, you have to be ready to either shoot it out with armies of heavily armed Russian Mafia and Chinese Triad, or just go straight up hand to hand with some of the most outrageous characters in LA’s mysterious underworld…and what would an action game be without a barrage of incessant wise cracking smack talk, right?

Group all this with an all star cast including Russell Wong (Romeo Must Die, New Jack City), Christopher Walken (The Prophecy series, Pulp Fiction), Gary Oldman (The Fifth Element, Hannibal), Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Bad Boys), Ron Perlman (Blade II, Hellboy), and the lovely Michelle Rodriguez (The Fast and the Furious, Resident Evil), who all lend their vocal talents to the making of this street smart, tougher-than-nails gaming experience.

Looking for a helpful hint or tip in this write-up? Good call! The most important thing to remember is to hit the streets on foot when you’re not on a time limit to get somewhere. Go out and patrol the streets, questioning anyone and everyone! You’re not penalized for being wrong, and when you find illegal narcotics, or weapons on someone, you gain “Good Cop” points that you can later trade in for fighting, shooting, or driving skills. As Nick Kang, (Wong), you are hired onto LAPD’s Elite Operations Division (E.O.D.). Kind of like S.W.A.T., but without all those pesky civil rights of citizens getting in the way of you tearing down the Chinese Triad. All of the skills you gain are essential to have later in the game, as the fate of Officer Nick Kang is up to you. Your performance can changes the outcome of the final story and leaves Nick with more questions than he started with, or finally at peace with the questions about the mysterious disappearance of his father that have haunted him all his life. One way or another, it’s time to bring the pain to the City of Angels.

As the game opens, George, the friendly shooting range Sergeant, fills you in on the story line, beginning with his old partner, Henry, who “didn’t deserve what happened to him” all those years ago. Enter our resident bad boy on suspension, Nick Kang. Nick heads to the shooting range to get in a few practice rounds, and that’s where our gaming begins. This gives you the opportunity to polish your skills and snag some easy Good Cop points before hitting the streets. The following walkthrough should get you started, and give you a good feel on how the game works, but remember, there is more than one way to finish this game, and the better you do, the further you go. Good luck!


Episode 1 - Triad Violence

• Shooting practice

This level will teach you to fire your weapon, reload, and how to strafe while firing. Shoot the targets, and remember to quickly reload after each one to avoid a miss. Practice is over and Chief walks in. You join the E.O.D.

• Rushing to the E.O.D

You have ninety seconds to get to the E.O.D. Use the HUD on the lower left hand side of your screen to make your way to E.O.D. Headquarters. Remember, this is your first visit there, so don't be late! Use your siren (Press E), and stay in the fast lane to allow other cars to move out of your way. Watch out for the one-way streets! If you find yourself going the wrong way, move to the right lane, as cars will try to steer to their right to avoid you. Drive your car through the green objective area, and that's the end of that challenge. Also, you are introduced to your new partner, Rosie.


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