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Interview: GraphSim's Jeff Morgan
May 14, 2001 | Tuncer Deniz

IMG: You mentioned that OS X has created some challenges...can you elaborate on those?

Jeff Morgan: All of our releases rely on Input Sprockets, Net Sprockets and Draw Sprockets to name a few. These Apple developed and sponsered technologies have been discontinued in OS X.

IMG: It's been a while since you did a new flight sim game. Do you think you'll ever work on another flight sim again?

Jeff Morgan: Actually we are adding some nice features to F/A-18 Korea right now. I don't know if it will be a new release or just a revision that we post on our website. But we have added a number of very nice graphical enhancements.

IMG: Are you working on any new "unnannounced" projects? Can we expect some announcements come Macworld New York in July?

Jeff Morgan: We might have something for MacWorld. But until then we won't have anything new to announce. Sorry.

IMG: Do you plan on updating any of your older games such as F/A-18 Korea and Descent III to run under OS X, either via Carbon or Cocoa?

Jeff Morgan: Both are planned for Carbon. No idea for release dates, however.

IMG: What's the most frustrating part of your business? And on the flip side, what's the best part?

Jeff Morgan: Well, I would like my sales to be double what they are, but that's always true. And the best part would be helping to bring some really great games to a really great platform.

IMG: And finally, what's your favorite game of all time?

Jeff Morgan: Hmm, tough. If you mean game, then Dungeon and Dragons, Black Jack and Craps all come to mind. If you mean computer game, then I'll have to go with Age of Empires. That is one rockin' game!

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