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United to Create - Over the Edge Entertainment
October 25, 2004 | Mark Satterthwaite

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GooBall is graphically impressive for such a simple arcade-style game. Throughout the teamís Unity engine demonstrates itself to be powerful, versatile and up to date. Reflections, particle effects and bump mapping are all in evidence. Most impressive though is the pastel color style of the textures, giving the game an unusual, highly-stylized look in these days dominated by almost-photorealism.

As I have mentioned GooBall runs on the teamís Unity engine, which was the original reason the company formed. Unity has developed over the last several years to be a high-quality commercial engine and as such contains full support for modern Mac hardware as well as leading edge graphical effects. Reflections, bump and normal mapping, fur can all be produced by the engine. Animation is handled be a channel based key-frame system that can both blend and mix animations.

Development using Unity is done only on Macs, though games can also be played on PC. The Unity engine has its tools built-in; a simple click while editing a game and it can be played, or paused and altered on the fly. This is helped by the methodology of attaching behaviors to assets like models, levels, particles etc. Behaviors are not tied to assets as in most other engines, they can be added or removed with a simple click in the editor. These behaviors are scripted using C#, a simplified and more comprehensible scripting language developed to be similar to the C++ (or Java) programming language. This should be approachable to the less experienced but not limiting to those with professional programming experience. With any luck its release will give Mac developers a powerful commercial quality engine to develop their ideas beyond the limits of Dim3 or the commercial restraints of developing their own.

As of this moment OTEE are in negotiation to find a publishing deal so GooBall has yet to receive a release date. Unity will follow GooBall but the details of its release are not yet final. We are certainly looking forward to the releases of both.

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